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Ella and Sewing

My sewing life is mainly made up of hand basting right now. Though, good news, people – machine sewing is on the horizon! I’ve re-engaged with my Vogue 8648, courtesy of the Susan Khalje Couture Dress course and fabric gifted to my by Mood Fabrics back in, gulp, March.

How Meg of Mood Fabrics has not greased herself up in goose fat, swam across the Atlantic ocean, climbed Dover cliffs, marched on London, stopped for a refuel at a kebab shop, tracked my house via photos on this blog, kicked down the door and stabbed me in the eyeball with a silk pin is beyond me. That woman has the patience of a saint, and hopefully it will be returned with a Finished Object before the end of the year! What can I say? It’s been busy.

meg-and-karen-of-didyoumakethatPlus, you know, this is a complex project. It’s best summed up in Goodbye Valentino’s post here. (I think her dress is the epitome of understated chic.) Check out those stats! 84 pattern pieces.

All this hand basting needs to be done on the flat, which means sitting at the table, rather than lounging on the sofa. Ella isn’t too keen on this. What, no cuddles? She took to standing patiently beside the table as I sewed, which just about broke my heart, so I dragged her bed over. It’s gonna be a long time, Ella. 84 seams, count them! Might as well make yourself comfortable. So there she lies, whilst I sew.

Ella is being very needy right now. If she’s not pressed up against my side, she’s not happy. I can’t decide whether or not to tell her to grow a backbone or let my heart melt. I know I’m good Ella, but seriously, I ain’t all that! Just ask Meg.

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21 Responses to A Faithful Sewing Companion

  1. Becky says:

    But you are all that to her, and you always will be!! Good Girl, Ella! I can wait to see your dress!

  2. Debi says:

    awwww…Ella is so sweet. Our dear little Echo (diva kitty) has also been really needy lately…I think it’s the change of the seasons…it’s so much toastier to cuddle up!!

  3. Carolyn Boland says:

    I did this one also . Lots to every Step. ! But I learned so much! Luckily , I don’t mind hand sewing And loved result!

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  4. Karen Helm says:

    Stick with it, Karen! Making my own couture dress from this class changed my sewing life – so much for the better! Your dress will be stunning…

  5. A couture dress is something that cannot be rushed! Take your time – the result will be worth it 🙂

  6. Shar says:

    You had me really laughing with your description of Meg swimming across the ocean to find you! I would never even attempt this make and it sounds like you’re well on your way. I can’t wait to see it! I think Debi may be right about the change of seasons. If I even stand somewhere too long, my Ozzie lays right down on my feet lately.

  7. Can’t wait to see the finished dress! I would love to have the time to hand stitch a couture dress, can definitely understand why you’ve had this one for so long!

  8. Gjeometry says:

    Ah, but the beauty of a doggie is that you ARE all that. And a box of chocolates. 🙂

  9. twotoast says:

    How many pieces? Wow!

    My dogs also like being with me when I sew . . . I have two greyhounds and a collie. I can usually get one greyhound and the collie to lie down nicely, but the third really likes to be close to me, so he lies down under my sewing table with his head right next to the pedal for my machine. Bless him. Greyhounds are not easy dogs to move 🙂

  10. gingermakes says:

    84 pieces?!?!?! Ay caramba! Good on you for trucking through this– I’m really impressed!

    Meg does have the patience of a saint– I’m sure I’ve tested her many the time!

  11. I used to have a cat that liked sewing patterns so much, she would occasionally get her whiskers snipped whilst I was cutting out. We no longer have any cats, but one of the dogs is very fond of sitting on knitting!

  12. Sewer from Across the Pond says:

    The class is quite good, but fitting that pattern is not easy. I’ve put a lot of money into fitting help so far (no dress form or fitting buddy) and still don’t have a muslin that works.

  13. Fitting was difficult for me as well. But, stayed with it and it turned out OK.

  14. Anne George says:

    84 pieces…you surely have the patience of a saint for even trying. Oooh, can’t wait to see the dress!

  15. Elena Knits says:

    Ella reminds me so much of India, my mother’s dog. Also a black schnauzer and also very very dependent on her. She’s so sweet!

  16. Elke Rokkas says:

    Bless little Ella, doesn’t get any better in the change of seasons though, crafting for hours with an ever faithful, and snuggly warm, friend alongside.

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