Simplicity 2451 – The Denim Finale

Simplicity 2451 Skirt version threeHow does a woman in her 40s wear baby pink? It’s all in the detail…

Baby Pink Collage

This is my third iteration of the Simplicity 2451, and I promise to stop now! I used some denim with a pale pink accent in the warp. Or maybe it’s in the weft. Whatever – there’s some pink in there, best seen in the selvedge. Very subtle. The denim itself is soft as a baby’s bum and has a lovely, slightly crumpled texture. It’s denim made to slouch in, bought from Stone Fabrics. When I find decent denim, I like to snap some up. It’s harder to find than you’d imagine. Here’s a shot that gives a bit more detail:

Skirt detail

Nothing left to say on this one. Nothing. I could probably make this skirt in my sleep, but it’s time to move on. Unless…

Fancy a poll? Which of my three Simplicity 2451s do you prefer? Vote below!

Three Skirts Collage

Oh, and in case you think the wellies in the first shot are an urbanite’s affectation, think again. This was Ella and myself on our morning walk in Epping Forest. I think Ella likes the autumn even more than me. So. Much. Mud. How I didn’t end up on my backside, I’ll never know.


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24 Responses to Simplicity 2451 – The Denim Finale

  1. Tamsinwp says:

    I love them all – I can’t decide!

  2. Love the design of your skirts I never see any like that anywhere, these would be perfect for me as I would be able to wear them in my wheelchair and be comfortable, love them I must admit the wool/leather combo looks gorgeous

  3. Abigail Van Doren says:

    Of all the skirts, the leather mash up is the most elegant. The denim is just downright practical while at the same time looking “pulled together”. You look very stylish walking Ella. I love the wellies.
    Are you really 40 something? I don’t mean to be rude or fresh, but I NEVER would have guessed. You look fantastic, I would have said early 30’s.
    I love your blog, look forward to all your latest entries.
    Happy sewing,
    Abbie Van Doren
    Brunswick, Maine

  4. sewcraftlive says:

    The wool and leather looked so good on you, but I loved the pink trim as well! I still voted for the wool option, that was cool.

  5. Philippa says:

    They are all fab in their way and (I imagine) all fulfill a different role in your wardrobe. I know what you mean about getting stuck on a pattern and just seeing so many different incarnations of it – nothing wrong with that! As for mud and dogs at this time of year, don’t get me started. Why I choose a pale cream flooring for the kitchen is inexplicable.

  6. gmariesews says:

    Love this skirt! The baby pink is a great accent. So fun! Personally I love the willies with it, the mud – not so much. But really, who can deny their dog a good romp in the mud this time of year? My dogs love this brisk weather! g

  7. EmSewCrazy says:

    Man, I voted for the leather and wool because it is the most elegant of the three and probably the one I would wear first BUT they are all so fabulous it was a really hard decision. I love how you decided to accent the pink in the denim. Super fun!

  8. I like the leather and wool one best too but the denim one is very cute. And yes, I do think women in their 40s can wear baby pink – though possibly not hot pink?

  9. Amy says:

    Super cute! I still like the wool and leather one the best, though they’re all lovely, looks like a good pattern – bookmarked! I’m loving autumnal dog walks as well, I’ve got a pair of 3/4 length Hunters that are lovely and perfect for muddy walks – makes me feel almost stylish!

  10. They’re all lovely, it’s true, but there’s just something about the idea of denim with pink in the weave, highlighted by baby-pink touches, that really sings to me. Oh, and I’d love all of them even more if they were longer but that’s just my chilly genetic make-up finding it difficult to reconcile short skirts with cold weather! I truly cannot do it. I couldn’t, even in the days when I was young and skirts were short and you had no choice. 🙂

  11. kate0795 says:

    I loved the wool and leather mash up so much, I went and bought the pattern…I think they’re all great but the colour of the wool and little touch of leather on front waistband is so it!!

  12. gingermakes says:

    Yikes, so much mud! I bet Ella loved that walk! I like the idea of using things you like, but that maybe don’t suit you, in small bits.

  13. Daniela M. says:

    Ella looks surprisingly clean after having walked through the mud 🙂 And well done for not slipping, I usually ruin my new clothes the first day I wear them – so high potential there. I really like your pink details, especially the scalloped topstitching, such a nice finish. Can I vote for 2 skirts? I really like this one and your wool/leather combo!

  14. This pattern is highly addictive so a warning label should be included

  15. Lorna says:

    Another one? Omigoodness woman, you’re a veritable powerhouse of productivity! You look great in all three, but I love the edginess (is that a word?!) of the leather and wool version. House of Pinheiro is absolutely correct – totally addictive pattern. I was raring to go with a Black Watch tartan version tonight, (not something I’d choose, but I need skirts for work, and the fabric was a gift) but have inexplicably managed to misplace my scissors, and I’m out of blades for my rotary cutter. I’ve looked EVERYWHERE, but the scissors have gone awol. I always put them back in the same place, so I’m totally mystified, and can only assume that the fickle Gods of Sewing are playing games with me…

  16. Dalila says:

    I think I’m madly in love with your top.

  17. Woah! Back up! “…in her 40’s…” No Way!!!!!!

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