Knitting Gifts With Super Chunky Wool


Looking for a simple scarf to make as a gift? I have just the pattern for you! This is the Embraceable Cowl pattern from Phydeaux Designs. I made a 56-inch length scarf version with 10mm needles and two balls of Debbie Bliss Roma in Blaze. This wool comes in some fantastically intense colours. I’m very tempted by the Hot Pink.

This is a super-fast and easy make. It took one weekend to knit the below and I wasn’t even applying myself:

Scarf knittingThis scarf is a gift for a fellow Londoner who kindly walks Ella. She worships him. I mean, worships. A girl could get offended, know what I’m saying?

I wanted a scarf pattern that a man would be happy to wear. I think this ticks that box. I’m not sure every bloke would embrace my chosen colour, but I’m working on the assumption that if Ella’s dog walker doesn’t like this shade, he’ll have someone he can share the knitting love with.

The good news is that I bought four balls of this wool, so I can make a second scarf in plenty of time for Christmas. If Ella will let me give the next one away.

Are you planning to make any Christmas gifts this year?

Ella and scarf

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22 Responses to Knitting Gifts With Super Chunky Wool

  1. I have been squirreling lots away as the year went on – i am kind of annoying like that! Great scarf definitely good for a man.Jo x

  2. Megan says:

    I love this colour! What a wonderful gift!

  3. Ali says:

    It’s gorgeous

  4. Ooh that’s fab. I love the colour, but it’s the texture that draws one’s eye. What stitch is it? I am busy working my way through knitted slouchy berets for one and all. I’m on the second and hope I don’t run out of steam before The Big Day!

  5. Angela says:

    I agree with SewSouthLondon – the texture is eye-catching.

    And, unrelated to today’s post….. will there be another round of the Mistress watching over people’s Sewlutions for 2015?

  6. Ditto the above, texture looks great. I keep thinking I might knit/sew some Christmas gifts but keep getting distracted. I’d better make my mind up soon, or they’ll be no time left at all… Thanks for the inspiration and lovely doggie pics 🙂

  7. Ooh it looks fab – what a thoughtful gift. LOVE that last pic – she looks gorgeous 🙂

  8. What a lovely gift. I love this stitch pattern, and the colour is lovely too.

  9. Fadanista says:

    I would think that this is the perfect gift for a lovely person who walks Ella. I suspect that he will love it, and will wear it with pride. Gorgeous photo of Ella!

  10. I love the colour of this scarf. It is so vibrant and just the thing to cheer up a cold winter’s day. That is such a nice gift. I haven’t even though about the dreaded C-word yet but gave a lot of people knitting gifts last year so that they coud make them themselves. Coming up first I have a Shirley Bassey style dress to make for my 6′ 8″, rugby playing brother who is built like the proverbial brick outside toilet for one of his clubs do’s. Blokes, I don’t know! 🙂 I did make lots of cushions from Sanderson cat fabric last year and am going to make a little quilt for Mum’s cat this year if I ever get any time. Xx

  11. Jenna says:

    Lovely colour and texture, I’ve been looking for a scarf pattern for my husband so will look into this one, thank you! I’m currently trying to make pyjamas and dresses for my daughter and niece, and a cardigan for my mum (sewn not knitted) for Christmas, but I may be moving house in the next few weeks so don’t know how I’m going to get it all done!!

  12. That came out beautiful! I’ve recently started knitting again, and have been looking for an easy pattern to work on. I’ll check this out. Thanks.

  13. Emma Corden says:

    I’ve been eyeing up this pattern recently for some super chunky yarn I have (Mrs Moon’s Plump OH GOD it’s so soft). I just need to get some big enough needles.. and maybe finish some of my WIPs

  14. helen says:

    Beautiful colour! I’ve just cast on the first of two pairs of socks I plan to knit as Christmas presents. Next year I need to start earlier…..But I do have a long haul flight in couple of weeks and can rack up the inches.

  15. LinB says:

    I knit a pair of socks for each member of my immediate family, each year. The nieces and nephews are starting to attach themselves to lovers and spouses, so the list is getting longer … and them new boys has got some l-o-n-g feet. I may have to re-think my gift-making strategy. We all have about the same size heads.

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  17. sewchet says:

    Great choice of colour! I used Roma to make a chunky cowl- it was so soft. Blogged recently about all my Christmas makes:)

  18. Catherine says:

    That’s my sons’s favourite colour so I am sure it will prove to be a great choice for a man 🙂

  19. I think that’s tot doable for me to try this. I’m sure he will like as it’s getting cold to walk around. Surely the left over wool could be a matching leg warmer for Ella.

  20. Hilde says:

    Love this! What a beautiful pattern! Looks complicated though..? Or is it one of those that look really complicated but is actually really quite simple?

  21. Stacey says:

    I’ve been making a few things for my young nephews and niece … hope they turn out as well as your piece!

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