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Knitting Masterclass book

The winner of the Knitting Masterclass giveaway is Annie of Left on the Shelf. (Check out her blog for some book reviews, especially if you’re into historical fiction.)

When I rather spontaneously asked all entrants to say what they loved about knitting, I had no idea what outpouring I’d unleashed. There were some truly beautiful testaments to the special craft of knitting. Are online comments becoming the new short story or mini essay, in this changing world of ours? Hope so! Check out this very moving comment from Jaynealicia:

Knitting – where do I start? Well Grandma taught me – so lots of warm memories of her patience pulling back and correcting the mistakes of a 12 year old. Then knitting with love and in love for my soon-to-be husband (though he rarely complimented the results). Fast forward a few years to the “Phildar years” as mum of 2 little blondie girls, followed by a very long gap until those little blondies eventually turned into yummy mummies. Now with five grand-daughters I can barely keep up but love it. Best experiences – knitting baby hats in South of France with feet cooling in the pool and a glass or Rose at my elbow – sensory overload; creating a rainbow baby blanket on set (just an extra – nothing grand!) – blue was Emmerdale, pink Vera and orange a feature film; seeing the tinies with their Peppa Pig and Purple Elephant;and teaching i-cord to my 82 year mother-in-law! This Grandma still has challenges – how do I knit in the round, dare I steek and where to hide the stash.

‘Knitting with love and in love.’ I’m welling up! Jayneaclicia – can you write your memoirs very soon, pretty please?

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  1. Many congratulations to the winner 🙂 Such a lovely comment, everyone has such great stories of knitting.

  2. What a lovely comment! So sweet. Thanks for sharing, Karen

  3. gmariesews says:

    Congrats to the winner! What a lovely, lovely comment you highlighted. Funny how “though he rarely complimented the results” resonates for me. I have a feeling if there are no new socks for the hubby this year – he will grumble. g

  4. This outpouring of love for knitting solidifies that I have to learn! I will have to find the easiest thing to start with then get going! Congratulations to the winner – what a beautiful book!

  5. Many congratulations to the winner. Just to let you know the London school of fashion is running a short course on machine knitting for the beginner and it starts next week if anyone is interested. I’m giving it a try after buying my first knitting machine.

  6. Fiona says:

    Even though I would have loved it if you had chosen me, this is actually my favourite too! Congratulations Jayneaclicia!

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