Sewing With Neon Orange Chiffon

Neon Orange Pussy Bow Blouse with Ella

Sewing this pussy bow blouse made me feel like the undervalued boyfriend of a spoilt princess.

Shall I hand stitch your hem, darling? I know how delicate you are.

Yawn. Sure. Hey, pass me my Selfie Stick. I haven’t posted my gorgeous face on Instagram in over 30 seconds.

What about if I use a special seam treatment for light fabrics? Would you like that, honey?

Srsly? You expect me to wear anything that isn’t designer? Get outta my face!

Sigh. High class this neon orange chiffon ain’t. Though some people would argue that ‘neon orange’ and ‘high class’ aren’t comfortable bed fellows anyway. I purchased the chiffon from a bonkers shop just off Euston Road. I wouldn’t make a special trip to visit here, but if you’re passing you should definitely pop in. It has heaving shelves of fabric, some in pre-cut lengths, most of it cheap. Really cheap. Like, don’t take a flame into that place. But it’s fun to visit.

Of course, once I reached my sewing climax, I instantly fell in love with the finished make. Which I think means sewing gives me the same kicks teenagers chase. The only difference is, I don’t need to worry about contraception.

Neon Blouse with pink stitching

I love how the neon pink topstitching on my dungarees goes with my neon orange chiffon!

I made this blouse after watching Alison Smith‘s Couture Finishing Techniques on Craftsy. (A great set of lessons to watch at your leisure.) There was a section on seam finishes for delicate fabrics and I was keen to apply to this make. You finish your seam with a teeny tiny zig zag and trim the raw seams close to the zig zags. I’m not overly keen on how my cheap fabric is feathering against those zig zags, and I’ll be curious to how this stands up to the washing machine.

But. And it’s a big but. That seam is so discreet, so lacking in bulk, so invisible from the right side of the make. I’m won over. See how much thread there is in an overlocked seam, by contrast?

Pussy Bow Blouse seam finishes If you’re bored of Pussy Bow Blouses by now, I apologise. I’ll stay posting as long as I still have sewing lessons to share! I have ordered some black silk chiffon for a fourth (gulp) make. Then, maybe I’ll move on to something else.

One thing’s for sure. My love of colour hasn’t gone anywhere! I think it adds a rather nice twist to this classic blouse. Would you wear neon?

Neon Orange Pussy Bow Blouse


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37 Responses to Sewing With Neon Orange Chiffon

  1. sewbusylizzy says:

    I think it’s fab! I impulse purchased a lurid orange maxi a couple of years ago & while I thought I was mad at the time, I wear it constantly. It’s the most amazing colour to wear with black, white & denim. It looks smashing with turquoise hippy jewellry or burnished golds. I think this one might surprise you!

  2. ooobop! says:

    This is totes your colour! I love the whole look. Don’t stop there! xxx

  3. I think it’s great too, the colour really suits you. I work 15 mins walk from the bonkers shop so I may go have a look when back in London, haha, purely for the “don’t take a flame”. The pussy blouse isn’t my style at all but love seeing your versions, there’s always something to learn. Happy New Year! xx

  4. sewchet says:

    Yes, I would definitely wear neon! Not a colour to go unnoticed in is it? It adds a modern edge to a classically styled blouse. Love it!

  5. oddlyended says:

    Gorgeous blouse! And kudos for tackling orange. I would wear neon, but not orange. It looks great on you, but definitely makes me look ill. The pink or blue neons work far better for me.

  6. Hi. I’ve been really enjoying all your posts about Pussy Bow blouses. There is always something to learn when you remake using the same pattern. I have been debating making a pussy bow blouse for a while. Trouble is they remind me of Margaret Thatcher too much, which kind of puts me off. But there again, she would never have worn a neon orange blouse!

  7. I think you totally get away with this spectacular colour, looks great on you! Your pussy bow blouses keep getting better and better 🙂

  8. I love it! Plus you look great in strong colors.

  9. Tereza says:

    Love that orange! I never would have thought to combine a pussy bow blouse into that outfit. I love it! I always thought of the blouse as fussy work wear, never casual. Great style idea.

  10. Jane says:

    wonderful make, really suits you. I would definitely wear neon orange, you go girl

  11. louise says:

    what can I say WOW!! Neon is a no-no for myself but I do love colour and I love that blouse pattern, so versatile

  12. rillafree says:

    As far as orange goes, it’s my favourite colour. Add a touch of neon to the mix and it’s my idea of heaven! Love the neat seam finishes!

  13. Liza jane says:

    Yes to the color! It’s fantastic.

  14. Hélène says:

    Thanks for the link to this Crafty class. The finishing technique you used with the tiny zigzag is brilliant. Love the whole outfit!

  15. june lovell says:

    love the color, don’t want the blouse but thanks for the referral: signed up for the class.

  16. Lizzy says:

    Love it! I have wanted to sew a blouse like that during a long time but I haven’t found the correct pattern, I have a vintage pattern but I didn’t like how it turned out, this is beautiful

  17. lizafrica says:

    Been following your blog for a while. Love it – the way you write with a whacky sense of humour as well as all the tips you share.
    My son returns to London on Wed ( been here in Canada visiting for 2 months). I’m planning a trip to visit him in the coming months/years so it sure would be fun if we could meet for a cup of tea & swop blogging experiences?

    I will continue to follow you in 2015. Happy New Year.

    Lizafrica of janomelife blog

  18. I’ve been in that shop too, it’s incredible. It looks a mess inside and there didn’t seem to be any one there. Can’t believe these places still exist in central London. Love the pussy bow blouses, keep em coming.

    • Agreed! That street is such a sweet collection of independent shops. A long, long, long time ago I had a boyfriend who lived in a flat above one of those shops. Makes me very nostalgic to stroll down there.

  19. I love this colour and it looks amazing on you. Orange is a very versatile colour. Thank you for the heads up about this shop. I am in London for a meeting in a couple of weeks and will check it out. Cheap and cheerful sounds brillant! Xx

  20. Jacqueline says:

    What a beautiful seam finish! Thanks so much for the image and info – it’s great seeing it next to the overlocked example, too. Another very interesting post…

  21. The colour is amazing! I love strong colours! Yellow and magenta are my favourite ones 🙂 🙂
    We are in the middle of winter in NYC and I’ve made a pink dotted coat and a light blue one. I love colourful winters! Keep on with the good work! Chiffon is not easy at all! I always say: It is like working with water, I try to avoid it, although I love the look and feel of the finished garment.

  22. Carolyn says:

    I love the orange neon on you! It’s so bright and cheerful. But tell me, where did you find that perfect wall?? 🙂

  23. Stella says:

    Not commented here before but I do enjoy your blog. I just wanted to say that you look amazing in neon orange with your dark hair! I have a thing for Schiaparelli pink which looks better with blonde. And who knew that cheap fabric could produce such a great garment? The seaming is lovely and it would be good to know if it stays put after a machine-wash.

  24. helen says:

    Now I have seen another version I have just bought the pattern, looking forward to your next one!

  25. Anne-Marie says:

    Happy New Year Karen! I so enjoy reading your blog, for the way you write as well as for the garments you make. Neon colours are definitely a no! for me, but I like your pussy bow blouse in orange, it looks really good on you. As did the hounds tooth one.

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  27. I am so rocking orange (against my better judgement too!). It seems to be my colour to get dressed up in, and strangely I do not feel like a satsuma. It suits you big time & I mean pussy bow blouse too- winning combo!

  28. I simply lurve neon….and own many bits of it. neon pink being a fave.

    Now…..don’t think i’m being rude (is there a way to make suggestions without appearing rude?)
    ……but the pic of you in the stripes in the latest post is far fresher and younger and gorgeous than your profile pic from last year…come on ….new year, new you, new profile pic….?
    rudely yours as ever
    Daisy xx

  29. Sunny says:

    Since you’ve made several of these blouses how do keep your pattern in reuseable condition? After I use a pattern a couple of times the tracing wheel has perforated the markings and in some cases cut all the way through the tissue.

  30. LinB says:

    Not only would I wear neon, but on New Year’s Day I wore: red driving moccasins, pine green socks, purple jeans, a bright coral sweater, and a chartreuse green-with-silver-spangles scarf wound around my neck. In public. It felt great to start out a new year in something other than black and grey. Happy new year to you!

  31. Rosemary says:

    Have been enjoying your blog for the last few months. Thanks! I use a two thread overlock on seam finishes usually. No need for the 4 (5?) thread version you have there – I think that’s for actual seaming and is called a safety (?) – used on knit seams that are going to take some strain. But the little zigzag is fine and dandy of course. Happy new year!

  32. Gail says:

    Came across your blog today and love what I’m seeing. This outfit isn’t ‘safe’ but it is style wise.

  33. Gwyn says:

    Love the blouse and love, love the color. Orange is a color I would stay away from except for the fact that when I try it on, I usually buy it. Sounds strange but true. I need to remember that the next time I see orange fabric on the sale rack! I love reading your blog, and I agree with another commenter, repeating projects is a good thing, and I love reading about it.

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