Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers & Tips For Sewing Classes

Ultimate Trousers ii

Hey, meet my Ultimate Trousers pattern from Sew Over It! I’m really pleased with these. They take up a ridiculously small amount of fabric with only four pattern pieces. If you don’t have quite the two metres of fabric recommended by the pattern, don’t worry – you could almost certainly squeeze these out of 1.5 metres.

Laying out Ultimate TrousersI made my trousers in a day course at Sew Over It Islington. I really enjoyed being back in a learning environment. Arguably, my skill set didn’t need a class to make these trousers, but I love a) the help with fitting and b) being around other Sewists and c) a great teacher. Can’t beat a great teacher. Even if you think you know everything, you don’t. I was able to observe and learn as significant amends were made to pattern pieces all around me and I don’t think there’s any over stating the tips you pick up just from other voices chatting as you stand at the ironing board.

Trying on toileThe class provides a set of calicos in a variety of sizes. At the start of the day, you try on a toile in your given size and see what adjustments need to be made. My measurements had me down as a 14, but looking at the toiles I immediately grabbed a 16. The fit was pretty spot on, apart from some excess pinned out at the side seam legs and raising the waistline.

Any tips for taking a class? Take slippers! I learnt that a long time ago, during long evenings on my feet at Morley College. Can you spot the bent pin in this picture?


I’d also suggest wearing decent underwear and clothes that are easy to slip on and off. (For me, a jumper dress and leggings.) I must have climbed in and out of clothes half a dozen times during the class – and you do all end up flashing your knickers. In fact, we became pretty shameless in front of the class’s bay window!

These trousers were way easier to make than I expected, and surprisingly comfortable to wear when you consider that they’re made from woven fabric. This could become a real go-to pattern, but I’d expect to tweak the fit with every single make, because fabric choice makes such a difference. In the class I saw seven wildly different sets of fitting issues, because of different-shaped bodies and different fabric choices. The eternal fascination of sewing!

Where will my trouser making journey take me next? Do you have any tips of your own for sewing classes?

Ultimate Trousers iii

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35 Responses to Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers & Tips For Sewing Classes

  1. Stephanie says:

    Nice! I like the fabric you chose and the fit you achieved.

  2. Oh these are awesome, such a great fit. Are they elasticated or is there a zip somewhere? I love the slippers tip! I’m starting a pattern cutting course at Morley in the new year: I’ll go prepared!

  3. I’ve just signed up for my first class in a very long time so your tips were perfectly timed, thank you! Particularly like the slippers tip 🙂 Great trousers too, one of my New Year’s Sewing Resolutins is to conquer my trouser-fear. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Fiona M says:

    Thanks Karen, these look perfect! You’ve made me buy the pdf pattern 🙂

  5. Jennifer says:

    Trousers are still on my to sew list…the fact that the Thurlows are on sale at the moment though means that they are rapidly shooting up the list and i no longer have anywhere to hide!!

  6. Never made a pair of adult trousers and I have been sewing for ages. Fitting them is scary. Yours look very nice though. The fit is great. We are planning to hold sewing classes next year. They are loads of fun. Xx

  7. Robin says:

    I have no tips for classes but the plaid looks extremely cute with your shoes!

  8. Thanks for the pointer to Morley College. I had been wondering where to access the right kind of courses for intermediate sewists. Their prospectus looks great.

  9. Trousers are so hard to fit on yourself aren’t they. A class definitely makes sense for help with fitting. I have a decent pattern that I traced off a rtw pair. But like you said …with every new fabric it needs a little adjusting 🙂

  10. Hélène says:

    These pants rock with sneakers and this beautiful black pea coat. BTW, did you make this coat too?

  11. They look great – the plaid makes for a fun pair of trousers. I recently did a course at Sew Over It, Clapham so I know exactly what you mean about waltzing round in your pants – it led me to buy my first petticoat since I was a child – called ‘slips’ nowadays and so my tip is M&S £19.99 (although probably everyone else reading your blog will just whip one up from their stash!)

  12. Gill says:

    I thought it was a great class, and I’m delighted with my trousers, even though I did opt for boring black – I’m definitely going ‘loud’ with my next pair.

  13. UtaC says:

    ooh these are fabulous.. so chic….Great Job.

  14. Angela says:

    Looking good!!

    Karen – will the Mistress of Sewlutions return this year? Or is she in retirement? LOL!!!

  15. Fadanista says:

    I’ve got this pattern in my drawer ready to make up in the new year when I’ve finished my Christmas sewing. You’ve reinspired me and I might move them up the line to make when I’m camping in a paddock!

  16. liza jane says:

    They look fabulous!

  17. Eleanor says:

    I’ve got a very similar pattern that I’ve been meaning to try out. I’m going to get started on that sooner than planned now. I’m inspired!

  18. Mary says:

    These are super cute! Nice job.

  19. lizzysots says:

    Oh, these are fantastic! The fabric is amazing. I do love the Ultimate Trousers pattern, but haven’t got it quite right yet. I think I might have to take a class to tackle some of my fitting demons!

  20. Jo says:

    I think you look fab in the white calico – white jeans next, surely!! The class sounds fantastic, you’ve even got me wondering if I could day-trip from Belgium for one 🙂

  21. BambiLeigh says:

    These look great! I’m not confident enough to have a go though haha

  22. CamberwellaGal says:

    Those are fab! I did the class (great teacher too, Julie i think), in the summer and made a couple of cotton pairs I wore on rotation, promising myself to make more when I had time to sew again. It’s a great straightforward pattern!

    What are yours made out of, by the way? I hanker for some winter weight ones, but not sure what to use, fabric wise. I’d love some wool ones, but methinks a lack of lining would itch like hell!

    • The plaid is cotton, but I’m currently working on another pair in wool triple crepe – divine and perfect for winter trousers. I would suggest you order a swatch of any wool crepe, though. Some are more scratchy than others. Also worth remembering that these will be a dry clean only pair of trousers. Worth it, I reckon!

  23. Joen says:

    What a great fit your got! love the plaid.

  24. emsewcrazy says:

    Ooh having the muslins already done up is a great idea! These trousers look great on you. Thanks for sharing your class tips!

  25. Sarah says:

    I’m sew excited, I’ve just booked in the ultimate trousers class as a little Christmas pressie to myself with the 20% off sale currently on. I usually teach classes so this will be a really fun change to be on the other side! I agree that what you learn from being in a room full of sewing enthusiasts is invaluable and a great teacher is worth their weight in gold! But then I would say that! Hehe! This will be a great start to my handmade wardrobe year : )

  26. I love these, I had a pair almost identical to these in the 90s. I wore the to death. Did you get it all finished within the class?

  27. rebeccawip says:

    they look great! id love to take that class one day!

  28. Alia says:

    I always sew small things like bags and headbands. I never tried to sew large clothes because I’m afraid it’s doesn’t fit me well. But your trousers look great and looks fashionable especially the last pic! Love the color selection. You give me an inspiration. Thanks.

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  30. hgclark says:

    I recently discovered SOI patterns and LOVE these trousers, but have been nervous about making them. Perhaps I should wrangle some sewing friends and we could pitch in on each other’s fitting issues, since we can’t pop into a SOI sewing cafe (I’m in San Francisco area). At any rate, you are so right that every person will have different fitting challenges based on body and fabric choice. It’s so frustrating when people say that a pattern is good because it fit them straight out of the packet-
    that’s totally irrelevant haha! Thanks for the helpful post- looks like loads of fun- and I’ll take these tips for the next class I do here :).

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