Sporty Summer Sewathon – The Winners

wpid-wp-1404838955702It’s safe to say that the Sporty Summer Sewathon has left me well and truly humbled. Loads of people took part! I might have made a pathetic flippy flappy skirt culotte thingie but other people really proved themselves worthy of sewing gold medals.

Check out the above from What Gladys Wore. She made herself an outfit for aerial hoop and then she swung around on a giant hoop in her self-made outfit! My life suddenly feels very dull. Why have I never swung on an aerial hoop?!

Other participants created outfits to (deep breath) run, hike, swim, hit the gym, play golf, ride piggy back, take up tennis, dance, walk, do yoga, enter a duathlon AND a triathlon – and of course, the aerial hoop. Have I missed anything?!

L’Attaque du Decoud-Vite takes the prize for greatest serenity in a Sporty Summer Sewathon photoshoot. Doesn’t she look beauoootiful? I’m really gutted I ran out of time to make a swimsuit.


bombshell_chapeauWe even had an outfit produced for a professional male ballet dancer. Yes, really! Check out the whole fascinating blog post here.

foto 1Of course, one of the great things to come out of sewalongs is the opportunity to discover new-to-you blogs. I am now slightly in love with ladysewalot and her joyous approach to sewing and corralling her mates into taking photos on sunkissed lawns. Did you find new reading material?

But, of course, there can only be one winner. BIG FAT LIE. At the Sporty Summer Sewathon, there can be two winners! (Don’t you love blogging? You can just make up your own rules.)

My two chosen winners have one thing in common: tenacity in the face of learning. For this alone, they’re winners in my book. They set themselves challenges, they sweated, they swore (probably) but they kept going – and they got there in the end. And one of them posted some very brave photos with only a ukelele to protect her.

PRIZE ONE from Fehr Trade, The Village Haberdashery and Colette Patterns goes to Canal Couture who made the above troos for her bendy boyfriend, who is very particular about what he wears for ballet. I loved her description of the process and how she determined to sew slowly and carefully, learning along the way. To quote Canal Couture:

One thing I learned from this process: I am definitely a slow sewer. I like to take my time and finish my makes as neatly and professionally as possible. I don’t mind slowing down to research new techniques or finishes. 

I applaud this attitude and reward it with a prize!

PRIZE TWO from Minerva Crafts goes to Errant Pear and her self-drafted bikini. She wanted to achieve perfect coverage for her perfect derriere, and by crikey, she did it! And posted photos of her bikini-clad self  ‘in the name of SCIENCE’. That is one cool mama. Again, determined to get things right, she ploughed on through four different makes until she arrived at bikini nirvana.

I shall be in touch with the prize winners for their addresses. A big thank you to everyone else for taking part. I really do appreciate it and you really do show me up with your brilliant makes. Can you be less brilliant next time?

But, please – never stop being inspiring. I am particularly taken with the swimsuit projects. I’m hoping to jump into the sea this August. Can I make myself something to wear. And dare I be photographed? Only time and this blog will tell!


What’s a sewalong without a wig? Thanks, Scruffy Badger

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15 Responses to Sporty Summer Sewathon – The Winners

  1. Inspiring makes!! Wowee!! I’m in awe of the aerial hoop too, and male ballet dancer!? Well deserved !!

  2. Ruthie says:

    Just count me in for next time. A year to get the skills in order! Amazing stuff here. 3 new blogs I have to read from cover to cover. Thanks for doing the curating~~

  3. Kathy Sews says:

    These are AWESOME!! I love the entries!!! Congrats to the winners 🙂 This was such a lovely competition.

  4. berrold says:

    Thank you so much for featuring me Karen 🙂 I loved sewing my outfit and I love that I have something practical to wear too (even if I do get funny looks in the supermarket) technically it also got used for silks and static trapeze, but mostly hoop and more hoop 🙂

    Well deserved winners, loved reading their posts.

    PS. Aerials are amazing! Everyone can do it…trust me! Anyone in Berkshire, come join me 🙂

  5. Emma Jayne says:

    Gosh.. aren’t we so diverse when given a challenge that allows for it! Thanks for a fun sewathon!

  6. sassy02 says:

    Congrats to the winners, It must of been hard deciding on who the winners were, glad it wasn’t me! 🙂 I think all the entries deserve a hand beautiful outfits.

  7. *** making a happy dance in my living room ***

    Thank you so much, Karen. I will put the prizes to good use!
    Thank you for hosting such a fun sewalong! I loved seeing everybody’s makes and discovering new blogs. Well done everyone!

  8. Wow well deserved winners. And totally agree on Ladysewalot I love her blog.

  9. onedabbles says:

    Great sewalong. I love the post for the Boyfriend Ballet Pants – ambitious and a phenomenal result. The Bikini post was great for getting exactly the fit she wanted – and the phrase ‘holding a ukulele helps’ is going to be my inspiration for any daunting situation!

  10. Claire says:

    HOLY MOLY! Thank you so much! I am honored to be chosen from among so many awesome sewing creations. I loved this sewalong theme so much, and I can’t wait to try my hand at some more sporty sewing inspired by all the submissions here.

  11. Nilla says:

    Congratulations to the winners!! We all did an amazing job, didn’t we? 🙂 This was my first sewathon, but it won’t be the last! Thanks for hosting this and inspiring us all 🙂

  12. Jenna says:

    Congratulations to the winners! And thank you for the awesome sewathon, truly inspiring!!

  13. mary says:

    I saw that gorgeous wool coat you made. Swimwear is way simpler. I’d highly recommend Jalie patterns out of Quebec. Their skirted two piece (3023) is wonderful. Simple to adapt to figure variations as well.
    if you do decide to sew swimwear you’ll want to plan around sales. I priced out my swimwear linings and such, and waited for the semi-annual clearance to pick up the linings, elastics, and bra cups. (Though you can re-use cups from previous swimwear.)
    Mary in Thailand

  14. Carolyn says:

    What a great contest, fabulous makes, and inspiring photos! I’m really delighted to see how creative (and brave!) everyone was. Great idea Karen, keep up the good work. 🙂

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