Knitting On Kids TV – The Clangers Return!


Should I be this excited that knitting is returning to children’s TV? YES! The news went live yesterday that The Clangers are coming back to the UK (and probably the world) next year. Remember those haunting sounds?

Inspired to get your fingers atwitching? One of the original production team has a Make a Clanger link here, sharing the original construction worksheets. There’s also a Clanger knitting book here. I own my very own copy of this book, you know!

Are you going to be making a Clanger? Nostalgia doesn’t get any better than this.


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24 Responses to Knitting On Kids TV – The Clangers Return!

  1. Sew2pro says:

    I missed out on both the Clangers and learning to knit, but daughter’s keen on both. I shall encourage her to knit her own Clanger. Thanks for the link!!

  2. I hope the new incarnation is as good as the old… which I have on dvd!

  3. Catherine Pritchard says:

    Fantastic! My grandchildren will get to enjoy the madness!

  4. Roobeedoo says:

    Oh crikey! My son had a knitted Clanger… I wonder if it is still in the airing cupboard?!

  5. Jacqui says:

    I had a knitted Clanger back in the day!

  6. How did I miss The Return of The Clangers! The Universe was listening, obviously, because The Husband and I were discussing at the weekend that we really needed to get the originals for the kids!

  7. Ceri says:

    Cue curious, eerie clanger whistling in the background. Am I ready for the return of the Clangers? YES! Bring on those pink knitted aliens!!

  8. Threaded says:

    I have never heard of this (US over here) but it looks super adorable! Now I am envious that I hadn’t had a show such as this to watch, so may as well catch up on it now that I know it exists. Thanks!

  9. Didn’t Granny Clanger herself knit?! Me, I’d be making a baby Soup Dragon, the Soup Dragon was my favourite. Sigh.

  10. I didn’t have a knitted clanger but I did have a swanee whistle which made the Clanger noise 🙂

  11. Diane says:

    My older kids loved the Clangers, I remember ‘talking’ Clanger to them as babies, made them laugh and doesn’t seem to have done them any lasting damage! May have to go and look at the knitting patterns 🙂

  12. Helen says:

    So glad it’s not just me that is excited about the clangers returning, got strange looks at work

  13. Sam says:

    I have to say that I greeted this news with less enthusiam than some, as a child I was petrified of the Clangers. Lets hope that as a 40-something I no longer am!

  14. I loved the Clangers – particularly the Soup Dragon. I heard about their return on the radio and was unreasonably happy. I may even knit my own Clanger too.
    What about a return for Roobarb now?

  15. T says:

    That’s fab news! I may have to knit one for Xmas for my bloke. When we was in his first job out of college he helped make the sky for the Clangers … he gets a bit upset when he tell people that nowadays and they say, “What’s the Clangers!”. I too shall be holding out for the return of the irreverent Roobarb & Custard (I think my cats have secretly watched this and modelled themselves on the stroppy pink kitty).

  16. ooobop! says:

    I got all excited when I saw the ad. Both my children looked at me with ‘that look’! I’m not sure it’s going to have the same effect on them! :-/

  17. ruthe2013 says:

    Bring on the soup dragon!

  18. Maureen says:

    I’ve knitted 2 Clangers in the past as baby presents…the parents were more excited in both cases 🙂

  19. Lorna says:

    Oh, THE CLANGERS!!!! I loved them so much when I was little. Have tried to introduce my toddler to them via Youtube, but she’s just not interested – very disappointing indeedy. She doesn’t like The Magic Roundabout either. Have considered trading her in for a more amenable model, but apparently that’s not acceptable – who knew?!! Must master knitting so that I can have my very own Clanger, I don’t think they’d look right if crocheted, sadly…

  20. I’ve never heard of the Clangers, so I don’t think this made it Down Under. Maybe if it did it was during some weird hiatus between my own childhood (when we were too busy doing other things to watch TV anyway) and the next generation of children with whom I might have been watching TV. Don’t think so, though, but I stand to be corrected by any fellow Aussies who know better. They look endearingly nuts, though!

  21. Amy says:

    This is amazing!! Saying that though, I don’t think it ever occurred to me how the Clangers were made, I didn’t really think of them as being knitted until reading this post! It seems so silly in retrospect but I guess kids don’t think of things like that!

  22. Jo Kitchen says:

    Of course I`m going to make one,I`ve just written the pattern down in my Clangers note book. : )

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