Polka Dots and Pattern Trails

Coco Dress SixThis is my sixth Coco dress, so I’ll keep it brief! The polka dot ponte is from Stone Fabrics. It’s fairly coarse in texture, I don’t think it’s my favourite ponte ever, but I’ll still wear this dress to death. The awesome pocket fabric was a gift from DIY Couture when she was having a clear out. Thanks, Rosie!

Pocket detail Coco

It’s such fascinating fabric! I had to use a press cloth to get the iron over those raised polka dots. I don’t think this is really made for dressmaking. I’d use it for accessories, cushion covers or outerwear. Any suggestions? I have a load of this stuff.

In other news, my non-too-subtle hints prompted Cat to track down three more patterns on the Pattern Trail. She may have had to negotiate cobwebs!

pattern trailThis means that there are just two patterns left (Pattern Two and Pattern Six), hiding in nooks and crannies on the Isle of Wight. Will they ever be transformed into outfits, or shall they become nests for mice? It’s up to you, readers!

Pocket Detail Coco ii

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14 Responses to Polka Dots and Pattern Trails

  1. Fadanista says:

    I love polka dots and two different styles on the one dress? Heaven!

  2. liza jane says:

    Double dots! Awesome!

  3. Freda Griffiths says:

    You ask for suggestions as you have a lot of the fabric left over. Well, how about a new bed for Ella. I do like the dress though.

  4. Jen (NY) says:

    That Style pattern looks particularly cute – congrats again to Cat!

  5. Polka dots are fab. I like the pattern with all the green dresses. x

  6. doubly delightful dottiness in such a sparkling palette. Mmmm. And Ella is the perfectly matching accessory. (I’m sure she’d insist that you and the dress are the accessories and, you know, maybe she’d be right.)

  7. lovelucie1 says:

    Great dots! All you need now is a mini spot slouchy shoulder bag.;)

  8. Loving the monochrome look polka dots are the icing on your cake!
    bestest Daisy j x

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  10. Lovely. You can’t beat dots!

  11. ooobop says:

    Super cute. Maybe Ella needs a matching bow?! x

  12. Jenna says:

    Dots, dots and stripes – perfect!

  13. that pocket! what.. I need some pokadots

  14. Annie says:

    The pocket fabric looks like the stuff you see on the soles of slippers. Does it have any texture to it?

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