The Afternoon Blouse in Liberty Lawn

Afternoon Blouse, Liberty Fabric

I say this blouse is made in Liberty lawn. Whether or not that’s really the case, I don’t know. The market stall holder told me it was Liberty, and it certainly has a butter smooth handle, but… I can’t always help suspecting that Liberty probably has tighter control of its stock, than for it to end up on a Birmingham rag market. What do you think?

None of it really matters. All any of us need to know is that this lawn cotton was truly beautiful to work with. A reader recently left a very interesting and truthful comment:

Most sewers, me included, admit to making things that they don’t wear, aren’t happy with the fit, are disappointed in the finishing, etc and yet we keep doing it

Yes, we keep doing it. Fabrics such as this remind me why. It made me sooooo happy! Here’s a detail of the button I bought from Loop to go with it. Isn’t that just delightful?

Bone ButtonThis blouse came together like a dream. It’s so easy to wear, too. I’ve worn my previous version (in a very similair colour way) with skirts and jeans and it works fabulously with both. That blouse has been in and out of the washing machine – a sure sign of sewing success.

Have I tempted you to buy The Afternoon Blouse yet? And, no. I don’t know the designer from Adam!

Afternoon Blouse, Liberty Fabric ii

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36 Responses to The Afternoon Blouse in Liberty Lawn

  1. Great to see a much-loved pattern getting a ‘Liberty’ update, That button is way too cute too – a great addition to your wardrobe 🙂

  2. Your comment re Birmingham rag market made me laugh 🙂 Lovely fabric nonetheless. Looks great on you.

  3. B & the Moon says:

    That…button…is…AMAZING! I have a full blown (healthy) stag related item obsession and would probably sew buttons like this over everything I own like some sort of pearly king if I could! But aside from that, excellent work as per always!

  4. That is lovely! I have had the Afternoon blouse on my mind for some while now. Think I might have to make a couple:)
    And yes, I too ceep on whit sewing because of aaaaall the beautyful fabric, even thoug the finnished results is`nt always as great.. Its an addiction!

  5. Jane says:

    Oooh spooky – I’ve just finished my second Afternoon Blouse made from…..Liberty lawn! Lovely version. x

  6. Philippa says:

    Another really lovely version. I am most definitely getting the pattern, after seeing it on Tasha’s blog too. I like the fact it can be made quite quickly, doesn’t look too difficult to fit and can be worn tucked or untucked and styled vintage or modern. That’s enough reasons I think!!

  7. sew2pro says:

    Maybe a bolt fell off the back of the Liberty lorry . It’s a lovely fabric and a great match to pattern.

  8. I’m such a sucker! I so badly want to believe I’m getting a bargain, I’ll believe anything they tell me. In your case, I’d be tempted to think that another company bought a roll of liberty fabric to make aprons/purses/whatever, then didn’t use it all and the end of roll ended up on the rag market. Or, it could be a slight second – print slightly off grain perhaps – and it didn’t meet liberty’s high quality standards. Either way I think you got a bargain. And I WANT that button!

  9. Mette says:

    what a beautifull blouse. I have just finished mine made from white broderie anglaise – yet to be blogged. I have this smooth light blue cotton voile whitch I’m now considering for a second version – but will it look too much like a doctors shirt? – will I get to meet George Cloony or Patrick Dempsey if I wear it? Oh, som many questions:)

  10. Kaitlyn Emmett says:


  11. This is a wonderful blouse. The button is fantastic, and picks up the fabric really well

  12. What a gorgeous blouse and I’m in love with that button. BTW, is the button safely able to be chucked through a washing machine or is it handwash only stuff? (Even if the latter, I think I’d be prepared to make exceptions on its behalf, it’s so beautiful.)

  13. Regina says:

    Very lovely blouse. I just love the button!

  14. S says:

    Nice job! I wear a lot of Liberty blouses so I am definitely going to sew some blouses in Liberty this summer. This is a very pretty top! I finally made the Minoru this weekend, after having the pattern in my stash for ages. 🙂

  15. stgilbert says:

    I love it, Karen! What a beautiful blouse and the button is so unique!

  16. sullivan1970 says:

    Your version is lovely. My second afternoon blouse was also Liberty lawn. I think the pattern lends itself to using beautiful prints!

  17. oonaballoona says:

    love that pairing! and i think you could’ve found LOL (hey lookee there, does anyone abbreviate it that way?). i find betsey johnson & thakoon, etc, all the time at the janky store. did i drag you in there?

  18. Beautiful blouse and what lovely fabric liberty or not it suits you well. I love this pattern but don’t have a printer or I’d have me one of these!

  19. Esther says:

    I hv been lurking on Lauren’s store contemplating the purchase and I think yr 2nd version clinches it :0). Completely agree about the reader comment I recently started to sew a top with a “bargain” piece of fabric from Jlewis which makes me look like I am wearing scrubs, when will I learn? Note to self MUST only buy fabric I love.

  20. Really beautiful blouse and fabric. I must know. Which market???

  21. Sarah says:

    I’m off to take a closer look at that pattern, if it’s not too personal, can I ask you to share your measurements? I have an aweful time finding blouses that don’t gape at the front, and I have almost no experience sewing clothes …
    The kimono style sounds good but I’ve popped out of too many off the rack wrap style tops and dresses …


  22. Jessica says:

    Gorgeous! Once I realized that my Liberty blouses/dresses reliably get worn with great frequency (everything else tends to be a crap shoot), I started investing in a wee bit more of the stuff. Hey, if my sewing time is limited, I should use it to make things that I’ll really want to wear!

    Erg … this post might send me off looking for more …

  23. smittenness says:

    That is sun an elegant garment. And so wearable

  24. Sheree says:

    Yes, it is the ones that are a pleasure to sew, feel good and get worn all the time that keep us hooked. I just wish my percentage of those was higher!

  25. Roobeedoo says:

    Ooh – gorgeousness!!!

  26. Emma Jayne says:

    Sometimes the things those market stall holders tell us smacks of ‘too good to be true’ but, like you have here, trust your eyes and your touch… if it pleases you at the price it’s advertised for you’ll buy it anyway regardless of a designer name tag.

  27. Liberty or no, that fabric is a beauty! That stag button is an incredible detail, too. All in all, great blouse! 🙂

  28. M. Powers says:

    Anyone can order bolts of archived Liberty prints! You have to order a LOT and the print selection is limited, but Liberty lawn really can end up in any old place!

  29. Melanie says:

    Very tempted! And I have some Liberty lawn that I bought at the actual Liberty store, so no doubts about its provenance (not that it’s any lovelier than your rag market find). Not sure if I have enough for an Afternoon Blouse, though. Can I squeeze one out of a metre?

  30. Jean says:

    Very pretty fabric but that button really makes the blouse special.

  31. Anne says:

    Lovely. I had already marked this pattern as a strong possibility and now I think I’ll go for it. Wish I could get such lovely fabric in my local market – maybe a trip to Birmingham is on the cards! It’s not that far (Newcastle upon Tyne) – if you know of any full day or weekend classes I could take there, a trip there would be certain!

  32. Claire says:

    I would not be surprised to find that your fabric is Liberty. You can find anything in the rag market, it’s a great place for a rummage! The button is stunning and your finished blouse is very elegant.

  33. Elizabeth says:

    Love it!

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