We’re All Winners Here

Beetle lining

Out of nearly 200 entries, the winner of the red beetle silk is Polly Pierce! I shall be in touch for an address, my friend.

Shawl Knitting Collage

I’m a winner, too – my hot mess of wool is turning into a Trousseau shawl. A true delight of meditative knitting. It’s keeping me sane whilst I wait for my Coco pattern to arrive. I love the dress versions that are cropping up on the Interwebs.

Finally, it may be cold and grey as I glance out of my window, but if you’re looking for bikini inspiration and a celebration of one gorgeous body, check out this blog post here. I have read Frocks and Frou Frou since we began blogging together at The Guardian. I love her very much indeed and now I covet her bikini.

Would you dare to bare for a blog post? Yup, if I looked like Frocks and Frou Frou. She’s definitely a winner.

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8 Responses to We’re All Winners Here

  1. Polly Pierce says:

    Oh Crikey! What a lovely surprise. I didn’t for a moment think I’d be the lucky one to win this gorgeous fabric, thank you so much! This might just be the kick to get me back into sewing again after my winter’s break… (can’t wait)

  2. jansewJan says:

    It’s gorgeous fabric! I have some in my stash awaiting a pattern and inspiration. I bought it, like you Karen, from The Man Outside Sainsburys . You can’t marry him though cos I’ve got my eye on him and his fabrics 😉

  3. jansewJan says:

    I forgot to say – I am inspired by your blog and have started mine now – it’s a bit rough around the edges but highly addictive. http://Www.superstitchery.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Fashionista says:

    This is what I love about the interwebs, reading your excellent post, I clicked through to Frocks and Frou Frou (and lordy me doesn’t she look Absolutely Fabulous) and then found Surania custom made bikinis! What a fab start to the week! Thank you!

  5. Great yarn recovery! The shawl looks great.
    (Also , I really need a Man Outside Sainsburys in my life…)

  6. Michelle says:

    The shawl is taking shape beautifully! I’m glad that it’s no longer a tangle of wool!

  7. vjstracener says:

    That yarn is such a pretty color.

  8. Janet says:

    Love that bikini. And me too on the Coco front – resigning myself to being patient and waiting as it will probably not arrive until after the weekend now. Worse still, the fabric I intend to use for my first one (have been merrily dreaming up several versions, the more I look at everyone else’s) has arrived. Going to chop up some old t shirts of mine and attempt some refashioning as practise on the old over locker while I wait for the postman… Have a nice weekend!

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