New Trimmings, Great Titchfield Street

New Trimmings CollageOoh, it’s ages since I did a shop review! But there I was, wandering down Great Titchfield Street, London when I noticed this Aladdin’s Cave. I poked my nose through the front door of New Trimmings, tucked away behind Oxford Street, and it didn’t disappoint.

New Trimmings Great Titchfield Street

If you require neon zips, plastic chain, metallic leather bias tape, feather trim or pom poms this is definitely the place for you. It’s not all novelty, though. There’s also a good selection of lace, elastic, thread, boning, a small amount of fabric in the basement…

If I was looking for something specialist, this would be on my list of shops to visit. If I needed some basic thread, I’d also pop in here. And to be honest, I’d visit just for the experience! The staff are super-lovely and you’re a short walk from the fabric shops of Soho. Make an afternoon of it.

New Trimmings InteriorHave you discovered a hidden gem recently? Open your little black book and tell us!

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25 Responses to New Trimmings, Great Titchfield Street

  1. Miss J says:

    Hi Karen
    Thanks for the info on this shop, it sounds like a place where a woman and her wages could be parted very easily!
    Are we going to see you in Pom poms soon?

  2. This is my favourite trimmings shop in London!

  3. Bekki Hill says:

    Feeling a little envious. I don’t miss being near London for many things, but haven’t found an ‘Aladdin’s cave like this down here. Mind I still need to investigate Plymouth more thoroughly and will check out New Trimmings next time I visit the Big Smoke. Thanks Karen..

  4. sewchet says:

    Hanson’s fabric warehouse in Sturminster Newton, Dorset, is my closest place at half an hour away. It sells everything crafty, including sewing machines and yarn, and also holds workshops.

  5. This place looks fantastic. I love a good trim shop. If there are any Dutch readers on here then they might know the one that is in Utrecht tucked up a little side street. Can’t remember what it is called though. I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. Great trims are hard to find, especially up north. Thanks for sharing this place. Makes me sad that all the good shops are (mostly) in London though. Xx

    • Johanna says:

      There are two shops in Utrecht. One is Ria’s fournituren, Zakkendragersteeg 31, tucked away as you say. The other one is more a specialist in trims and the name is Baars en van de Kerkhof, Lijnmarkt 35. They are both in the centre of Utrecht. On saturday morning from 08.00-13.00 hrs there is a fabric market in Utrecht in the Breedstraat and Begijnhof.

  6. Ah, but the crucial question for me is, what is their button selection like?

  7. Jenny Lester says:

    Missed looking in here on the last “Cheshire ladies hit the fabric shops” London trip, however we had shopped till we dropped at Walthamstow Market where as you know there is also a great haberdashery stall close to TMOS!! We managed to go into Barnett Lawson trimmings Little Portland Street which is also worth a look. For Dutch readers the best shop is in Eindhoven – Smitje on Kleinenberg – an oasis of all things blingy with fabulous selection of buttons ribbons etc.

  8. louise says:

    Lucky You. Up here in East Yorkshire, Hidden Gems ie sewing shops are far and few between. The sewing shops I knew have been restocked with patchwork fabric. The Shuttle in shipley I can definitely recommend. I day out for me and my friend due to the distance I go every few years and have a good shop. Ive yet to try York market, you always do so well with your market stall finds so that is my next port of call.

    • York Market is a bit disappointing for fabric, although there is a lady who has some and some wool and sometimes a guy with leather and suede skins in amazing colours and pretty cheap. You *need* to go to Duttons For Buttons at Piccadilly. The place is a treasure trove of new and vintage buttons. It is fabulous. Xx

  9. megsewing says:

    I wish I saw this yesterday. I always go to kleins for my trimming and stuff but sometimes it doesn’t have the colours I want and I have to compromise…Next time I want my neon pompoms I’ll definitely go in here!!!

  10. It looks so much fun there! I would just want to buy lots of things just because, all i really have near me is a hobbycraft

  11. charlottepb says:

    although it looks amazing, I’m feeling rather glad I live in Devon!

  12. I was in that shop earlier this week (after a job interview nearby) it’s a veritable “bling” palace :-)!

  13. That’s a new one on me; thanks for the review! Will definitely check it out next time I’m in London.

  14. i wish we have shops like this here!

  15. Katie says:

    Ooh la la, I haven’t stumbled across this lovely looking place yet either and I always seem to be hunting out some random trimming or notion that John Lewis and Mccullouch and Wallis fail me on. Thanks for the heads-up on another place to search!

  16. Jan says:

    Thanks so much for the tip-off, I am going to pay it a visit next week. You mention the fabric shops of Soho – I don’t know these at all, could you give some recommendations so that I can visit them as well?

  17. ballrebecca5 says:

    Best. shop. ever. I could spend the rest of my life in there!

  18. Janet says:

    Peak Fabrics, an online store, based out of Calgary, Canada. If you are into making outerwear, yoga clothes, or undergarments this store has an amazing selection. I will be checking this place out for future projects.

  19. Hannah Cox says:

    It looks heavenly! I love the fabric shops around Soho but I haven’t come across this place. I’ll have to pay it a visit. Thanks for sharing!

  20. SarahStar says:

    Oh that shop looks amazing, you could spend your life savings in there! Nothing like this in deepest darkest Herefordshire, but I can recommend Clever Besty in West Street, Leominster for the Thrifty Sewist (and aren’t we all really?!). It’s a treasure trove of pre-loved fabric, trims, buttons, thread and notions. I mean, dress zippers for 10p, what’s not to love?!

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