Sew Over It, Islington Opens

Sew Over It Door, IslingtonLast Sunday I was invited to enjoy an afternoon of sewing at the new Islington branch of Lisa Comfort’s Sew Over It. Door to door, this place is a 43-minute journey from my home, so there was no doubt that I was going to pop by.

On a quiet Islington street, and only a short walk from a pub that looks perfect for after-sewing meet-ups, the new store is painted an unmissable purple. As dusk fell, the place became disgustingly pretty.

Sew Over It,Islington

Several of Lisa’s patterns are available to stroke as they stand on mannequins. I was particularly impressed by the Joan dress (available with classes) and I bought a copy of the Pussy Bow Blouse.

There is a nice selection of fabrics and notions here. But my favourite feature is the teaching space, overlooked by this huge, Dickensian window. I understand that with space at a premium, many London shops are obliged to hold their classes in a converted basement. But I do like to see natural light. It’s hard to go below ground for a lesson, especially in the summer.

Which is lucky, because I’ve already signed up for the Ultimate Trouser class at this store. Will I see you there?

Lisa Comfort's Sew Over It, Islington

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7 Responses to Sew Over It, Islington Opens

  1. scruffybadger says:

    You bought the pussy bow blouse?! Excellent choice!!! And great that you are going to get ultimate with your trousers!

  2. Miss J says:

    Oh, that does look like a lovely sewing space.
    The projects you’ve done in the part are quite advanced, I expect to see you teaching a class soon!
    Thanks for the post, it’s good to hear about new classes and independent schools.

  3. jenny crisp says:

    Isn’t the world of Blogs a small place, you and Lauren are some of my very most favorites and now you will actually meet and I (an expat from the U.S.)will be reading it in the land of Aus. Amazing!

    Only wish I could be with you.

  4. That looks like a heavenly way to spend a Sunday afternoon, it’s great to see places like that opening up now, sewing & social. The Joan dress and pussy bow blouse may have to go on my wish list.

  5. I’m so excited Sew Over It is in North London as Clapham is a slog for us north of the river. Looking forward to sending my hard earned pennies here. Their courses look great and I love their patterns. Good luck with your course.

  6. UtaC says:

    ooh its a beautiful shop. 🙂 Day dreaming . Thanks for sharing. Wished I lived around there.

  7. I’ve been considering the trousers class too – which date are you going on please (I may be tempted to join you ;)!)?

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