Simplicity 1941 in Isle of Wight Liberty Tana Lawn

Simplicity 1941

When I first visited the Isle of Wight a year ago, I fell deeply in love and have been dreaming of a return visit ever since. Liberty of London must have been channelling my dreams. For their Spring/Summer collection this year they released the Isle of Wight tana lawn.

The lawn cotton is to die for, smattered with charming and real details from the island. I’ve never had so much fun with people jabbing fingers at my chest:

That’s Carisbrook Castle!

Isn’t that St Catherine’s lighthouse?

Liberty print details

Isle of Wight beach

I immediately and hotly needed some of this fabric. Only one problem – stocks were disappearing fast. For months, I kept re-checking websites and kept being disappointed. When I finally spotted some available, I snapped it up. But I only had a few days left to sew something ahead of my next holiday on the island and I was determined to wear the Isle of Wight whilst holidaying on the Isle of Wight. By the skin of my teeth, I think I succeeded!

Liberty blouse Collage

For a quick-ish holiday make, I turned to the Simplicity 1941 pattern, kindly sent to me by Sunny Gal Studios. It’s another Amazing Fit pattern. Am I allowed to admit that at times during the make I wasn’t entirely convinced this was going to be so amazing? How wrong I was.

Would you like some construction details? I cut according to my size around the chest but at the waist and hips I went down from the suggested ease by 1.5 sizes. The sleeve heads are pleated, which with a crisp fabric gives them a fab 1940s puff. (For a fascinating blog post on the 1940s puff sleeve, read this.) The pattern works with princess seams and has you baste the side seams together (and baste your sleeves in, if your patience runs that far) for fitting.

Beach iiThis is such a sweet blouse and I can definitely see myself making more. I wanted to use this liberty lawn on something that I would wear again and again, rather than a self-indulgent summer dress that would get two outings a year. I think the above photo proves how adaptable this blouse can be. After two days of solid wear, I still love it. The perfect make for a perfect holiday, I squeezed this into my 2014 summer sewing.

Do you have any blouse patterns that have proved surprisingly satisfying?


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22 Responses to Simplicity 1941 in Isle of Wight Liberty Tana Lawn

  1. Totally beautiful. The shape of the blouse is great on you, but the fabric… wow. I love the Isle of Wight, they have captured it so prettily.

  2. sandra says:

    That is some of the prettiest fabric I´ve ever seen! I LOVE the idea of wearing the city I´m in, and that’s a swell blouse!

  3. That is so CUTE! love it and the colors are so pretty. Made me smile that you used that pattern, I was just rummaging the other day and came across my copy. Thought about using it. Happy vacation days in what looks to be sunshine, yay!!!

  4. Oh that’s so lovely! I remember you mentioned that fabric when I had been to the Isle of Wight. Great fabric for a great blouse. Love your pics.

  5. That is beautiful fabric! Know of anyone who ships to Canada? Or can I get their fabric here?

    • Philippa says:

      It looks really lovely. Much nicer than the one on the pattern envelope (why don’t they make more effort with their fabric selections?!). I love the Amazing Fit range as I can avoid doing a FBA, and I passed this one over. It’s on the shopping list now though!

  6. I love your fabric, and the Isle of Wight. I also have that pattern and the sleeves were the thing that has put me off from making it as the envelope photo makes them look quite ugly. I love the Amazing Fit patterns. I have made up another of the blouse ones, #2339 and it fits really well, although I still had to do an FBA. Xx

  7. Nicola says:

    Love it! I have 4 days left to make a dress for my holiday to Rome, I can see myself wearing it but that’s as far as I’ve got … this is just the inspiration I needed!

  8. A perfect blouse for the perfect moment. I made the shirt from the first GBSB book and that was pretty good. Jo x

  9. sewbusylizzy says:

    I’ve had a blue floral blouse floating around in my head for months… so this is a very inspiring post – lovely make!!

  10. Liz says:

    That is fabulous fabric! I can understand why you were determined to get some!

  11. Love it! Love the fabric and love the blouse on you. I’m also glad to read something so positive about an Amazing Fit blouse pattern because I have one that’s very similar in my collection. I’m inspired to get it out and sew it up now.

  12. beebeesvintagedress says:

    It looks amazing Karen! I love the pink tones on you, that fabric is seriously cute!

  13. redsilvia says:

    Adorable and I love that you’re wearing it in situ. Have a great time.

  14. Very pretty! And as for the fabric, Liberty gets it right every time. Love it!

  15. Rebecca says:

    Love it! Also, that last photo of the boats is gorgeous.

  16. Oh i love the isle of wight too.visited there to meet the parents of my first love.i wish i could visit again and find some of that lovely fabric somewhere online.

  17. clemensnp says:

    What amazing fabric – love it! Catherine x

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