Santa Fabric Giveaway – Sew Your Own Festive PJs!

2014 christmasAnyone remember the Christmas PJs I made a year ago? I’ve been wearing these through the seasons… I’m not ashamed to sport half clad Santas in the height of summer! This Alexander Henry fabric can go through the washing machine again and again – and, believe me, it has.

Which is why you need some of this in your life. I have 2.6 metres to give away – which is as much as you’ll need to make a pair of your own pyjama bottoms.

Lost for patterns to choose from? Let me recommend some…

This is a free download from Simplicity and a pattern I’ve taught classes from. Super simple, you could run these up in an afternoon – once you’ve downloaded and printed off and taped together the pattern… But heck, it’s simple and it’s free. Not much to argue with there.

I’m a big fan of Sewaholic’s Tofino pants and I’ve written a host of free sewalong tutorials specific to this pattern. The pants are drafted to give you ultimate coverage across your derriere, rising higher at the back – good times. It might be a shame to break up the Santa print with this pattern’s piping; equally it might be a great opportunity to add extra festive details.

Tilly and the Buttons has a Margot pyjama pattern in her book, Love At First Stitch. I haven’t made these myself, but they’re Beginner – or Tired Sewist – friendly.

Any other tips from me?

  • Remember that this print is directional – don’t cut out pieces on the fold. No upside down Santas here, please!
  • I recommend adding a tab to the back seam to remind you which way to put your PJs on. Trust me, when you’re tired, or full of turkey, this is one decision too many.
  • Add a back pocket! I drafted one just the right size for my iPhone and it kills me to admit quite how useful this has been for a social media addict such as myself.

pj-detailsSo, 2.6 metres at 108cm wide. This should be enough for a pair of pyjama bottoms or whatever else you want to use this fabric for. All I ask is that you leave a comment below, making suggestions for festive head gear. A friend is going to a Christmas party and she needs to make something to wear between her ears. I’ve suggested she construct something that makes her the middle king in the Three Kings – but I’m sure you have better ideas. Leave them below!

I’m going to keep this giveaway short and sweet, to get this fabric in the post for Christmas. The giveaway will end midnight GMT on Friday 5 December. It’s open worldwide – of course! – and I look forward to reading your creative Christmas suggestions for variations on a paper crown. Cheers!


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126 Responses to Santa Fabric Giveaway – Sew Your Own Festive PJs!

  1. Vicki Kate says:

    Tofinos all the way! Bump friendly for the pregnant amongst us as the lower front stops anything digging in. Cheeky Santas would make this pregnant lady smile. A lot!!
    As to your friends head gear conundrum I’d go with antlers. As basic or as glitzy and decked out as she likes!

  2. lauriesannie says:

    Festive makes me think of a tutorial I saw a couple of years ago – feathers and rhinestones affixed to a small comb or clip.

  3. Anna says:

    How about a corn cob pipe and a top hat? Frosty the snow man!

  4. Andie L. says:

    That fabric is awesome! I suggest this for head gear:×1024.jpg

    Deers are festive, right?

  5. robyn says:

    my favorite holiday headgear is a pair of reindeer antlers, embellished with glitter, dangling earrings, dimensional paint, stickers, even a light up necklace draped on it [one of those skinny ones from the teenage accessory store, comes with a camera battery] i wear these and run around telling people i’m the Chanukah Elk and i bring children presents for the eight days of Chanukah.

  6. 5currantbuns says:

    oooh, this post is a bit spooky…there was I going through your archive posts, I’d just got to last years one with this material, decided it was nice so went looking for similar, gave up, decided to look at twitter, realised you’d put a new post up and on clicking on it discovered the fantastic alexander henry fabric from last year !

    As for headwear, that’s tricky, normally at christmas I’m racking my brains trying to create full costumes (I have a son at primary school)… I do remember once being the star in the school nativity (no not mary of joseph, literally THE star) and having a christmas decoration on my head which I guess was better than a pair of donkeys ears…

    so…er…mini christmas pudding fascinator maybe…that could be reasonably easy if you have time for some paper mache over a tennis ball…

  7. debs2748 says:

    mini pom pom wreath, in festive colours of course. Love the fabric

  8. Debby says:

    Gosh who wouldn’t love some of this fabric and just in time for Christmas. As for a hat something vintage and large see the link for some fine examples and just look at that pearly crown, If it was me it would be a twenties themed flapper dress and headgear with lots of fringe and frippery.

  9. A fur headband. Festive, fancy and totally on-trend. Bonus – if she goes with the variety that wraps all the way around her head, it can be pulled down to keep her ears warm!

  10. Shelly says:

    I think your friend should try an Angels halo. Its festive and not commonly seen.

  11. Anna says:

    Could always do a rhinestone chain (some are already finished no need to attach stones) or put skinny leather strip behind to make it more sturdy and won’t be pulling strands out. Similar to this:

  12. Laura says:

    My sister and I made festive headbands one year. Bought cheap headbands, wrapped them in plaid ribbon, then topped it with a foot-tall fancy bow (wired ribbon) that was better suited for a front door wreath. It was fabulous and un-subtle!

  13. Mistletoe!!! Lots of kisses to be had a Christmas! X

  14. Anne says:

    A fairy godmother tiara would be bling-tastic and festive but glamorous instead of goofy.

  15. Bianca says:

    Being a nerd, I’d go for the double antlers that Donna’s Gramps had on in the Doctor Who special a few years ago 😉 Next to that; a fez! Also good for nerdpoints and always looks cool.

  16. Emma Jayne says:

    Yes, Christmas PJs, most excellent! My headgear suggestion is a Christmas pudding and rum sauce hat (either a beret or pill box could work as starting shapes on which to get arty).

  17. stitchingbynumbers says:

    That fabric is awesome! I’ve never seen anything like it. As for headgear, I’m at a loss. Maybe a a tiny hat covered in Poinsettias and Holly, or an elf hat covered in bells? I hope your friend has fun whatever she chooses!

  18. berrold says:

    Amazing fabric, is it wrong that i’m imagining it as a skirt being worn to the office?
    As for headwear, how about a tinsel christmas tree, she could use old decorations to decorate it. Unless of course she wants something less ridiculous, in which case antlers are always good.

  19. Rebecca says:

    How about a snowman headband constructed of scraps from the Alexander Henry nudge Santa fabric, made into pom poms? Now what could be more festive than semi nakedness?!

  20. terzibegum says:

    What about a red gift package with gold ribbon as a hat for your friend 🙂

  21. T.N. says:

    A festive fascinator with holly or snowflakes. Battery powered christmas lights would add charm! Right?

  22. Heather says:

    I’d make a crown of brown feathers, wear a red top and go as a robin.
    I really want to make some margot pyjamas!

  23. what about a guiding star? Make it on a head band with some coat hanger wire and a star made out of tin foil and cardboard. It could wobble around!

  24. Jenny says:

    Yes I remember your lovely pj’s – I have been meaning to make some ever since and I have just bought the Tofino pattern so that would be perfect. I might start with making them for my DIL who is pregnant and would appreciate some cool, comfy pj’s. As for the headgear I would go for a fairy tiara for some sparkle.

  25. MrsAlex says:

    Lots of cotton wool balls on a headband (hot glue gun), go as a snowball

  26. Bridget says:

    Wow I’d love that fabric! When it comes to Christmas headgear I recommend going with a classic and clipping a piece of tinsel above each ear to wear likely headband. You can steal a piece off the tree to match any outfit.

  27. carly927 says:

    I’d love the buff santas. And your friend should definitely wear a pumpkin pie hat:

  28. Staci Carpenter says:

    Love this giveaway! Who doesn’t enjoy half clad Santa men! Three ideas for a head dress. All using a plastic base head band. Using hot glue gun, decorate with a) silk holly leaves and red berries or b) silk mistletoe and white berries (holiday kisses a definite) or c) miniature tree ornaments which can be stacked around the headband (globes, icicles, gifts and garland).

  29. Rebecca says:

    Fab fabric and just when I’ve got very confident with Tilly’s Margot pj’s!

    Deeley boppers are the answer! Just got my daughter some penguin ones from Asda, they were begging to be further embellished with some tinsel 🙂

  30. Sue Bowdler says:

    Would love to make PJs with saucy santas (that would shock my adult children, they think I should be mature and sensible) and suggest a wreath styled as headgear for a party – greenery made from snippets of fabric knotted or rag rug style (therefore comfortable to wear) with red berries, dried oranges and cinnamon or as much glitz and vulgarity as she likes, can’t be OTT at a Christmas party. That way she manages to look pretty and carries off the prize for best hat.

  31. jocala42 says:

    It’s all about the school nativity DIY halo. Tinsel wrapped round a wire coat hanger pulled into a circle then attached to a hairband. All the kids were wearing them when I was five (except me. They made me the narrator. I wanted to be an angel).

  32. Reindeer antlers (the sparkler the better) are a must for Christmas headwear!

  33. Margo says:

    A big star and maybe she can also dress up like a Christmas tree? 🙂

  34. This month’s Burda has a sweet pattern for a fabric roses headband on page 22 – it certainly looks very festive on the model!

  35. Linda S. says:

    I’m Canadian so I think a moose hat would be appropriate ( just google it and you’ll see some examples).

  36. littlepostcards says:

    Awesome fabric! Your friend should make a green cone shaped elf hat – decorate with stripes, pompoms, tinsel as desired.

  37. Tereza says:

    what about a unicorn skewering Rudolph’s nose. Santa upgrade!

  38. kinoethermes says:

    This fabric is hilarious. How about one of those beer/soda hat but bedazzled with glitter for a festive touch?
    Thank you.

  39. Spike says:

    Hat wise, surely you can’t beat a handknit bobble hat at Christmas. I’ve just been ‘upgrading’ one with cheap battery-powered led lights for my lad to wear at his school concert. The humiliation!

  40. Tatiana says:

    Great fabric! I just got Tilly’s book and this would be perfect for PJ pants.
    I would suggest a pretty embellished headband, something like this:

  41. Caitlyn M. says:

    I’m in dire need of some new pajama pants, and suggestive Santa boys are definitely an improvement over whatever plain fabric I would have chosen. As for a festive topper, how about upgrading that paper crown to a St. Lucia wreath? Lit candles optional. 😉

  42. Stevie says:

    I would say the classic Santa hat is always a good option! That’s what I’m doing for my office Xmas party 🙂

  43. Rita says:

    Daughter getting married and there is a holiday shower for her before Christmas. This would make great PJ bottoms. Thanks for offering this really darling fabric.

  44. duchick says:

    What unique fabric! Every woman should wear jammie pants made of this!
    Crowns should be full of bling, sparkle and attitude! I’d go for twisting a wire hanger into a desired shape, cover with aluminum foil and then add beads, glitter and crystals!

  45. Sarah says:

    I like the idea of a halo — she could even add wings if she wanted to.

  46. raquel moncada says:

    What about a star, like the Bethlehem star!

  47. I love pyjamas and its high time I made myself a pair I think! What about an LEDs hat with giant pointy ears. She could even add jingle bell earrings too!

  48. UtaC says:

    Hmmmmmmm, a halo crown with a star a float the back. 🙂

  49. Carole A says:

    Ooh – I’d go for a Santa Lucia crown, a little jazzed up! Get some green bendy floral wire, shape into a circle and wrap the wire around a couple of times then tuck in ivy, mistletoe, rowan berries and some tinselly stuff!

  50. Im thinking a fringy floating halo. It’ll look like she’s a perfect angel!

  51. Fabulous fabric, makes me smile every time I see it. ☺As for the headgear I think a tiara -hand made with lots of glitter and diamonte.

  52. Sophie says:

    Surely some sort of mistletoe headband is exactly what she needs?!

  53. sewsable says:

    Love the fabric. For festive headgear I tend to look at the 1920’s; they knew how to bling a hairpiece to the max and have it look classy rather than tacky!

  54. Ah, I adore this fabric! Semi naked santa’s – ding dong! I would take a small gift box with a lid and tie it with a beautiful bow, then I would grab my trusty glue gun and stick it to a plain headband that had been covered in some pretty ribbon – hey presto!

  55. Jan Carr says:

    My daughters would love those pyjamas! Mind you I’d have the problem of which girl to make them for – 2 pairs of shorts maybe?
    Re festive headgear, not being a hat person, I love this idea: a hairband decorated with tree baubles

  56. Miss Amy says:

    I reckon a bit of haute couture (for this read barking). Think ladies day at the races. Get a basic brimmed hat and create an abstract nativity out of painted wooden bricks. Think the minimist lego characters (if you haven’t seen them look them up and see how many you can recognise). Guarantee no one else will have one like.

  57. Claire says:

    Fab Crimble fabric! Headgear…. Mistletoe attached to a spring on a headband – sure to cause giggles!

  58. louise says:

    I was going to say mistletoe, for guaranteed kisses, but how about tinsel with battery operated fairy lights, Because we girls love a bit of sparkle at Christmas. Love the fabric.

  59. After some cogitation time over a rather chilly dog walk this morning, I suggest either a Yule log (felt round a cardboard cylinder) with robin (those with attachable bendy metal feet), bit of holly, snow spray; also a mince pie in felt. Attach either to headband with Velcro or hat. Too many years spent making book character costumes for my children… Or even attach a receptacle for mini mince pies. Hmm. I’ll shut up now

  60. Jess says:

    Yep, that’s the fabric I need to wake up to every morning! I’d make a turkey hat…remember the mr bean version.

  61. Jess says:

    Karen, I would make a fascinator from a few twigs of Christmas tree and perch a pretty fairy on top. Probably with bauble earrings, but then, I do OTT.
    For the fabric, my gay BFF just got engaged to his boyfriend and they’re cooking us Christmas dinner. I would eke out his and his skimpy Christmas shorts for them.
    I also have designs on an Alexander Henry fabric for my stag party dress 🙂

  62. Belinda says:

    You could go with the usual angel halo, reindeers antlers or santa hat (or combine antlers and a hat!) or maybe something wacky like a mini christmas tree head piece OR a star and then dress up as a Christmas tree!

  63. Angelica says:

    I once made a mistletoe hair clip/fascinator – this way you are always under the mistletoe 😉

  64. Suzie says:

    LOVE this fabric and would just die for PJs made up in this (although I’m not sure how the hubs would feel!).
    I immediately thought of the mistletoe idea, but I see quite a few others have suggested that so how about a wreath of holy leaves and berries or a headband with a poinsettia?

  65. Jo says:

    I love the tofinos too!! And the fabric… well who wouldn’t?! As for headgear – if it was me I’d be attempting to get a fully-decorated Christmas tree on my head, either attached to a (sturdy!) headband or maybe a cone hat with everything stuck on it. Needless to say, it wouldn’t be tasteful.

  66. Eleanor says:

    A snowflake crown!
    That fabric is amazing by the way.

  67. Amanda Black says:

    Santa Hat all the way!!!
    Love the fabric, thanks for the giveaway.

  68. OMG this fabric is awesome. And your friend should DEFINITELY make a big green metallic cardboard Christmas tree hat, complete with baubles.

  69. Ha ha this fabric is so fun. I’d go down the “Halo” route. Tinsel wrapped around a loop os wire from a clothes hanger likned by a stem of wire to a hairband. I shall be making one myself for my eldest in his nativity play.

  70. TeeTee says:

    Awesome fabric! I say wear a red sequined Santa hat with white rabbit fur trim!

  71. Karen says:

    It has to have bells on. The hat not the pj’s. Nothing says Christmas like tinkling bells. Especially on antlers, with tinsel and ornaments and flashing lights. Ok ok just bells then!!
    Would love to win this. Thanks for the chance K xXx

  72. nnonaihr says:

    Fab! Thanks for the chance!
    I would suggest antlers but some one got there before me! what about a chimney with santa stuck down it?

  73. Oh my goodness. Love the responses so far. I would go dressed as a Christmas tree and wear an angel or star on my head. Good luck to your friend and hope she has a fun time at the party.

    I can also see myself wearing scantily clad Santas year round.

  74. I would just opt for the standard Santa hat, easy to find and easy to wear.

  75. carolynmcginnis says:

    I would opt for a Santa hat all the way, easy to find and easy to use.

  76. Helene says:

    Margot pjs with a pompom drawstring for sure!

  77. marnie says:

    Not going to be original at all here but you can’t beat the santa hat! double duty at keeping you warm!

  78. Shelley says:

    I’d go Margot pjs or apron. As for the headwear conundrum, I’d advocate the updo, sprayed white (can brush in face paint or flour) with a spritz of glitter hairspray. Top off with a few festive figurines/tree ornaments – deer, snowman etc pinned into hair. More a portable snow scene than a hair assessory! Or fir cones wired onto a cheap hairband (maybe with a light spray of gold or silver) for a more rustic ethereal look. I made a headband with a little beribboned parcel on it last year – think it was a oxo cube box. Light enough to wear all day and she could coordinate it with her outfit – add a gift tag with minute writing. Happy hairdos.

  79. Elena Knits says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! I would suggest a beautiful hand made tiara.

  80. jowynj says:

    I’d go for reindeer antlers. Thanks for a chance to win some lovely fabric.

  81. Ruth says:

    I’d love this fabulous fabric to make some Margot pyjamas! And reindeer antlers all the way for head gear.

  82. nicola says:

    I remember my daughter being the star in the nativity and I made a crown with a whole solar system of stars and snow flakes

  83. Susan says:

    Upside down Santas are perfect for looking at as you’re wearing them! A friend’s favorite Christmas headgear is a headband with a dangling piece of mistletoe! She’s quite popular at parties 😊

  84. Use garden wire and green tinsel to spiral a cone-ish shape. Attach to headband, hang ornaments, star on top – instant Christmas tree! Thanks for the giveaway – I would totally be your PJ buddy with this fabric 🙂

  85. buntyw says:

    Santa hat or sparkly deely boppers!!

  86. lilypops07 says:

    Reindeer antlers wrapped with mini, battery operated fairy lights

  87. Simona says:

    Tilly’s Margot pyjama pants! For sure! Also got a little jacket planned, but you might help me this year! Have a new tradition. Each year I want to make a garment with Christmas themed fabric. Last year’s was a red Poly top – free pattern from by hand london. Poor kiddies when I will hAve them! Won’t be able to get out of this tradition 😋

  88. Katrin says:

    I love Simona’s idea of a Christmas sew and will start this tradition right away.
    As for the headgear, I recommend tassel antlers as worn by Bridget Jones on her karaoke stint in the first movie. Tacky, but she seems to have fun.

  89. Kim says:

    how about a reindeer headband?

  90. Helen Hope says:

    Great fabric, I’d go with antlers for the headgear.

  91. Harriet S says:

    For the head gear, I think I would go mad with the glue gun and a headband – anything sparkly, pom-poms, felt mistletoe…..
    I LURVE the fabric.

  92. Siobhan says:

    That fabric is life itself. I’ve just put my Christmas decorations up, complete with sparkly nutcracker. So I must suggest your friend wear a sparkly nutcracker crown (or even a whole nutcracker head!).

  93. Does your friend have long hair? If so could she make a little cone-shaped pad to sit on her head, maybe on a headband to keep it in place, and pin her hair onto it in a tree shape. She could add in tiny ornaments or if she felt like going nuts you can get battery operated lights in most pound shops. Would need a bit of a backcomb and a lot of hairspray and pins but it is really doable. Wish I hadn’t cut all mine off now. I want LED hair. 🙂 xx

  94. mumbird3 says:

    Hilarious – love the fabric – Christmas jamies!!! Wahoo! mumbird3(at)gmail(dot)com

  95. Julie says:

    Love the fabric I don’t wear jamies so I would make pillow cases for me and some friends!! Thanks

  96. Vicky says:

    Brilliant material! As for the hat, how about a sparkly halo? She could have some wings too.

  97. Laura says:

    The fabric is great!

    I’d suggest some mistletoe headgear – as long as your friend is outgoing!

  98. Oh dear, something between her ears? I would do a tiny Christmas tree on a head band.

  99. aem2 says:

    If she has hair long enough to make a bun in the back, she can put a large red bead in the middle of said bun, then take two twigs that look like antlers, attach some googly eyes to them, then stick them in the top of the bun. Instant backward-looking reindeer.

  100. Wendy R. says:

    How about a “wreath” of sorts to wear like a hat?? Pine boughs and little plastic bulbs? You could even add a small strand of battery lights to have it light up!

  101. rachsews says:

    Such great fabric. I’d go with a Christmas wreath headband. Holly and Ivy with tiny lights.

  102. I’d be tempted to go for a star on top of the head, and then to complete the outfit by dressing in green and perhaps wearing some tinsel.

    I’d love to win some of this fabric but I’d more than likely make a dress from it. I’ve been dithering over whether to make one but this might just tip me over the edge!

  103. Geo P says:

    Whatever she decides, put some bells on it!
    2.6m would be enough for a full pyjama for me, maybe with short sleeves.

  104. Hi Karen, I made a Shakespeare-esque hat out of velvet last week. A circle that was about 46cm in diameter, gathered and then I added a soft jersey forehead band around the bottom. Pinned on a big brooch and some feathers – I could easily have been one of the three kings with a cloak and that hat. half an hours work. Jo x

  105. That’s great fabric! Alexander Henry is so creative! So how much time did I just spend reading all of these hat ideas? No clue! Ha! So many fun ideas but I didn’t want to leave you with nothing (not fair when you’re in a drawing!) so I looked a couple up…totally cheated! Now I want to go to a hat party! There’s this awesome present: (wow, that was a long link!) and this super cute snowman:

  106. Hayley says:

    Love the fabric!

    As for the headgear conundrum, I have a few festive headbands which I alternate between for Christmas events – anything from mini Santa hats to glittery bauble boppers (try saying that 5 times fast!). The more sparkle the better at this time of year!

  107. Michelle robertson says:

    Oooh I love this fabric, have coveted your pjs since reading the blog on thm last year. As for the head gear how about a red velvet top hat variation of a Santa hat, it would be super cute trimmed with white fur and a black satin ribbon with a blingy buckle like a belt wrapped around it.

  108. Lot says:

    A Christmas cracker on a diadem or headband. She can have people pull it when she’s tired of wearing it.

  109. Rachel meddoms says:

    The fabric is cool, reminds me of 1950’s America.

    Anyhow a girl has to sparkle and show up in the dark so how about these battery operated Led lights? £5 but what a bargain, you could either knock up a pretend Xmas tree out of a metal coat hanger as the base and decorate with these or simply wraparound a metal hoop to give a lit halo effect.,Offers+_PLAOffers+–%3E+Christmas+–%3E+Up+To+50%+Off+Gifting+Weekend+–%3E+Christmas+Trees,+Lights+&+Decorations+–%3E+50%+off+Christmas+Lights_M&S+20+Warm+White+LED+Lights+WHITE+MIX&ef_id=UMmMjgAACqH8gVy6:20141204224631:s

  110. Janet says:

    I need some PJs like this in my life! I would make a personal snow flurry, like Olaf in Frozen (a film my little girls are obsessed by). Maybe you could do it with a headband, florists wire and old school style homemade snowflakes…

  111. Claire B says:

    Reindeer antlers, with bells sewn on them for jingly sound effects! What’s not to love?!

  112. Maria says:

    I would really love to win this fabric! So how about the whole nativity scene in hat form? Your friend can probably purchase the pieces. Perhaps cut a center hole in a piece of thick cardboard so that it fits on her head and decorate with all the pieces. …

  113. Jess says:

    A little elf hat perhaps on a head band with bells on would be lovely for your friend. Lovely fabric!

  114. Erin says:

    Hmm… Looks like the fabric Santas are naughty & nice all at the same time. As for subtle festive headgear, I once decorated a simple updo with mini ornaments – they were super simple to attach by bobbypins & light enough I barely noticed them all evening.

  115. Shelly Kelly says:

    Ooooh I would love this. loved your pj bottoms last year 🙂 For the headgear how about this more of a hairstyle than headgear but looks great I did it for my daughter last year and everyone loved it 🙂

  116. Cat ^..^ says:

    OK this is a long shot but I really really want the fabric and can’t find it anywhere!!!
    Having thought about this for far too long I was reminded of being 7 years old when we were performing plays of Christmas around the world. We had to choose someone in our class to be Santa Lucia and as a consistently unremarkable child I realised it wouldn’t be me. However as the Christmas angels would have it I just so happened to have a suitable dress and the luck to be pulled out of the hat. I relished every moment.
    ….Anyway. You would need a wreath of greenery – real of fake and some candles (the story is rather lovely if you are interested) and I thought artificial tea lights would work rather well. I think it would look whimsical, understated, and would light up the room (literally). It could also be rather simple or more complex depending on your time and inclination. Hope I have sold the idea to you (and earned the fabric), however if not I have had a lovely nostalgic moment! Happy Christmas!

  117. Joen says:

    As time is usually limited during the holiday’s I would glue some pretty garland to a plastic headband, looks festive and is easy – make extra for your “jealous” friends!LOL

  118. Thats is one thing I love about the festive season here in the UK, the cold weather is a” free for all” eat as much as you want season and i stuff my face in mince pies and wear silly loose pjs. In Brasil everyone is dieting because its summer season.. so hurry for xmas in Pjs!

  119. Roberta says:

    A pompom crown, embellished with glittery Christmas tree decorations? In these scenarios, more is more!

  120. hannah says:

    Cor! I nearly missed this! I’d love some festive pjs!

    I would go all out and make a cone, and decorate it like a christmas tree 🙂 tinsel and star and all 😀

  121. Jessica says:

    Love it – piping is a must though!

  122. Gill Leary says:

    The young girl who washes my hair at the hairdressers always wears a floral wire circlet on her head, and said she wanted a Christmas one. So, as a surprise, I’ve made her a Christmas one, with green organza holly leaves and red berries. Can’t wait to go in for my cut and colour and surprise her with it. Maybe I’ll even make one for myself. I just love that fabric!

  123. oh well now then lets see….I saw a mini (as in tiny) real christmas tree in a pot at our local florists, It would be such fun to attach it to a hat, as in a felt floppy hat, or such like (sew it through the holes at the base of pot) you can then buy battery operated LED lights to attach to said tree,(I got some from ebay) as well as optional tinsley deco, pop the battery pack in a pocket and taa daa!!! Instant original real living christmas tree head gear?!
    bestest Daisy.
    Ps would make large comfy nightshirt with this fabric!!

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