Sew Over It Giveaway Winner is…

Sew Over It Giveaway

Catherine of Cattern Lace. I’ll be in touch for a postal address, my friend!

There were nearly 350 entries for this giveaway, which I think means that Sew Over It‘s new patterns are a hit. Thanks for taking part. It seemed to be very cathartic for you all to share what you were so over and made for very entertaining reading.

This week? I’m so over my thwarted attempts to find red fusible interfacing. Any leads?

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  1. I knew I’d seen a reference to red interfacing somewhere – Handmade Jane used it for her Juniper trousers and mentioned it here:

    She says she got it from Walthamstow market. Perhaps it’d be worth asking her exactly where?

  2. Jane says:

    Karen, I’ve just found my red interfacing and I actually have way more than I thought. Let me know how much you need and I’ll happily post it to you. xx

  3. Ripleygirl says:

    Or lots of options here if you can wait for post from the US….

  4. mandymunroe says:

    The power of blogging! I couldn’t even find black in NYC – I know it’s here in the city somewhere 🙂

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