The Mistress of the Jar Wishes Us A Hellish Christmas

Sewlutions jar

The Mistress of the Jar does not approve of all this pre-Christmas cheer. She wishes to remind us that we have just over three weeks left to complete our Sewlutions, or face her wrath. (If you don’t know what a Sewlution is, you need to read this blog post.)

We have a deadline. I’ll write a blog post on 31 December. You’ll have until midnight GMT to share your completed Sewlution in a comment. After that, I’ll choose a winner.  Some people have already blogged about their completed Sewlutions, even though they totally failed to ask the Mistress’s permission to do so. She will mete out punishment.

I don’t mind admitting, I’m quaking in my fur-lined boots. Good job this month has been declared Archer Appreciation Month. This might give me the motivation that even the Mistress’s fury has failed to inspire.


What about you? Are you gearing up to win a prize at the end of this year for a successful Sewlution? Or are you going to join me, trembling behind the Christmas tree?


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47 Responses to The Mistress of the Jar Wishes Us A Hellish Christmas

  1. Every Stitch says:

    I’m nearly there, honestly. I will have jeans licked by the end of this week!

  2. Annika says:

    Oh, this is amazing. I just found your blog some weeks ago, but if you do this next year again, I’ll for sure be in!

  3. tillybuttons says:

    Dear Mrs Jar, please forgive me, for I have not made my trousers.

    I was going to make some Thurlows, but I’m having second thoughts about what shape trousers would best suit a mini person with a not-so-mini derriere (that’s me). Any ideas?

  4. Anne W says:

    I am definitely trembling behind the Christmas tree!

  5. I came to the sewing game too late to have a Sewlution, but have been eagerly following the progress of the jar (okay, perhaps it’s just fun to watch other people squirm …) Will there be another round of Sewlutions for 2014? I would definitely be interested in joining in!

  6. shivani says:

    Phew – I just got one sewlution done in time! I hope the Mistress of the Jar will forgive me for not completing the other – surely she can’t be too harsh on a v pregnant sewist?! (I am definitely playing that card!).

  7. On present showing, I’ll be trembling behind the tree. On the other hand, I’m ever optimistic that I will actually get around to fighting my way back into the sewing room and making that blouse!

  8. sewbusylizzy says:

    I’ve made three jackets! Two without closures, one with a tie closure AND I’m about to finish a fourth with buttons – a peacoat no less! I also pledged to make one with a zip… more jacket sewing required…

  9. Keren says:

    hee hee, like Miss Craft (Alchemy), I also got to this sewing lark far too late to have to worry about the end of 2013… but I sure am enjoying watching the bedlam. God speed trembling sewists, I wish you luck in placating the Mistress of the Jar.

  10. Shar says:

    Don’t fear the reaper (I mean mistress)! I did manage to finish my three Sewlutions by October so I could avoid her wrath. I’ve already picked out Sewlutions for 2014 so I hope the jar shows up again in January!

  11. Jennifer says:

    So far, I’ll be behind the tree… there is a fair chance I’ll have one of my sewlutions done by the deadline but, as I second guessed my trouser pattern like Tilly, I expect the Mistress will still be rather displeased… gulp!

  12. gingermakes says:

    Erm… I definitely haven’t made my trousers. This year has just flown by! I don’t know how it happened!!!

  13. Angela says:

    Hmmm… trembling…. shaking… and quaking in my boots! sigh……

  14. Melizza says:

    I made the Victoria blazer. Not the fitted one I had in my head but it’s an outer garment so I feel the goal was accomplished.

  15. MarrieB says:

    I did finish my sewlution to make a lined jacket, but have not blogged it yet. I probably should get to doing that….

  16. Boony says:

    I hope you do one for 2014! I’d love to join in.

  17. macstabby says:

    Yeah, I totally bit it this year. Starting a new job with frequent 14 hour days is not conducive to me getting things done. I’m happy with what I DID get done though, so I guess that counts for something.

  18. sewexhausted says:

    I made 2 vintage dresses this year… and my coat is close to be finished. Pure laziness on my part to be honest. I started that coat in MAY!

  19. Ros says:

    I suspect I will be madly finishing mine on the 31st.

  20. sewsable says:

    Mine is already finished, was blogged (sorry), but I don’t know if I mentioned it was my completed sewlution. No matter; I have in fact finished enough clothing to wear at a picnic in 1913 without looking out of place. I have a skirt, blouse, jacket and fur neckwarmer all completed.

  21. oonaballoona says:

    hellish christmas. heheheheheheheeee HOW DO YOU CONTINUALLY MAKE ME LOVE YOU MORE.

  22. LinB says:

    I did finish my two-socks-at-a-time on two circular needles! Yay! Now I won’t have to suffer the Wrath of the Jar. I have worn them often enough that I now need to ravel and re-knit the toe on one sock, since even the darn on that toe has worn through. Again. My photo of the work in progress is slated to be on the cover of my funeral bulletin. (Since I am the church secretary, I can design my own, ahead of time. Woe be to he/she who ignores the instructions inside for what not to sing at the service. I will come back to haunt them, holey socks and all.)

  23. Mistress of the jar, pls forgive mine impertinence. Next year I shawl write to hrh to ask permission, lol

  24. Yes Im excited! I have made what I set out to make!

  25. You are a funny gal. I haven’t got time to hide behind the tree. I’m running around camera at hand snapping shots of things I’ve made. Hoping the count will be right, I do fear falling short. Luckily the Misttess has reminded us we have 3 wks to work on some panic induced Sewlutions.

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  27. EmSewCrazy says:

    Hmm, I need to dig out my sewalution and see Exactly what I wrote. I know I’ve got it partially accomplished!

  28. Tee hee, guess I should be trembling, however I did start making trousers, then I decided I didn’t really want them so I stopped 🙂 Turns out I prefer dresses after all!

  29. Katrina says:

    Oooooh, I was dreading you calling us out on this again! My Sewlution has now become an advent calendar project as well. I’m tweeting about it everyday to stay motivated (or accountable) too. It will get done!

  30. 5currantbuns says:

    O Mistress of the jar, please forgive a poor sinner who has failed miserably, I plead to you for mercy and pity on my lonely plight as I’ve hardly sewn a thing since january…I await my punishment with fear and trepidation

    2 skirts in to my plan I got the flu and then never really felt 100% fit…been waiting for the year to begin…mind you skirt 1 was a great fit…

  31. nathalie says:

    I got cocky last time you threatened us with the jar – I’d nearly finished my wool dress and felt the two-piece New Look suit would be a breeze now that I knew how to handle such fabric. Oh how I laughed in the face of that still distant deadline…

    Result? The 3/4 made dress has remained untouched ever since, and the two-piece suit is no more than a skirt still short of a lining and a waist (and fastening and hem…). And that now I’m ensconced in making a Tweed overcoat as a present to go under the tree this Christmas, there’s precious little chance my jar projects are ever going to be ready for the deadline!

  32. Oh I just need to count how many things I have made from my stash and do a blog post about it. I might make it mistress!!

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  34. ereonoe says:

    I’m all the way there but I lost about two sizes since I finished the challenge and really need to redo it to enjoy the resaults!

    I also changed my blog (both adress and content) so mabey I’m disqualified from the challenge?

  35. I have published my Sewlutions post but I am afraid I have failed. I hope I do better next year!

  36. soisewedthis says:

    I posted about my finished sewlution 🙂

  37. EmSewCrazy says:

    Ok, I think my sewlution is as good as it’s going to get. It’s all in this roundup post!

  38. I really love the jar! I found it out too late, hopefully I’ll get a new chance in 2014 🙂

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  40. dottiedoodle says:

    Twelve pieces of stash fabric used! Your threats/encouragement helped, thank you.

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