Fabric Shopping in Amsterdam (Sort Of)

Amsterdam Fabric Shopping Collage.jpgToday, I hit the mean streets of Amsterdam to check out their sewing supplies. I hadn’t meant to. Indeed, I’d actively avoided asking people for recommendations, in order to limit my addiction. I hadn’t counted on my online enablers, who kindly gave me suggestions regardless.

What’s a girl to do? I hit the shops!

First, I visited the Monday morning market at Westerstraat. There were some great fabrics and buttons.

Amsterdam Fabric Stall

Amsterdam ButtonsI found myself less enamoured of the dolls’ faces…

dolls facesThen we strolled over to A. Boeken. Fortunately, this city is very compact and I love a good walk.

A BoekenA veritable Aladdin’s Cave, split across three buildings.

So you’d expect me to buy some fabric today, wouldn’t you? Not a bit of it! I’ve been over buying of late and was hit with that ennui of, Really? You honestly need another two metres?

So I didn’t spend a single penny. Who am I kidding? I treated myself to buttons instead. What would you make with these?

Button Purchases


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20 Responses to Fabric Shopping in Amsterdam (Sort Of)

  1. Erin says:

    Those sewing machine buttons are adorable! I’d make something simple in a plainish fabric to really let the buttons shine. Maybe a blouse depending on their size. I fully understand why you couldn’t leave without them!

  2. jocolumbine says:

    The shell buttons would look lovely on the front pleat of a Sorbetto by Colette. Agree with Erin re: plain top for the sewing machine buttons – put them at the back though for impact? Btw thanks for introducing me to Minerva crafts – I live down the road in Ramsbottom and never knew they were there! *sobs … All those wasted years.

  3. Try the Albert Cuyp market and Jan de Kleinvakman (notions).

  4. Miss Celie says:

    I feel like I have to highly recommend a visit to Kantje Boord if you have time. If you make underwear or pretty lacy things, there is no place better that I’m aware of. I’m going to Amsterdam this fall and I’ve set aside a small fund and packable bag just to stock up on all the panty, underwear slip making supplies I could ever ever want. Check their Facebook page for inspiration, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kantjeboord/453850571339715?id=453850571339715&sk=photos_stream (they are big on the men’s boxers too 🙂 )

  5. Mertxe says:

    AARGGHHH! AWESOME!!! I love Amsterdam, and I’m mad about fabric shopping when traveling, so baby, you totally hit me there! I plan to build some space with travel hot spots for fabric…mmmm… next weeks i’ll be in Prague, and I totally accept any suggestions 😉 :-*

  6. Those machine buttons are amazing! They are going to look so cute when you use them. I love fabric and trims shopping while I’m traveling as it brings back such happy memories when I’m sewing.

  7. Fadanista says:

    I think buttons are a great souvenir from a trip – you can keep enjoying them and remember the place you bought them. I am so impressed with your lack of fabric buying though – is this you being faithful to TMOS?

  8. If you are staying till the weekend in The Netherlands take the train to Utrecht on Saturday morning for the Lapjesmarkt. Think it is one of the biggest fabric markets in Europe. One of my favourites, it is HUGE.

    • Melanie says:

      Aah! I live in The Hague and my budget tells me I did not need to know this. The Haagse Markt is doing enough damage as it is…

      • canalcouture says:

        And when you are in Utrecht/sewing heaven you should visit Baars en van de Kerkhof. Trim and notions candy store. My mom has been taking me there ever since I was a little kid. I was there not long ago and it hardly changed. Wish there were still more stores like this left.

  9. can’t quite tell the size but if they aren’t too bit i’d put the sewing machine buttons on the new bellini blouse by capital chic!

  10. Rosie says:

    Oh what restraint! I don’t think I would have survived 😉

  11. Melanie says:

    Because enabling addictions is what I do… also worth a visit is a tiny shop called “van de Kerkhof passementen” at Elandsgracht 43a. They specialize in trims: ribbon, tassels, lace and other such fun stuff.

  12. pinka says:

    I just cam home from A’dam too:) Wish this post would exist a week ago, but then again, because I didn’t know where to go, I only bought a bit of bias tape in A. Boeken.

  13. Haven’t been there for ages but you are giving me great envy in all departments – buttons, knitting time, Duvel beer, fabric browsing! Jo x

  14. Ali says:

    I love those buttons!!!!!

  15. That’s a good approach, buying buttons instead of fabric when traveling. Mind you I love the way the fabrics in the market, in the top picture, are displayed. How did you resist?!

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