Haircuts & Hissy Fits


Ella went for her groom today, which meant I had to go for mine. The hairdresser is around the corner from the dog groomers, so what’s a girl to do? The two of us do enjoy tripping down Upper Street afterwards, with Islington’s cool kids melting at the sight of a very fragrant little dog. Work that camera, darling!

I still had time to kill whilst Ella was being groomed (she’s much more high maintenance than me) so I popped to Loop to buy a blocking kit. It’s for the Pop Spots Shawl I began in May. Don’t faint, but the end is in sight and it will need blocking. These kits are huge! Any blocking tips? I’ve never blocked a shawl before.

Blocking Equipment

I made the skirt I’m wearing, but am too disgusted with the whole process to blog about it. I sewed a pretty sweet dress, then hacked off the skirt section, added a second skirt section, hacked that one off, trimmed the bodice, ruined the bodice… In the end, out of desperation not to waste the entire process, I added an elasticated waistband to the first skirt section and called it a day. Lesson learned – don’t sew when stressed. It’s lovely fabric, too, sourced thanks to this Fabric Detective. Get some here – only £3.99 a metre! Don’t waste it like I did.

Karen & Ella

Tell me honestly. Whose hair cut is better?

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  1. Amy says:

    You both look adorable! I’m lucky that my dog doesn’t need grooming,he’s too scruffy and weird-looking for that. I’ve been having a run of thse kind of sewing projects,where you’re gritting your teeth,desperate to make it work to justify all the time/money/energy you put into it. So depressing! Your skirt looks lovely tho and its all a learning experience and all that (blah blah,just pass me the wine).

  2. Sewingjen says:

    Love yours but don’t tell Ella! I was admiring your skirt before you told us all the truth about it. Good to know that you have these disasters!

    As for blocking wires they are indispensable when making shawls as they enable you to create lovely points and the shawl will become twice as large once blocked. You will be amazed. I wet the whole shawl and squeeze out – throw onto a mat ( I use a child’s alphabet play mat which will take the pins and you can create the shape you require) then thread the wires through the points on the outer edges and through the top of the triangle. Secure between the exposed wire using the pins. Leave to dry naturally, in the sun if you have any. I am taking a shawl to Spain next week to block on the balcony of our apartment!!

    • This is very reassuring, thank you. I’ve been looking at the shawl thinking, ‘Is it meant to be this small?’ Phew!

      • Sewingjen says:

        Do post a photo when blocked!

      • I agree, I just get the knitting damp all over, stretch it out to desired shape, and hold in place with pins until it dries. You’ll be amazed at how much it stretches and the pattern comes out, it’s fun! I haven’t broken down and bought the wires (but I don’t usually make huge lace projects), so I just use, um, LOTS of pins . . .

  3. booketta says:

    Both fabulous 🙂

  4. Julia says:

    Ella misses her mummy.

  5. Gaylene says:

    Wow, I am pretty new to blocking,, mainly for things I appear to have knitted in the wrong size 🙁 , blocking kits….fabulous! And you both look beautifully groomed! How are things going with the Crochetaliser? And just because you seem to know about these things, can one take a crochet hook on a plane ?

  6. you both look gorgeous! it is good to hear its not just me that has the odd disaster, depressing although they are – we learn.

  7. rachsews says:

    you do both look very well groomed – and I love that skirt, especially with leggings and sneakers.
    So, I clicked on the link to steal your style and buy some fabric – and it told me that 8 had been sold in the last hour… I guess I am not the first to do that! Watch out for a slew of clones in the upcoming weeks!

  8. Karen in VA says:

    You both look gorgeous!!! Love the skirt…..

  9. missmarys says:

    I’m afraid that’s going to happen to me when I deconstruct a pair of woolen pants and turn it into a skirt. Ella looks lovely. My daisy, asaltand pepper mini schnauzer looks so much better after her visit to the groomer as well.

  10. Julie Cruickshank says:

    You are both beautiful and made my day!

  11. Mary Russell says:

    Nice dog, nice skirt, nice haircut, nice…..

  12. Marie says:

    You both look utterly gorgeous with your new haircuts! As for the skirt, sorry the making of was traumatic, but it looks ace ;o)

  13. redsilvia says:

    You’re both beautiful! I’m sorry the sewing didn’t work out, but the skirt is cute. Forget the dress, put it out of your mind and live in the present with the pretty skirt.

  14. mycrafthouse says:

    Your dog is so cute! Also, love the skirt print and I’m off to investigate and make myself a copy, also well jel that you live near loop, love their website, I’m going to be in London in April doing a tour of fabric/knitting/cake shops!

  15. Roobeedoo says:

    Ha! I was too slow to get some of that fabric – the seller must wonder what has hit her!
    You both look very well-groomed! 🙂
    I use an exercise mat and ordinary dressmaking pins to wet-block my shawls. They can grow alarmingly! I set the three main corners first and then pin inwards. But I know nothing about blocking wires!

  16. Dibs says:

    ah, so you are one of the guilty ones. I bought the blue version of that fabric, then later decided to get this one, but it was sold out. lol. Ella looks so cute.

  17. Elena Knits says:

    You both look so nice. Ella is exactly like India, my mother’s dog, but she doesn’t enjoy grooming so much, even when the girl we are taking her to get her hair cut is sweet and careful. I think she could have a trauma from the first time she went to the hairdresser. She gets so stressed out that she spends the rest of the day sleeping.

  18. Sandra says:

    You girls both look fabulous! My only tip for blocking, besides what’s already been shared, is to use a fan to speed up the drying process. That is if you soak your finished knitted piece before blocking. I like to add a bit of lavender-scented hair conditioner to the soaking water, then place on a towel and roll it up to remove much of the water. Then spread it out, insert the blocking wires, and use T-pins to anchor the piece to a mat. (An exercise mat or those foam squares work very nicely.) I usually end up working it and reworking it a few times to get it just right. Then place the fan nearby on a low setting and close the door (to keep my cat out).

  19. Gjeometry says:

    Ahhhh, that face. FACE!!!!! Too adorable.

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