Simplicity 1887 – The Perfect Dog Walking Outfit?

Simplicity 1887

Whenever I went to the fabric stash, my eyes would be drawn to this crazy silk that I bought when I was in New York. What, oh what, would I make with it? Then I saw Sew Dixie Lou’s trousers and they reminded me of Erika Bunker’s trousers, and I remembered a pattern that had been stuffed in a drawer for ages. Bingo! Was this my answer to the current trend for printed trousers? (If you’re looking for your own inspiration, you could take a look here.)

Simplicity 1887 pattern

These are basically pyjamas, but with the added details of pockets and a stomach-flattering flat front waistband piece:

Flat Waistband

I tapered the legs into the ankle by 1.5 inches on either outside leg seam – so there’s quite a lot of flim flam I lost there. It’s worth knowing that at 5’5″ I hemmed these with the scantest hem, so if you’re taller than me you may want to add length.

Other than that, these came together really easily and are surprisingly flattering. You’ll want fabric with fantastic drape, as this silk has. I had to hack about three inches off the recommended elastic length for the waistband, so you might want to check that. Otherwise, these make for a really comfie – if somewhat crazy – pair of summer trousers that will be perfect for staying cool on Ella’s longer dog walks.


I also think these are perfect for throwing into the suitcase when you’re going on holiday. Really, I should be wearing these sat by a pool, drinking a pina colada, don’t you think? Shame it’s a rainy London day today!

Simplicity 1887 iiiWould you dare crazy print trousers like these or is this beyond your pale?

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44 Responses to Simplicity 1887 – The Perfect Dog Walking Outfit?

  1. Kat Jackson says:

    I LOVE these. My dog is best walked while wearing a Hazmat suit, but I love the idea of soft silk pants for summer 🙂

  2. mepellymelly says:

    These look great on you! Love the fabric

  3. New Capel Street: Fabric Division says:

    These are some crazy trousers! I love them!

  4. Laura says:

    Fab!! These would look great with some flat leather sandals in the summer. I like the idea of print trousers, but I’ve yet to venture into the territory myself.

  5. Awesome!! I’d wear them any time!

  6. Rachel says:

    Loose crazy print trousers feature heavily in my wardrobe! I’ve used the Tessuti Patterns Suzy Pants pattern and replicated a favourite pair of RTW pants. I love them! Fashionable but comfy.

  7. Love them! Printed trousers aren’t really on the horizon here since I’m just not a trouser person (I currently own two pairs, one being vintage sailor pants in heavy wool, only for the coldest of days).

  8. Cute. Not sure I’d be brave enough though, so Kudos to you.

  9. Lovely and bright. They look great.

  10. katie says:

    Oooh yes, I love a printed trouser. The wilder the better! I’ve also been looking for a flat-fronted pair like this so I might have to pick up this pattern too.

  11. Love these, they conjure relaxed beach side fruity cocktails.

  12. Linda says:

    They look fab on you! You’re right – perfect for dog walking!!

  13. They’re great! So fruity and fun!

  14. LOVE those trousers (great fabric choice and style). I would sooo wear them (especially as they look so lovely on you). A great versatile trouser that will take you anywhere!

  15. Adrienne says:

    Ooooh! Thanks for alerting me to this great pattern! I wonder if it would be as flattering on me, but hey, if they don’t work out I can always wear them as pyjamas. xo

    • I agree! A huge plus for this pattern is that if they don’t work out as daywear, just wear them in bed!!!

      • LinB says:

        I love your new Happy Pants! I’d wear them in a heartbeat.

        Most of my daily-wear wardrobe ends up as pajamas when it becomes too faded or threadbare to be decently worn in public. Am currently planning to cut some smooth cotton fabric (salvaged from curtains in someone else’s house) as summer wear. The fabric has tan outline drawings of deer on a white background. Even if the garments end up looking like surgical scrubs I’ll wear them in public, during the hot days of high summer. After that, they’ll make excellent sleepwear this winter.

  16. liza jane says:

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE them. I’ve been looking at a similar style arc pattern for trousers like this. But I have this pattern already. They are awesome.

  17. These are gorgeous! And they really make for one smart dog walking outfit 🙂 I hadn’t seen this pattern before – must earmark it for the next Simplicity sale!

  18. Sheree says:

    These look great on you. By the way – where are you?? -I am intrigued. Love the fabric and you can carry this look off perfectly. I have a RTW pair that although I love myself ( comfort being the main factor) I don’t think others feel quite the same, judging by comments about pyjamas, etc. Still, I can handle that and would happily have more in different prints.

  19. oonaballoona says:

    yes!!! a resounding YES! to everything!

  20. Sharon N. says:

    Definitely YES. Being over endowed in the boobage dept., and no hips to speak of, the best place for me to have fun with prints is on my lower half. Love these, especially the nipped in ankles with the drapery fabric. Done at just the right length (as are yours) can be very flattering on my body type. Luckily I can wear things like this at work and I’ve recently purchased some fun fabrics to do just that very soon.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    Gorgeous! I love them. Now of course, I will have to copy you. 😉

  22. macstabby says:

    I saw Clare’s amazing pants as well, and now that I’ve seen YOURS…well, case closed! I MUST HAVE FUN PANTS. Good idea slimming them in at the ankles. Also, I love your aqua colored converse shoes.

  23. Jane M says:

    Love these. I bought into the print pants last year with a few Style Arc Elle pant versions and they are stylish but as simple s wearing jeans. Not sure I’d consider walking the dog in them….but they fit in so mny places.

  24. gingermakes says:

    Love this print! These are super cute- I’d totally wear them!

  25. Chris says:

    I need 4 pairs of these!

  26. Kate says:

    Those trousers are adorable! Great use of that fun print!

  27. Nessa says:

    Hilarious Karen! Too reminiscent of M.C. Hammer pants for my taste though, but glad you found a use for your special fabric

  28. NiinaMaria says:

    The fabric is just amazing!

  29. B & the Moon says:

    A..MA…ZING! The world is a much brighter place with prints, even more so with print TROUSERS! To summarize, I am a BIG fan of these!

  30. karen says:

    I have tons of printed pants and love them especially ity knits. I even wear them to work with a solid top.

  31. I have trouser envy. I’m thinking of make these but adding a few rows of elastic stitching/shirring around the bottom hem to change the look a little

  32. This is my latest finished project and I’m sure I’ll have to take in the legs. I look like a mushroom in them now. But yours are nice 😉

  33. Measure Twice Cut Once says:

    Best dog walking outfit ever! bring on the patterned pants I say!

  34. Heather says:

    I love how these turned out! I have this pattern too, and am happy to see it made up, as I was wondering if it would flatter. And it does!

  35. Heather says:

    I love how these turned out! I have this pattern too, and am happy to see it made up, as I was wondering if it would flatter. And it does! Great fabric too!

  36. Love these! It’s so boring when people take interesting vintage clothes and turn them into the samey tea dresses. I love a bit of other decades! And fruit prints especially

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