Sporty Summer Sewathon – Join In!

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For all those people who were sad not to join yesterday’s meet up in London, fear not little chickens! I’ve come up with a bit of collective fun for our summer sewing, if you think you’re game.

I’d recently noticed the incredible amount of sports-themed sewing that’s been going on, from Fehr Trade releasing her own patterns for running outfits, to Scruffy Badger’s Running Bows, to Papercut’s Ooh La Leggings and Closet Case Files’ Bombshell Swimsuit. I’d even argue that Colette Pattern’s Albion jacket has a place in the exercise sewing arena. This was all so inspiring!

At the same time, I’d become really frustrated with my own lack of engagement with exercise. If it wasn’t for Ella’s dog walks, I’d be in serious trouble. I needed a kick up the derriere, and I finally found it when an idea came to me – the Sporty Summer Sewathon!

The rules of entry are simple. All I ask is that you sew something – anything! – with a vague sports theme, either for yourself or someone else. It doesn’t need to involve lycra. You could…

  • Sew an outfit for your kid’s extra curricular sporting activity. (Home sewn ju jitsu outfit, anyone?)
  • Embrace the curvacious glamour of a Bombshell swimsuit.
  • Eat strawberries and quaff champagne whilst wearing a 70s tennis outfit. (Swoon. Childhood memories come flooding back. Not of the champagne, obviously.)

tennis outfit

  • Sew yourself a truly self-indulgent ballet skirt.

ballet skirt pattern

  • Make some comfy yoga pants.
  • Shorts for cycling. Shorts for the beach. Shorts for anything!
  • A waterproof jacket for walking the dog.
  • A glamorous dress for the local salsa class.
  • Sew crazy golf trousers for you or a loved one.
  • Embrace the 50s with a bowling shirt, as The Spoolettes recently did.

Once you start thinking about what sports and exercise really mean, it can cover almost anything that gets your heartbeat racing and let’s you have fun. (Steady, now! No Nuddy Pant Suits allowed as part of the Sporty Summer Sewathon.)

What am I going to make? I’m torn. I’d love to make a Bombshell Swimsuit, but dare I be photographed wearing it? I’d also still love to solve my dilemma of the Ultimate Cycling Skirt. Maybe I could try a 70s culotte pattern for whizzing around the London streets?


Tempting, very tempting…

So, are you in? I’m going to give us a deadline of Sunday 6 July, which just happens to be the Wimbledon final. There will be an online party naturally, and prizes, double naturally and this Sewathon is open to international entrants, triple naturally. All I ask is that you post a comment on 6 July, linking to your make and/or email me a photograph.

Strawberries and cream, anyone? Any patterns you’d recommend for this challenge?

PS The bicycle shot is from a very old make, blogged about here. I don’t totally recommend this pattern, it took loads of adjustment!

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99 Responses to Sporty Summer Sewathon – Join In!

  1. Rachel says:

    What fun! I’m going to be making swimwear this year, so I’m in!

  2. docksjo says:

    Absolutely in, I have a few active-wear planed but never get to in, haven’t even ordered fabric yet.

  3. oh, what a nice idea – I’m just looking for a pattern for a playsuit for long bike rides in summer. I’d like to sit and watch here and hope my playsuit is complete till 6th july. I look forward to sporty summer outfits 🙂

    But no cream for me – otherwise I have to sew the playsuit a size larger 😀

  4. Eliza-sew-little says:

    Oo er. Where to start. What a good idea. Thinking cap needed.

  5. Chris says:

    I’m SO going to be in! What a fabuous idea. Quite tempted about the 70’s tennis outfit – will it give me the hip action pictures on the envelope as well, I wonder?
    But seriously, I’ve been experimenting with track suit bottoms, buoyed by the idea that they might be used as pants rather than exercise wear. The ones I made are defo only worthy of excercise, but a girl can dream, ey?!

  6. I’m in! Sinbad and Sailor shorts perhaps.

  7. Nicoletta says:

    Such a nice idea!!let’s see if I can do this!! Thank you for this lovely opportunity!!

  8. Karin says:

    Hmm, I’m actually due to run (or walk, or crawl) Race for Life 5k at Blackheath on the 6th July, shall I add the challenge of doing it in home made gear? I think I shall. Will have to have a little think of what to make though.

  9. Count me in, I have a swimsuit planned and love Fehr Trade’s xyz pattern (possibly with some leggings !!!)

  10. Sally says:

    GREAT idea!!! And hopefully motivation to get moving more in the summer, with new me-made clothes 😉

  11. Melanie says:

    Yay! Motivation to actually, you know, MAKE the Thurlow shorts, and not just admire the pattern and fabric that been sitting in a pile on my guest bed for weeks.

  12. Nadine says:

    Excellent idea and inspiring, too! I’m going to (finally) make up the yoga pants from my Jalie pattern

  13. What a fun idea! I’ll have to think about what to make but I’d love to join in!

  14. Jen (NY) says:

    Perfect timing – have been trying self-motivate with new running gear. This should give me the extra boost I need to get started on a Jalie sport-shorts pattern…!

    • Jen (NY) says:

      Love the 70s tennis dress BTW. I would be so tempted, but I need a bit more “architecture” in my exercise clothes these days!

  15. dottiedoodle says:

    Sounds like fun! I’ve just started a Pilates class, so I will make myself a stylish outfit to replace the ratty t shirt and trousers I’ve been wearing!

  16. IngeMaakt says:

    this is perftect, and just what I need to finally start sewing that bombshell bathing suit that I cut out far too long ago!!

  17. Anne says:

    Yep. I’m in. I need a well fitting pair of golf crops, but don’t know if I’m really up to making them. We’ll see.

  18. Yes! Yes! I’m in! I do HATE my inactivity this whole year. I climbed a few stairs and was our of breath. Hopefully, by making my own sporty clothes, I can get my act together and be active! Thanks for hosting this, very inspiring! I think I’ll be making a double, sports top and pants!

  19. Charlene says:

    Would it be fair to make something to walk the dog in? That could run the gamut!

  20. I got my eye on True Bias’ soon-to-be-released Hudson Pant pattern — perfect for scootering around the Bronx with my kid.

  21. This sounds like fun! Great idea!

  22. Rachel says:

    Great idea! Thank you. The culottes pattern is fantastic and would be ideal for cycling. I love that look of loafers, long socks and short skirts but never have the nerve/chutzpah to carry it off. I have no doubt that you would rock a pair though! Rachel ☺

  23. Suzie says:

    Oh yes, great idea. I bought the Bombshell swimsuit last year pattern but I’m still a bit apprehensive about tackling swimwear but this will motivate me 🙂

  24. Jennifer says:

    I’m in! Papercut patterns just released an awesome sports bra with attachable tank pattern that this gives me the perfect excuse to buy! It’s winter here, but I need some new gear for pilates class. She’s also released a new swimsuit pattern that looks awesome.

  25. gneepy says:

    Very good idea. I already had in mind to try the shorts out of the Burda may issue for cycling, but the tennis dress could be something as well… although I don’t play tennis at all… well, but anyways count me in! 🙂

  26. Pat says:

    I’m in. It may only be a pair of shorts to walk the dog in, but it’s exercise.

  27. Kat says:

    Awesome idea! Oops that we’re going into winter here in the southern hemisphere, but I’ll keep this bookmarked for when the weather gets warmer (although ‘winter’ isn’t really ‘winter’ in the Northern Hemisphere sense – trust me, I’m from Winnipeg) 🙂

  28. lisa g says:

    ooh fun! i’ve been putting off some new yoga pants in favor of more fun makes… time to find some fabric!

  29. Kelly says:

    Fun!! I’m in the midst of making a bunch of Nettie bodysuits- I’ll wear them with skirts but also to ballet class. I’ve also made ballet skirts from the Grown Up Ballet skirt pattern by the Selfish Seamstress (free pattern). I am also excited for the Hudson Pant pattern from True Bias. And the Lane Raglan pattern from Hey June is great too, I’ve made several sweatshirts with that one.

  30. CosmicCaro says:

    I think the perfect pair of “shorts” for cycling might be the Tania Culottes, from Megan Nielsen. I still need to try them for myself, but in my mind, they are!! 😉

  31. Kathy Lynch says:

    Great idea Karen! I think you should go for the 70’s tennis dress ’cause, well, you know……you qualify for the champagne now!

  32. 1107nikki says:

    I’ve made my other half two pairs of crazy golf trousers recently using V8719. He loves them. Not to be outdone, I made myself a crazy golf skort using vintage Butterick 4766 Sorely tempted to make another one, or why not a whole outfit from the new Papercut patterns range “Tri”?

  33. I’m in! This is the first sewing event I will be taking part in, so I’m pretty excited!

  34. Ooh, sounds fun! I’ve never made clothes, but have been looking for something to use as my first outfit (needed to be something it was something didn’t matter if it didn’t work!!). Now just to decide what to make! Any suggestions for an absolute beginner anyone? I’m on the large size and need arms and legs covered so no shorts or short sleeves! Thanks!

  35. Stacey says:

    Loving the tennis outfit … gotta think of something original though myself, gah!

  36. This is perfect timing – I have a few sporty things on my to make list so this should hopefully ensure I actually make them!

  37. qplourde says:

    Going to try this…I bought some swimsuit material a while back so we’ll see what happens!

  38. Oh how I want that tennis outfit!!

  39. berrold says:

    Well timed! I need a leotard and leggings for June… Guess I should really make them myself!

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  41. I’m so in! Shall we use your photo from this post as our “button”? 🙂

  42. Chantal says:

    Count me in! I really need some new active-wear!

  43. Sounds like fun! Knits beyond me at the moment, though have earmarked Tilly’s Coco top for when I’m brave enough. How about a yoga mat bag? Do sports accessories count for beginners?

  44. wotsybaby says:

    how funny, i just bought some kaleidoscope lycra! i shall have to join. now to get the old blog dusted off…

  45. Erika says:

    This sounds great. It would be the perfect excuse to make myself that swimsuit I’ve been thinking about… Or perhaps something a little less intimidating…

  46. What a great idea! Thank you for motivating me to sew a sporty something…. Can’t me in please!

  47. Sorry count me in, of course 😉

  48. twirldesigns says:

    I’m in! I’m going to be sewing up some swimwear and some of Papercut Pattern’s new patterns.

  49. Caroline says:

    Fantastic! I’m definitely in for this one. I need to make a new gym top so that will be my project. I also love the idea of the cycling skirt – Simplicity 8740 looks great – especially view 2.

  50. rillafree says:

    Swimwear it is then! This will hopefully give me the push I need to A) make swimsuit and B) go swimming!

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  52. Sara says:

    What a great idea! I’m always updating my yoga capsule. Recently made a Nettie bodysuit and need another. Maybe I’ll come up with another idea of something to go with it!

  53. Lisette says:

    Yes! Thanks for getting this going! I’m glad when people start sew-alongs that I’ve thought of before, but I hate running sew-alongs, so…
    I have a 50s swimsuit that has been a WIP for years.

  54. Devon says:

    love this! totally in!

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  56. Gema says:

    Yeay!!! Brilliant! Just the kick up the summer-sewing-behind I was looking for, THANK-YOU!! (And even tho I could do with some new swimwear, I’m with you on that one- not sure I could brave the Piccies…) woop woop!!

  57. Olivia says:

    I’m in! I intend to make running tights, a racerback tank and split seam shorts using burda patterns for the tank and shorts and a free patterns for the leggings. And since I am saving for my next big vacation will try to spend as little money as possible, ideally nothing. Thanks for this sewanlong! It came right on time, I just started running again.

  58. Meigan says:

    I’m in! I will be making swimsuits for myself and for my girls.

  59. mellincf says:

    Since I play tennis three times a week I’m always looking for an excuse to sew another tennis skirt. I want that vintage pattern! In fact, I think I made that outfit back in the ’70’s…

  60. Patty says:

    Count me in = yoga pants here I come!

  61. Kim says:

    Yay! Please count me in 🙂 I just finished my first Bombshell swimsuit and am super happy with it! Here’s my link:

  62. fabrickated says:

    Yes I would like to join in. I need some new running shorts. RTW are all a)black b)very short. I am worried about time as I have to finish my Sew2Pro Vivienne Westwood challenge and a pirate outfit for Ted first. Thanks for taking the initiative Karen.

  63. cece says:

    Oh dear, I suffer from the same lack of engagement with exercise. I’m thinking some new fun shorts and tank tops for living room workouts.

  64. Geo P says:

    Love that 70s culottes pattern, you should go for it, I bet they’d look great!
    I’ve just made an outfit perfect for running around in the park with the kid

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  66. Ripleygirl says:

    Oh, oops – just realised I’ve left my comment on the wrong thread. Cycling shorts for me – but not lycra ones (too many bulges for that!!)

  67. I’d love to join in please. I might make something to leap about in *and* something to sit about watching other people leap about in.

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  69. Kate says:

    This was just the inspiration I needed to actually try making yoga shorts for myself for hot yoga – thank you for the great idea of a sporty sewathon! 🙂

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  71. Rebecca says:

    Oh how silly of me! I didn’t think until Melissa posted today that I should link my entry over here too. I’ve been sewing running gear, but much of it is too warm for now. Here are two that work: and

    Thanks for the fun!

  72. evalaoh says:

    I´ve been sewing workout gear for the past two years now. Nothing beats the fit and I get to choose bright colours. My last project was the Fehrtrade XYT workout top, last Saturday I ran a 10K in them., running action pic here

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  75. Markita says:

    I am new to blogging, and sewing activewear – not new to sewing though – some humor resulted. Check out my running skirt and top here :

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  78. Kathy Sews says:

    This sewathon is impossible for me NOT to enter!!!! I sew all of my running gear now and have to throw something in the mix here… I have 478 more activewear things I have planned for the coming days but I will have to enter these saucy tops I made a couple weeks ago! I’m dead in the middle of making a sporty rain coat but likely won’t finish in time

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  80. kdsksg says:

    Oooh! Ooooh! Sign me up! I love designing and sewing my own activewear especially because RTW never has stuff what I want (though I do covet some of the fabrics used in RTW that we home sewers don’t have access to). I always try to sew something new for each of the events I enter (I’m a back of the packer so I gotta have something to motivate me!). It started with one of the first marathons I ran…I wanted lots of pockets so I could carry everything I thought I would need for hours on the road so I made a pair of shorts that had 4 roomy black mesh pockets….2 on either side. For the Lilac Bloomsday run I did with a couple of girlfriends on the first weekend of May this year, I made the shirts, skirts, and my shorts for our Girl On Fire themed running outfits . For my next run, the Lacamas Half with my son, I’m making a top and shorts that will channel the cheshire cat with pink and purple and stripes….should be fun!

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  82. Nicole says:

    I love this idea! It’s great to see other sewists who are active making their own active wear. It really just goes to show that you don’t have to buy ready to wear. I already had a pair of Duathlons made up for the Spring Race Challenge, Now I’ve got a matching set for running thanks to this challenge. You can see here:

  83. Alexa says:

    Great challenge, thanks. I made up the Deuathlon shorts as a present for my sister, I now need a pair for myself. I’ve blogged about them here:

  84. It’s a great challenge Karen. I had bigger plans but injury has left me unable to run which is hard when my 8 yo gets up on Saturday and squeals ‘Can we do parkrun?!!!’ But I did manage to make some of Melissa’s Duatlhon booty shorts – bit on the skimpy side but hey, who cares!!

  85. rillafree says:

    Thanks for the challenge, it looks as though a lot of effort has been made by everyone! Here’s a reminder of my swimming costume.

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  87. Nicoletta says:

    Hello Karen, hello everybody!
    For my first sewathon ever, I made yoga pants: comfortable and easy to sew!

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  89. As commanded, I made a swimsuit as soon as I got a hold of that Bombshell swimsuit pattern!

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