Simplicity 2451 & Thoughts On Seasonal Dressing

Simplicity 2451

This is the Simplicity 2451 skirt, beloved of Sewists across the interwebs – see hereΒ and here. Having admired this on other people (in real life and everything!) I finally got round to ordering a copy. This pattern does exactly what it says on the tin and the tin says ‘Wearable and easy skirt!’


I made the skirt in a grey animal print fine wale cord bought on a sewing outing to Birmingham. (To find out much more about cord, check out my Fabric Focus.) Here I am with friends outside the very shop, just after purchasing. Only took me an entire year to sew this beauty up!

431704_764939979722_1248024857_nI really like this skirt, but Heavens to Betsy, please ignore the recommended sizings! I cut according to my measurements and the skirt was way too big and had to be adjusted. I’ll definitely go down two sizes next time I cut this out. (And yes, I have already purchased a metre of turquoise wool for a second version. That’s right, folks. You can squeeze this skirt out of a scant metre of fabric.)

Cord with a print is much easier to work with than a solid colour cord. The print helps disguise any issues with pressing the nap. My fabric was pretty cheap, but has performed excellently.


I lined the skirt as the cord was really sticky and I knew I’d want to wear this with tights.

Simplicity skirtA friend asked me recently, ‘Karen, do you prefer summer clothes or winter clothes?’ Hmmm. I think I like autumn clothes. (For the record, I always have to go through a period of uncomfortable readjustment when summer kicks in. You, what? You want me to bare my flesh?!)

What about you? Do you have a favourite season for your wardrobe?

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42 Responses to Simplicity 2451 & Thoughts On Seasonal Dressing

  1. Thank you so much for recommending that pattern. I somehow missed that when I last browsed the pattern books, and will definitely want to add this skirt to my collection. I do not like waistbands and this is perfect for me. I epsecially like the flouncy one. Yours looks great and I loved the color of the lining! My favorite clothing seasons would have to be the cool ones as I am plagued with perpetual hot flashes anymore. I really don’t care for summer clothing but it seems that is what I am destined to wear for the rest of my life – lightweight cotton tees and blouses when I want to dig out my pretty woolens.

  2. Lynne says:

    Loving your skirt, the fabric is fierce! πŸ˜‰ I am also a big fan of this pattern. I’ve made two versions of View D, and I agree with what you’ve said about the sizing. I had to take the first one in an inch on each side which made the pockets a bit small!

  3. Simona says:

    I love your version. So cute. I am even temped to get this pattern although I am not so big on skirts or dresses. I love them but don’t seem to get to wearing them. Keep making some as there is a a higher chance I will wear it. Like the sound of a solid skirt. Can’t wait to se your turquoise one. Yeah. Took me some time to figure that simplicity patterns are a bit on the big size to. Most of the time I pick the size by the finished garment dimensions when present. πŸ™‚

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Love the new skirt! I prefer autumn sewing as well. It’s my favorite season for many reasons, but mostly for the wardrobe. πŸ™‚

  5. Debbie says:

    I love your skirt and am also super jealous because I’ve been searching for over a year for the perfect leopard/cheetah print fabric for a skirt, and you have it πŸ™‚ It looks great!

    I think autumn fashion is my favorite too. I love layering clothes and being able to dig out my scarfs and boots. And, it’s still usually warm enough to not have to hide everything under a coat.

  6. Jacq says:

    You look fab, that skirt is great and I love the tights. I struggled with a McCalls pattern recently – I can’t understand 7″ of ease around the waist, that just seems excessive to me. Of course I want to be able to eat a decent meal and not be uncomfortable but that much ease seems a bit OTT.

    I think autumn and spring are my favourite seasons. Because the weather is changeable you get lots of options – boots one day, shoes the next and lots of layers and accessories πŸ™‚

  7. EmSewCrazy says:

    Fun skirt! I used to love autumn and winter because then I could wear more layers and bits of me weren’t being flashed to the world. Now that I can sew that’s not a problem anymore since I can make shirts that are long enough to provide coverage for my long tall body. I guess I still love this season and I’m looking forward to beefing up my handmade winter wardrobe. I’ve also got some turquoise corduroy calling my name.

  8. Kerne says:

    Great skirt and love the fabric with the cute lining too. I like spring dressing…. the brighter colours but before having to actually showing flesh, or getting stupidly sticky on public transport.

  9. Kati says:

    Love your skirt!
    I like summer as I don’t have to layer up. I do spent more time working out than sewing though. πŸ™‚ I must change that.

  10. Tamsinwp says:

    I love the skirt and the fabric is great. I have recently made the same skirt, as yet unblogged, and really love it. Slouchy but smart with room for a good lunch! I really like the length of yours too

  11. You look great in this pattern – and the prints πŸ™‚

  12. Sandra says:

    Yes! Autumn clothes for definite! My absolute favourite season. Coloured tights and light knits and dresses with cardis. And an excuse to sit inside at my sewing machine cos it’s dark outside so I don’t need to go out to make the most of the sun! Love the fabric choice too – BIG fan of leopard over here.

  13. SeeKatSew says:

    Love this skirt,I love the fabric you used!! Where did you get it? I made it last month and oh my it was way to big. It sits just under my belly button! I will size down next time as well. Maybe I will have to try it it cord as well.

  14. Sandesh says:

    I love this pattern too…I’ve made two (View D) so far, might try the piping next time after seeing Rachel’s and Zoe’s. Crab and Bee has also made some great versions.
    Love your fabric choice.

  15. Nakisha says:

    Without a doubt, fall!

    I don’t like the heat so when fall hits and I can start layering and most importantly — wear boots — I’m happy! πŸ™‚

    I have that skirt cut in a bright royal blue cotton. I need to sew it up!

  16. Great skirt! I love that fabric, I’ve been looking for something similar to make a jacket. And it is always good to find new skirt patterns with pockets that will look good with boots in winter, I may have to try this one myself. I do prefer summer, but I think that is mainly because it requires less thought – less clothes means less things to try and match together.

  17. Rachel says:

    The skirt is definitely a keeper (thanks for pointing out the pattern); but can we talk about the necklace you’re wearing in the first photo? It’s ace!
    Rachel πŸ™‚

  18. Paola says:

    Aargh! I’m grappling with Big 4 ease issues with a Vogue skirt at the moment. Against my measurements, I went down a size, but am still taking out a couple of INCHES at waist and hip. I know that some sewists recommend going by finished measurements, but I find what I find confusing is how much to allow for design ease v. wearing ease. It does my head in, truly.
    Nice skirt, and thanks for highlighting that pattern.
    I like sewing wool, so I guess winter sewing makes me smile most.

  19. sewbusylizzy says:

    I love this pattern, I’ve made it three times. It makes a great work skirt & I wore a version of this to the Bloggers meet-up in April.
    I love spring & summer dressing. Light, floaty tops & dresses, bare legs, bare feet, strappy sandals & heels, pretty prints. That’s very me & my beach πŸ™‚

  20. sewbusylizzy says:

    Oh and I always go by finished measurements in the pattern. If it’s a fitted pattern I allow an inch ease at the bust & waist and two inches at the hips. Less fitted styles can have more ease. I never even look at the pattern measurements on the envelope only the finished sizes on the printed pattern

  21. Anne-Marie says:

    Beautiful skirt, thanks for the tip about downsizing. I recently made two pencil skirts using a Burda pattern according to my measurements and found too that I had to take in a lot of fabric at the side and waist. Still, I like the pattern and have amended the paper copy so that I can now cut the right size straight away.

  22. Love your skirt and thanks for the heads up on the size. Me? I love summer – summer clothes, summer colors, summer sewing, summer food, summer activities….. I miss it already and it’s not yet winter. πŸ™

  23. Alice Keen says:

    I like your version of this skirt. The fabric is great. I like sewing with cord.

    I made this skirt about a year ago, in an animal print stretch drill but didn’t get around to blogging it. Weirdly, it had crossed my mind this morning before I saw your post. Spooky! I found the same issue with the sizing. My skirt sits so low down on my hips I’m surprised it hasn’t fallen off yet.

    I love your whole outfit. If I could reach in and steal it from the photo, I might!

  24. Roobeedoo says:

    Ooh – cute! I have had this pattern for ages (since The Badger rocked it) but took fright when I made a poor fabric choice. Maybe it’s time to revisit it. But that would mean buying fabric…! Turquoise wool, eh? Mmmmm!

  25. dani says:

    super cute!! i will add this to my TO BUY list…thanks for sharing!!

  26. Zoe says:

    Thanks for the linky-dink lovely lady! Your various is INCRED!!! Love it. Makes me want to hatch out that pattern again, after I thought I had finally kicked my habit…

    Looking forward to seeing your turquoise version..


  27. Karen, you are looking trim trim. Have you been doing yoga whilst sewing? This simplicity pattern looks similar to the crescent sewaholics… I’ve stayed away from that because of the pleats, but now I’m questioning myself. I have a similar body shape to you, and I’ve had quite a lot of success making things that suit you. Have you made the crescent? If so, which pattern do you think gives less ‘tummy’ action.

    My go to skirt was the dreaded simplicity 2226 but now I’ve hit 30(ish) gathered sticky out skirts just don’t cut the mustard.

    Thanks for the help you gave me on the simplicity 2591. I got there with those darn pockets in the end πŸ™‚
    Elle x

    • I haven’t made the crescent skirt and have avoided it because it has a very deep yoke, which I think would only platform my tummy. This one has a more shallow yoke and the pleats are pretty tiny. I’d go for this one out of the two. Thanks for saying I look trim. If anything, I’ve been doing less exercise because of the new job. I do want to start yoga again. I’m feeling my age (very stiff) and need something to de-stress. Well done on the 2591!

  28. Lorna says:

    Hullo! I made this in a rather nasty but beautifully printed polycotton from Chawla’s about a month ago, and had the same issues as you. I also had another issue, however… Note to self: do not sew whilst a) on a very tight deadline; b) half-asleep on account of being up all night with a toddler; or c) in the dark. If, like me, you are foolish enough to combine all three, the outcome could scar you for life. I managed to sew the right side of the yoke to the wrong side of the skirt… and didn’t notice until I was wearing it on a rare night out! Duh. Jim Jones Revue, since you ask – most excellent! Unlike the skirt. Now trying to find the time when I’m actually awake to make version No. 2…

  29. Joanne says:

    My body has trouble adjusting to anything below 19 and above 25. I’m often hot in the summer and cold the rest of the time. For example I would love to wear ΒΎ sleeves but find it too hot or too cold. I love to wear layers. I’m not such a slave to fashion that I’ll go cold to wear a pretty sleeveless party dress to a winter party. So I put a cardigan over pretty much everything in my non summer wardrobe. I also secretly wish I could pull off leg warmers but I save those for winter running.

  30. Joanne says:

    I was so busy on my hot/cold rant that I forgot to tell you how fabulous your skirt looks!

  31. Marie says:

    Fabulous skirt! I’ve struggled with the ease in Big 4 patterns also, and agree with other comments that measuring (or finding the printed measurements) on the pattern pieces is the only way to go. It is a mystery to me why this happens, but it has been going on forever. I distinctly remember having an argument with my home ec teacher (decades ago…): she insisted I choose a skirt size based on the envelope measurements, although I knew it would be way too big. Fortunately, it was easy to alter!

  32. LinB says:

    Definitely autumn, for me. I look better in saturated colors than in the whites and pastels demanded by my climate in summer — the sun quickly turns even bright colors pale if you spend any time outdoors at all. About mid-October or early November it finally cools off enough to wear long pants and long sleeves. No coats until Christmastime, usually — sweaters keep you warm enough until then, unless there’s a freakish weather event. January-March is sleet and ice season, usually no snow until March. After that, it gets warmer and warmer until last frost on April 15, then we jump into high summer almost immediately.

  33. oonaballoona says:

    late to the party, and broken record, but you look WONDERFUL. i can’t stop saying it!

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  35. liza jane says:

    It looks fabulous and so do you!! I have that same uncomfortable adjustment period for summer clothing, too. I like fall and winter clothing, although here it never gets very cold which may be why. Just cold enough for long sleeves and light jackets.

  36. Amy says:

    Super cute! I love autumn & winter, they’re my favourite seasons and favourite for clothes. I love wool and tweed and getting all wrapped up in long scarves and hats. My only issue is that I still haven’t found the perfect pair of gloves, I’m going to be giving away all my handknit gloves on my blog soon because I keep knitting them for myself but they don’t fit properly!

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