How To Use Masking Tape To Repair Pattern Pieces

Masking Tape ii

Here’s a quick tip for you. Don’t mistakenly cut through the wrong section of your paper pattern!

Here’s another quick tip for you. If you DO mistakenly cut through the wrong section of your paper pattern, repair your mistake using masking tape rather than sellotape. Masking tape has two benefits:

  • Unlike sellotape, it can be removed and repositioned without tearing fragile pattern paper.
  • Unlike sellotape, it won’t immediately melt in a mess of glue when you’re pressing your pattern pieces with a warm iron. Don’t tell me you’ll remember to iron around your pieces of sellotape. You won’t. Ask me how I know.

Learnt that tip at Morley College! Now I’m passing it on to you.

Can anyone guess what I’m working on?

Masking Tape

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32 Responses to How To Use Masking Tape To Repair Pattern Pieces

  1. June says:

    Sometimes the simplest tips are the most profound!! Why haven’t I thought of this? I’m going to keep masking tape in my sewing room from now on instead of my tool box! Thanks so much..

  2. Rachel says:

    Good tips! I use painter’s tape… Since that’s what I have around.

  3. susew says:

    I use “paper” first aid tape to fix or reinforce tissue patterns – not as thick and stiff as masking tape but same good features – no melting or shriveling if an iron goes over it.

  4. Caitlyn M. says:

    For some reason, I immediately jumped to Dakota dress for the pattern. I don’t even know if that has tissue pieces. Can’t wait to see what it is either way!

  5. Jana says:

    I’m guessing a By Hand London Victoria blazer!
    I seem to remember that the Victoria had that “Forms Centre Back neckline” bit on it. I could dig out my pattern pieces and look, but I’m too lazy right now. (:

  6. One day it occurred to me (after having the ironed/melted tape problem you mentioned) that I could iron extra pattern paper onto my pieces with fusible tape! It’s more for adding onto a pattern than taping it back together in one specific place, but it works great! I posted about it here

  7. oonaballoona says:

    i believe that is the smashing by hand London Victoria blazer??

  8. Definitely something By Hand London-y… that’s the right font, right?

  9. I made it!! says:

    Well there is a solution! Next time I am cutting pattern pieces (with my husband hanging around) I will have some masking tape handy!

  10. Ali says:

    great idea, I’ll use masking tape from now on for piecing together my PDF patterns. As for what you’re sewing, I’ve no idea, but I bet it will be something amazing!

  11. This is a great idea! Thanks.

  12. Bella says:

    Definitely the BHL Victoria blazer! Great idea about the masking tape. I had been using washi tape which was very pretty but not cost effective.

  13. Marie says:

    Fab tip, thanks so much! And I vote BHL’s Victoria Blazer!

  14. Pat says:

    My neighbor bought me tape that has polka dots printed on it. Hopefully I won’t iron over it and decimate yet another iron sole plate.

  15. Meg Kundert says:

    I use drafting tape when I can get it. It looks similar to the masking tape except you can reposition it without tearing your paper.

  16. Bri says:

    Best tip EVER!

  17. Super helpful tip – thanks!

  18. Masking tape here must be different from what you get, since I can’t imagine any tissue paper pattern coming out intact from an encounter with our sort. But it’s a great tip, thank you, and one I’m sure I could adapt to whatever equivalent I’m able to find.

  19. From experience if you use greaseproof paper to trace patterns, don’t use masking tape to stick them as it just peels straight off!

  20. Joanne says:

    It’s got to be Victoria! You can also write on paper making tape if you need to make notes etc

  21. Thanks for that, planning to attempt my first (desperately needed) full bust adjustment, would be a little peeved if I got through it only to end up melting the holy grail of bodice patterns with my iron!

  22. Shelly says:

    Good tips! However, I never cut my paper patterns I always trace off the size/sizes I need then if I make a mistake I can just make a new one. 🙂

  23. LinB says:

    As I don’t iron my pattern pieces, I’ll continue to use clear tape whenever the cat “helps” me with cutting out, since you can read through the clear tape.

  24. Sheree says:

    Up to 2 years ago when I also did a Morley College course and had sewn for many many years, I did not even know you were supposed to iron your pattern pieces. I was shocked – it had never occurred to me (being pretty much self taught). Did I change my ways? At first, but have to confess I have gone back to non-ironing. Sorry!

  25. Eliza-sew-little says:

    I’d guess Victoria Blazer and have just seen others had same idea! So I’m going to guess the colour;
    Grey blue or purple ? Either way I can’t wait to see it.

  26. I learnt the same at Morley. Lynda, by any chance? I usually use Pritt stick (and glue a bit of scrap paper to hold it together on the back if I’ve sliced straight through something). It can also be ironed just fine, but masking tape is better if you need to remove/move it!

  27. symondezyn says:

    Great idea! I wonder if our masking tape in NA is the same as there, but I would venture to guess it probably is. I know I use Painter’s tape for stuff I don’t want to stick too hard, but it’s a gaudy shade of green and would not work for pattern repair LOL.

  28. Bec says:

    Ugh, youve been watching me again, havent you? Always happens with sellotape (we call it sticky tape in Australia). I notice too it doesnt stick when on PDF patterns that you tape together and then roll for storage (I trace off my size).

  29. I love your humour,often right when I need a laugh.

  30. Janet says:

    My mom used to use some sort of pink tape to tape patterns together. I’m thinking it was something in the hair supply section of the store for taping down spit curls? I remember I could iron over it quite easily but don’t know if they still sell it. Anyone seen anything like this?

    • Yes, Janet, I remember this pink tape, although I never used it. It’s “hair styling tape” and is still sold here in the US in places like Sally Beauty Supply. (I must be as old as your mom!)

  31. I use medical tape. Has the same benefits x

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