Pinning It Down

pin cushion Collage

I recently chose to take an inventory of the pin cushions in my house. My mum visited and said, ‘I could find loads of pins, Karen, but not a single needle.’ What are you saying? Then I looked closer…

  • Three – ahem! – pin cushions in reaching distance of my sewing machine.
  • A pin cushion on a side table beside my dressmaker’s dummy.
  • Pins in the head of my dressmaker’s dummy, but they don’t count.
  • Three more pin cushions on my office desk. Because you never know when you might need to pierce a laptop with a pin.
  • Two pin cushions atop a fireplace. I don’t think I’ve touched either of them in six months.
  • A pin cushion in my bedroom. Like, obviously.

I’m not even going to touch on the pins that I have found in my dressing gown, bra, bathroom, behind the sofa, bed and carpets. I shall give special mention to the pin I found on my front path. And I’m desperately trying not to think about the pin I recently spotted on the pavement outside our house. I have a creeping suspicion it might belong to me…

Sound familiar, anyone?


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  1. sewchet says:

    That one time I sat on a rogue pin made me account for each and every one that leaves my pincushion…..

  2. 5currantbuns says:

    The other people in this house moan that pins turn up everywhere…I point out that sewing keeps me calm and even tempered…they won’t like me if they take sewing away…pins are an inevitable consequence of their normal uninterupted lives…

  3. Indeed, it sounds very familiar. My husband says they land in the soles of his feet. Squeeze the pin cushions. Needles often migrate to the center of mine.

    • Ros says:

      Every couple of years, I remake my pincushions. Keep the sawdust, pick out all the pins and needles that have found their way into it, and start again with new fabric.

      • Jenny says:

        I threw out an old pin cushion too, this week. I found 25 needles! Why did I put needles in a pin cushion?

  4. Jo says:

    My uncle once walked into the room whilst my Aunty was sewing and said “ooh look at me, I’m Gillian, I’M SEWING!” and proceeding to throw handfuls of pins around the room.

    I suspect there must be a lot of pins lying around their house!

  5. Jenny Lester says:

    Oh yes, why wouldn’t you want pincushions in every room. My workroom is not a hazard free zone so anyone who ventures in there is likely to damage themselves – by invitation only. But pins do seem to venture into the rest of the house, and husband has complained that he has “injured” his arm/ hand from a needle which he found in the arm of a chair (non-portable pin cushion!!!) I have not found a way to attach a picture of my favourite handmade pincushion to this post – but it is a copy of the pin dog which appears on GBSB last year. BTW do we know when the next series is due on our screen!!

  6. Jane says:

    Horribly familiar. Don’t think you can have too many pins or pincushions, you never know when or where you might need one! I too seem to wear pins quite a lot, often turn up in my dressing gown ????. I have solved the find the needle puzzle. I have a special pin cushion that lives by the machine that I keep all my needles in. It has a hardwood base, that stops the needles migrating into the centre of the pincushion – works for me.

  7. katie says:

    I don’t know what you mean. I definitely haven’t found pins in my bathtub, underwear drawer or under my pillow. ahem

  8. barbarags says:

    I have to issue a warning ” I have been sewing so nobody go around in bare feet”. And then I crawl over the floor sweeping a large flat magnet over it before hoovering, it is amazing how many pins I pick up with the magnet even if I think I have not dropped any

  9. Emily Kate says:

    Once I lifted my rug up to hoover underneath and discovered where all my pins were going…. my needles have long since disappeared into the middle of the pin cushion.

  10. emsewcrazy says:

    I refuse to comment on the grounds it may inpinerate me! 🙂 Now I want to count up mine!

  11. UtaC says:

    Hahaha.. Love the post.. I can relate to the pins… I am always afraid when people come over to my apartment they may leave with a suspicious little fella.. A Pin.. 🙂

  12. Oh yes. The worst is when I find my 18 month old playing with yet another one I’ve missed.

  13. I cleaned out the wheels of my sewing machine chair and found 5 broken needles.

    I have a wrist pin cushion, one velcroed to the sewing machine, and one in an old teacup by my ironing board. In my ‘take to other rooms’ sewing box, there is a diddy pincusion ring. I was given another decorative pincushion as a present, but I have it as decor in the lounge rather than using it for pins.

  14. I used to be like this but now I have a small son I have to count my pins in and out to make sure none of them have gone walk about! It’s an absolute pain in the bum but I guess I’ll have to do it until he gets common sense (he’s a boy so I might be waiting for a while!)

  15. Ann says:

    Glad to see another pin cushion and pin lover.

  16. crazysewandsew says:

    My most recent pin misshap was when i had finished pinning the hem of a dress. Got changed and went out for lunch only to find a pin had secured itself to the inside of my jeans quite close to the crotch!!! No idea how it got there as the jeans were no where near the pinning!!!

  17. Summerflies says:

    Ha ha… I just found one in my bed this morning when I made the bed… I have no idea how or why!

  18. Jen (NY) says:

    They sometimes look cute, but after getting a magnetic pin holder, I’ve (almost) totally given up on pin cushions. So easy to just toss a pin in its direction. Pins still turn up elsewhere occasionally, but not nearly so much. I keep a few needles on the magnetic holder too, but they also go in a little drawer on the bottom. I think I need to get a second one to keep next to my machine so that I’m not carrying it around.

  19. louise says:

    I remember in the 70s I dropped a pin on the bedroom shag pile carpet and my sister found it, ouch!! She still reminds me of it. We sound familiar and the family have got used to my pins being everywhere.

  20. katrina says:

    I only have one pin cushion but have a habit of using things that aren’t pin cushions instead: ironing boards, bedding, sofa, clean laundry, dirty laundry, stuff I’m wearing at the time…

    Worst offence was when 3 fell out of my hair when I was in the shower…

  21. Alice says:

    I do try my best to account for my pins… but that’s not to say that I (or more accurate my poor husband) doesn’t find them on the floor, on the sofa (!) and carpets. That’s actually one of the reasons behind choosing to have stripped floorboard in my new sewing space – in my last (tiny) sewing room which was carpeted, every time I hoovered up, you could hear all the pins being sucked up the poor hoover!

  22. diycouture says:

    I met a lady in her 80s recently who’s husband has a sewing needle permanently embedded in the muscle on the back of his leg. Their theory is she left it on the sofa, he sat on it, it went through his trousers, through his skin and kept going!! It came up on an X-ray when he had a hip replacement! She should have been using a pin cushion… xx

  23. I have the opposite problem. For some strange reason I struggle along without enough pins! I have a magnetic pin holder, which works well, however there is probably only about 30 pins in it – never quite enough to do the job properly! I always mean to buy more pins but only ever think of it when I actually see them and it’s always in one of those cheap shops where you just know the pins will turn rusty as soon as they’re released from their packet. I make a mental note’ – ‘must buy worthy pins’ – but the thought escapes as soon as the scorned pins are out of sight! Of course, the next time I go to make something, I am using tea mugs, pencil holders, a stapler…or anything to hand that will hold down a pattern! 😉

  24. Susan says:

    I think we all have something in common here……….
    I am so glad I am not the only one!

  25. Colleen says:

    This spoke to me. I think you win on the number in the collection, though we are probably on level pegging on pins hidden in clothing.

    As to needles, have you ever spent time extracting the needles embedded in a pin cushion? Very satisfying; and it might explain where yours have gone.

  26. Eleanor Hughes says:

    He he, this actually made me laugh. I love the pin on the pavement.

  27. so familiar …….!
    My cat used to have a magnet around her neck that unlocked the cat flap.
    When we first got it I saw her eating her food in the kitchen with about 6 pins clinging to it….how guilty did I feel?
    Daisy xxxxxxx

  28. Erin says:

    At fashion school we have old industrial carpet on the floor. It being a busy school, pins are dropped daily onto the floor and tons have worked themselves into the carpet. It makes vacuuming interesting as you go over areas and realize that those pins are NEVER coming out. Can’t wait until this summer when it’s finally ripped out.

  29. Liza Jane says:

    I just bought a magnetic dish for my pins while sewing. Best thing ever!

  30. Liz says:

    I found a pin in the fridge.

  31. Cynthia says:

    Pins, sequins, rhinestones, even my sweet dachshund as a puppy licked up a rhinestone… a day later, well… let’s just say there was a little extra sparkle to her business! Magnetic pinholders help, and I have 3 – one on the ironing board, one at the sewing desk, and one by the sofa for handsewing!

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