Sewing Station – Organisation

Sewing Station - Organisation

I don’t have a dedicated sewing space, and I suspect I’m not alone. My ironing board stands next to my kitchen drawers. The living room door knocks into my dressmaker’s dummy every time I walk into the room. The sewing table sits in a corner of the main living area and several sewing tools sit out in the open, gathering dust and grease. What can I say? This is modern living.

I would like things to be a bit better organised and I’m not sure I want everything on show. (See above comments on dust. Housework is not a top priority for me.) Does anyone have suggestions for organising a sewing space that is also a living space?

I’m curious. Do you have a dedicated sewing area? Complete my poll!

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  1. SewingElle says:

    I do have a dedicated space but it’s a bit like Harry Potter “bedroom” under the stairs. Mines I. The roof space. Lovely in winter, very hot in summer….

  2. Sewniptuck says:

    I have to take off my hat to those who persist with this messy pursuit sans dedicated space. I also bow to all the very tolerant partners and sharers of space who have no doubt endured errant pins a-foot. I struggle with my dungeon having no natural light – you are troopers!

  3. I have two rooms for my sewing stuff at home but as I am working away with no space where I am staying I have rented a (very cheap) studio to house all my bits and bobs. Saying that when I move it all home again in the Summer it will fill more than a Luton van, I have that much stuff. It was literally piled up to the ceiling, plus vintage machines, books, boxes of finished work, rolls of fabric, etc. might have to have a bit of a clear out. 😉 xx

  4. Hester says:

    Mine theoretically doubles as the spare room, although I haven’t yet tested that theory, and it would involve moving crates of fabric to make space for the sofabed to open up.

  5. knitlass says:

    I sew on the dining table, and my machine and sewing box are in the dresser, next to the best china. My fabric stash is (mostly) under my daughter’s bed. This can be somewhat awkward if I want something after she has gone to sleep. But I have some UFOs in another pile (on a bookcase, where my cutting mat is stored), so I can usually find something to sew if the mood takes me.

    Because our family is now 5, I have to put everything away each time I’ve finished. I used to hate it, but now I don’t mind. Putting things away is a bit like decluttering – it makes you feel good!

  6. Chris says:

    I have my own sewing room up in the loft (=natural light and away from the noise and confusion of family life). It’s my favourite room in the house. It still looks like a sewing bomb had exploded two minutes after I have finished tidying…

  7. louise says:

    I used to sew upstairs which meant I didn’t have to clear away which was good although not ideal, especially if DH wanted to go to bed early, I would have to stop. I now sew on the kitchen table . which is more spacious and nicer views. Since I got my new machine I have been tidying away each session. It has a soft cover with pockets so I slot things inside, I then push it back up
    to the wall leaving the table clear(ish) . I have a stack of ikea wooden moppe boxes sitting on top of each other which sit in a corner near the table, this is where I keep all my haberdashery. Everything else is where I can find a space around the house. It works if I clear away and I can be sociable as well.

  8. We brought a massive sideboard for storing my fabric, I have a tray cabinet for felt zips etc and another storage box for buttons and beads. And a box for patterns. As well as a vanity case that holds everything I always need when sewing, scissors, pins , ham, rular, unpickers and stuff. And all of this lives in my dining room! So everything gets put away every time I’m finished with it!
    I would love my own sewing room!

  9. Emily says:

    I don’t have my own space either, that’s a major factor in why I’m hoping to move out of London. Rents are just too expensive to have any space that’s not 100% essential! I sew on what is supposed to be our tiny dining table but was never really used anyway…

  10. Kelly says:

    My husband is so incredibly good to me that he gave up having an office (even though he works from home!) to let me have a sewing room. His ‘office’ is in our bedroom instead.

  11. Kelly says:

    My husband is so incredibly good to me that he gave up having an office (even though he works from home!) so I could have a sewing room.

  12. Lindsay says:

    I have an ikea cube with the desk attached and the cube acts as a screen to my sewing machine… but I have a toddler so I use his old play pen to fence him out, I hurdle to sew.

  13. Yup, and it is huge. It is why we bought our flat, though, and we sleep in the smaller bedroom. It is not without sacrifices. I believe in cupboards, tall, slim ones that hold lots of stuff so you can just close the door on it all! I reckon a sort of sewing pantry with desk in the bottom and shelves above would be amazing.

  14. Anne says:

    I have a gigantic Chinese cupboard that holds my machine and all my sewing supplies hidden from view in the room adjoining the kitchen, so I just lug the machine onto the kitchen table when it’s time to sew and set up the ironing board nearby. Works pretty well but it would be nice to have a dedicated sewing table and space that didn’t need tidying away so often…

  15. I have a breakfast bar in the kitchen, it’s a great space in front of French doors meaning lots of natural light but also means my creations smell of cooking.

  16. Katie M says:

    In London I used to sew in the dining room. I had a tall bookshelf, which housed my sewing books, fabrics, craft supplies etc. and the sewing machine & overlocker lived on the bottom shelf. My big cutting matt slid behind. With only four in the family, I could get away with tidying my WIP onto a corner of the table, and a dining chair.

    Now that we live in Singapore, there is a big L-shaped desk in our study. I’ve pretty much taken over the whole study area. I also invested in Raskog trolley from IKEA. I’ve neatly corralled all my threads into clear boxes (5 of them), I have a basket with all my pattern envelopes, a couple of partitioned containers for buttons, snaps and other bits and pieces, and on the top I have a jar for my scissors, and a couple of baskets for storing smaller items. I’ve even found a way to attach some of my larger drafting rulers to the side. It makes everything neat and accessible.

    My fabric stash lives in a couple of baskets in my Expedit, plus the bulkier items from my haberdashery stash.

  17. Alice says:

    I am very lucky in this respect, as I have managed to convince the hubby that I needed one of our biggest bedrooms as my sewing room/girl cave. I made the promise that if I were to have the biggest non-master bedroom (who needs a big guest room/study?), I’ll make sure all my sewing-related stuff is contained in the sewing room, rather than making their way to any “communal” space (which inevitably happened in our old house, where our tiny study doubled up as my sewing space).

    As one of the messiest person on earth (whose hubby is a clean freak with suspected OCD…), needless to say I still struggle with keeping things neat in a big room. I won’t tell you how long it took me to tidy up the room before these pictures were taken!

    So I am keen to read all the wonderful organisation tips that will come out of these comments…

  18. We call it the sewing room and it’s where my machines and sewing equipment live. Along with everything else that has no home: Christmas decorations, linen presently not in use and most of the towels (no linen press), odd socks waiting for me to match them up, papers that are in danger of falling prey to pasta sauce if they stay on the table for a minute longer – you get the idea. But we do pretend that it really is a sewing room 🙂

  19. Angelica says:

    I am so very lucky to have a dedicated sewing space. Our bedroom is very big, so we both have our hobby areas in there as well as our bed and closets. We have painted the walls so that the hobby area walls are colored and the bedroom area walls are white, so it almost feels as separate rooms. I have a big 4*4 expedit with my patterns and stash and a finnward/linnmon sewing/cutting table against the wall and my ironing board and dress form against the big window. I even have a nice comfy chair for reading and/or hand sewing.

    I have posted about my sewing space here:

    I think it does help me that my boyfriend also has a space-demanding and clutter-making hobby (lego building), that our appartment is relatively big (100 square meters) and we both have a high tolerance to clutter. The expedit is good for stash organization, and the cardboard boxes and baskets for it is good for notions, tools and such. The expedit shelves also fit an overlocker/coverstitch machine pretty well 😉

  20. Elena Knits says:

    My sewing space is in our living room. It’s true that it’s a large room with a very long shape and all my things, except for the machines, are inside drawers. My boyfriend is not too picky and has never complained about it. His hobby space is just beside mine, so it’s kind of perfect 🙂

  21. Cinderellis says:

    I would love a dedicated sewing area! At the moment, this is the main thing that stops me sewing… I have a tiny (but lovely) room in a shared flat, which means that if I want to sew, everything gets hauled out from underneath my little dressing table. I’m not joking when I say that if I have my sewing out, I can’t access anything else in my room… which is a massive pain when I realise I’ve left my cuppa on the bedside table (I’ve fallen over my sewing basket more times than I’d like to count trying to rectify this!!)
    It also means that I have to make sure everything is completely packed away after I finish as otherwise it’s an absolute tip! As the whole process involves rearranging everything, it takes about 15 mins to unpack, 15 mins to put away, so I only sew when I have a few hours free.
    If I’m really lucky, I can sew in the kitchen at the weekends when my flatmates are out… then I can get my machine, overlocker and ironing board all out and really take over 😉 I don’t like to do this too often though, as it’s communal space.
    One day I’ll have a room all to myself just for sewing 🙂

  22. Dee Durrant says:

    I had my own sewing room, then my little girl came along and it became a playroom with a sewing corner. I’m now expecting again so I’ve moved out of the dedicated playroom and now have a corner of my husbands office – although it is enough space for me as I’ve got a peg board up with all my sewing do-dahs and my dad made me a cutting table (a talented carpenter/joiner) which has storage underneath for material and my machines sit in the middle bit (I stand to sew/overlock) and when I want to cut out I have enough room to open up one side of the drop-leaf table (which is approximately 1.5 metres by 1 metres in size so ample room for cutting). Although I dream of getting my own room back and having enough space to be able to open both sides of the drop-leaf cutting table together!!!

  23. Carolyn says:

    I do have a dedicated sewing space, albeit squeezed into a corner of my very tiny urban apartment! I don’t have a lot of space to work with, but I just recently managed to carve out this corner for my sewing, and now my tables and machines have a permanent spot to call their own. There are no partitions between my sewing space and the rest of my living space, but at least I don’t have to move furniture around anymore when I want to sew. 🙂

    I actually just posted about my new sewing space here:

    It’s modest, but it’s home!

  24. Lesley King says:

    I’m perched in the corner of the spare room for the moment but with plans for another child at some point its temporary. We’re currently investigating the option of converting the loft – either officially or unofficially to house my sewing habit. My husband already has the garage so its only fair if I get some space for me too.

  25. James says:

    At the moment my sewing space is part of my bedroom. My bed doubles as a cutting table and the clothing form keeps my coat for me when not using it. Its challenging to have limited working space but at the same time has taught me to get organized and to try and keep it that way (of which is a constant process-still working on that) My favorite organizing tips are: when done working on a project put everything away until you can work on it again (big help for me) I have a favorite t.v. tray that is light weight and can be popped out at any moment to use as a temporary work surface (I LOVE MY T.V. TRAY!) as well as a larger (light weight table) that can be popped up as well. Also, keeping flow in the work space is a must. As far as getting rid of piled up projects that are either finished or in progress or even unused supplies etc. That’s a big one. Who doesn’t like more craft stuff, : ).

  26. amy w says:

    I live alone and turned my dining room into a dedicated sewing space. I use folding tv trays for eating on when I have guests once a week. I hung a curtain to hide my sewing room when it’s messy and guests are around. I love having a set room for it. My goal is to get a two bedroom apartment so one room can be the sewing room and I can have a dining room again. My yarn for crochet projects tend to migrate around the place. One project is sitting on a coffee table and another one is on the couch. I have a small book case in my living room that has a space up top too small for standing up books, so I’ll keep yarn/crochet projects in that space.

  27. Elaine says:

    I turned 50 last year and OH wanted to take me off somewhere special. I asked for a big cabin for the garden. It’s been insulated, wired to the mains and it’s now my sewing cabin. I love it. I’ve shared bedrooms all my life with sisters and OH. ITs the first time I’ve had my own space. It’s very girly but functional and I’m so glad I chose it as my birthday present.

  28. JustGail says:

    I do have a sewing room.

    The good – you can walk away and not see the mess (I would say close the door, but currently I can’t close it :-/ ), and usually there’s enough room to keep stash and supplies so you don’t have to store them all over the house.

    The bad – you can walk away and not see the mess – it’s way too easy to simply not go in and work on the project. And it’s way too easy for it to turn into a dumping ground. Also depending on where it is, it’s too hard to keep an eye on what’s going on elsewhere, like kids, cooking, etc.

  29. Awfulknitter says:

    I have a room all to myself, but I still think it’s important to keep everything neat and tidy. Otherwise it just becomes a room where you chuck any old crap, thinking “I’ll put that away properly just a little bit later” and three months down the line you can hardly bear to open the door because it’s a pit of guilty untidiness.

    I don’t have any new tips to add except to say that the saying ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ is pretty good (I stick much better to the first part rather than the second). And I believe that having a Raskog trolley is compulsory. (I am actually thinking of getting a second one, I like them that much.)

  30. carly927 says:

    I live in a studio apartment. My sewing room is also my kitchen, living room, and bedroom. The nicest part about living alone is that there’s no one to be bothered when a project takes over (and I’ve been known to set up my ironing board on top of my stove).

  31. Donna says:

    I started using the laundry room in our new house, which is on the main floor. Once winter came, I found the light just wasn’t right and started moving my stuff just outside the door close to the Kitchen nook which has large windows. That space is now dedicated to my sewing, as I am lucky enough to have time to sew every day. When I am finished a project, I clean up; or if company is coming, I can . . . reluctantly move my sewing back into the laundry room. I think the most important thing to consider is light, either natural or add enough to keep you happy. From there, you can find enough ways to organize your space to make it work for you. I work better in a little chaos, rather than tidying as I go–something that might drive other people crazy. Find your own rhythm, but don’t compromise on lighting!

  32. ThreadTime says:

    I have taken over one of my children’s bedroom after they moved out. For me, not having a dedicated space makes me control my fabric stash. As it is, my room is just an explosion of fabrics and sewing supplies. Any when I’m in full swing, I start moving into the living room. It’s crazy. I really don’t know how my husband puts up with me.

  33. Jen (NY) says:

    Not sure if this would work for everyone, but “dedicated” sewing space in my small NY apartment is set up as follows:
    1) An ikea rolling cart, formerly used for office supplies, was repurposed as a sewing machine table in a corner of my bedroom. This allows the machine to be up all the time, which I have learned is important. (Realistically, I’m not going to sew very much if I have to drag the machine out of the closet each time). The cart has drawers for thread and machine parts, and a few other things. A desk lamp is set up nearby.
    2) A pressing station built into the inside of a closet door. A small but full-height Muji ironing board is hung on the inside of the door, along with an organizer for the pressing tools, hemmer, and an iron hanger. My closet is in a small hallway and the door can be left open during “active” periods, with the ironing board set up. (Admittedly, the ironing board spends some time in the living room too).
    3) A carry box. I put “in use” items in a cloth box, so as to keep them at hand, but reasonably neat while working on a project or upcoming projects. It usually includes the notions I plan to use, patterns, interfacing, etc.
    4) Fabric is stored in several clear plastic sweater/jumper boxes in a semi-hidden corner of my bedroom. I hate plastic, but these boxes are stackable and work in the tight space. Fabric is organized according to type/season, with labels on the outside of boxes.
    Unfortunately for my back, I am still cutting fabric on the living room floor. Just a personal choice because I don’t like working in the kitchen – fear of soy sauce spilling on something, etc. Anyway, this set up is working for me these days, while I dream of an actual sewing room! I hope this gives someone else some ideas for using their space.

  34. Jo says:

    When I did up my bedroom last year I managed to set up a permanent sewing area at the other end of the room and it has made a world of difference knowing I have a dedicated space to work (but I do have to keep it reasonably tidy as I sleep there too!) I genuinely think the only reason I stopped sewing for so many years was the lack of space, not being able to leave projects out or easily access my supplies. Previously everything was in baskets all over the place, gathering dust, which drove me nuts! Now I know exactly how much I have and where to find it. My main storage unit is a short wardrobe which I repainted deep raspberry pink and added shelves to store all my fabric, then most of my other bits and bobs are in the two drawers underneath. I highly recommend a little wardrobe for storage if you have the space.

  35. DavyMade says:

    I have a table set aside in our living room, but I have to use our dining table for cutting out patterns and tasks that require more space. I also have to store books, patterns, and fabric in random drawers around the living room. I often dream of having my own studio. I made a pinterest board for it, though I know even the possibility of a studio is years down the road.

  36. I am very lucky to have a large sewing room all to myself. It has been also been featured in two magazines (not bragging just sayin!) Not only is it my sewing room it is my sanctuary . Virginia woolf said it all in her essay ‘a room of ones own’

    “Give her a room of her own and five hundred a year, let her speak her mind and leave out half that she now puts in, and she will write a better book one of these days.”[

    As to sewing in a small space I like those pics on pinterest where people have wardrobes that open out into sewing areas?

    Daisy x

  37. Jennifer says:

    I sew in my bedroom at the moment, I have a mobile table for my machine and all of my stash and notions are in boxes on my bookshelves. Not ideal but it forces me to be tidy and contained while I’m still living at my parent’s house!

  38. Shelley says:

    I have a lttle sewing kingdom built as part of our house refurb, however I cut out on the kitchen table and sew curtains in the room they will be hung. I generally hand sew in front of the TV at night.

  39. sewmecrafty says:

    My sewing space doubles as my daughters play area so I bought a table from Target that expands and has storage. It sits in the corner of the room. It serves as my sewing table, of course, and it’s a place to hide my notions as well as any current projects I’m working on.

  40. Karen S says:

    I have a sewing room. I’m lucky in that it’s only me and the dog that share a small 3 bedroom house so I don’t have to worry about my sewing stuff bothering other people. I don’t need a guest room so one of the bedrooms is my sewing room and the other ‘extra’ bedroom is a den/stores the overflow yarn & fabric from the sewing room. I’m pretty organized and most things are stored in boxes of various sizes that are labeled and keep in the closet. I have metal shelving in the closet for all those boxes. An old dresser stores fashion fabric. I usually set the ironing board up in another room. I can set it up in the sewing room but then floor space is tight. I do wish the room was big enough for a dedicated cutting area. I use my kitchen table for that.

  41. Caitlib says:

    I am currently trying to convince my darling boyfriend to make me one of these for our lounge:

  42. beales56 says:

    Inspired by George and his fabulous Small Spaces, I repurposed my eldest son’s bedroom which was unused after he left home. I removed the mattress from the built in bed and made a high cushion for my sewing chair so that I am sitting at the right height. I even decorated. It’s tiny, but perfect with good light, a view of the road and cupboard space to hide my sewing stuff. It taken me some time to settle in and make it mine. In theory having the room is supposed to increase my productivity, in practice it encourages fantasy sewing with room to stash yet another pattern 😃

  43. Annie S. says:

    No I don’t have a dedicated sewing room either, unfortunately. I store my sewing machines, embellisher, overlocker, Big shot, cricut behind the settee. Fabrics and habby stored in the wardrobe/attic. I actually do all my sewing and other crafting on the dining table – have done for years and years, with no problem. It isn’t really all about the space – it is about the dedication. If you really want to sew, you will do it, wherever you can.

  44. Nikki says:

    My sewing space is in my bedroom. Not the best place for it as my OH is a late riser and I lose sewing time because of it! Our house is currently a WIP and one day I will have a sewing room, but I will be sharing it with my OH’s comic collection!

  45. rryberg1 says:

    I have a beautiful hat box that I use to “hide” my sewing mess. Any in-progress project, and everything I need to work on it goes into that box. Once I put the lid on, it just looks like a decoration, not a sewing mess!

  46. Carolyn says:

    In my last apt I didn’t have a dedicated space. I set my sewing machines up on a table in the window, my cutting table by my closet and I used an armoire to store all of my sewing supplies. So I understand the challenges but I think coming up with a good storage plan is what makes living with your sewing machines doable.

  47. Margo says:

    I am very lucky to have a large sewing room…enough space for a small couch! I have moved all over the house searching for a space that didn’t interfere with the family. A couple of our kids have moved out, leaving me with a wonderful space. I never take it for granted though! I never know when they may return and need my space again! You can see my space here:

  48. At home I have about 1/3 of a large room, used to be two bedrooms and we had a wall removed. That is just LOVELY! In our 908 sq.ft. condo in Arizona I made the 5′ x 6′ walk-in closet in the second bedroom into my “sewing/watercolour painting” room. It works!

  49. I do. But it’s cold and dark so I usually move my machine into the family room where I sit and annoy everyone else!

  50. Can’t believe how many bobbins you have without thread on them. I never seem to have a bobbin without thread on it and I’m sure if I had more that wouldn ‘t solve the problem either.

  51. Caroline says:

    I have claimed the dining table for my sewing machines. They are only put away for Christmas lunch! We work around them otherwise. All my other sewing equipment is kept in various nooks and crannies of our home. If you really like something and you have space, why keep it to one room? I would love to have a dedicated sewing room though one day, even a tiny box room would be great. 🙂

  52. Jenny says:

    When I first started sewing I bought an old (40’s?) kitchen cupboard from an auction. It had two glass doors at the top, a shallow draw, then a drop down door and at the bottom two more cupboard doors. I painted it and put it into the dining room, the top stored patterns, I sectioned the drawer off for bobbins and scissors etc, In the middle I kept the sewing machine – and when I opened the cupboard doors below I could use it as a sewing table for the machine, the bottom part was used to store fabrics etc.
    I still use it but now I also have an old singer sewing table for my machine and some plastic drawers for the growing stash of wool and fabric. The kitchen unit though takes up less than a metre in width and originally kept everything I needed in one place.

  53. Jenna says:

    My sewing “room” is the pantry off the kitchen, so really just a big cupboard. I just put a desktop across one side of the pantry with my two machines on top, the shelves above hold my current fabric stash (I have a chest filled with the rest in the sitting room) and all my tools etc are in the ubiquitous Ikea trolley. My patterns live in plastic boxes under the desk. I cut out on the kitchen table and have the ironing board set up next to it. It’s ideal for me because the machines can stay out all the time and anything I’m working on lives on the desk next to it and I can shut the door on it to keep out kitchen smells and hide the mess!

  54. I sew in our dining room, on our beautiful handmade-by-Dad table. It’s certainly not ideal (like when I make a roast turkey breast for Thanksgiving and have to clear my sewing stuff to make room for 2 place settings!), but for me, it’s the best available option. I could take over our spare bedroom, but I don’t like the idea of spending that much time in a room upstairs while my family are hanging out downstairs. Since our dining room has big pocket doors, I can leave that entire wall open and be near everyone while I work. Storage for notions and material is my big issue. I keep the fabric in bins around the house, and once I get my sewing cabinet set up, notions storage will be a little less troublesome; but I could definitely improve the setup, that’s for sure! Step 1: de-clutter!!

  55. Jennifer says:

    I didn’t have a dedicated space in my last studio apartment and it meant I didn’t really sew. I did end up finding a good sewing group where they had great cutting tables and a good three- four hour session where you could get good chunks of things done.

    In my new flat the back wall of the long rectangular living room has my sewing supplies. A tall Besta cabinet for stash, two shorter ones for patterns and notions. The sewing machine has its own table under the window and dedicated correct height chair. I love it and it dIes make starting a lot easier. Am now trying to carve out more time to do the actual sewing!

  56. Rachel says:

    I have a combination guest room/sewing room. I have people stay with me frequently so I’ve kept the sewing part contained – a desk for the sewing machine that is narrow enough that the Murphy bed can open up without me having to move it. All I have to do is fold up the ironing board, which fits down the side of the Murphy bed. And then my fabric is in the closet in bins. So it’s sort of a dedicated space. 🙂

    • Robin says:

      I have a small bedroom which measures 10′ x 10′ and it is my prized personal space, with two stuffed bookshelves, a large bartered wood computer desk that serves as a sewing table, an antique dry sink which holds patterns and notions, a side table where my fiddle sits ready for practice (though a shoulder problem has nixed that passion temporarily), a dress form, a basket for clothes needing mending or in-progress work, and a large storage chest with a padded top. Above the chest is a dime store mirror fastened to the wall. It also has a small closet for out of season clothes, extra storage and works in progress. The shelves and dry sink are covered with chotchkes from many travels overseas and memorobilia from happy times, and usually the ironing board is up, so is a little crowded, but it is also very cozy. Some ideas that work for me…seat/storage combos are great b/c they hold a lot (unruly fabric stash!) but also look neat when closed and can be used anywhere in the house or apartment as extra seating. The basket serves as a kind of inbox/outbox for current projects. I don’t have a serger but don’t really miss it (maybe I don’t know any better), and that saves space. The book shelves are very handy for books of all stripes, including many not sewing related, and I can set commonly used notions in front of the books as well (rather like in your picture). I look forward to spending an hour there every day and a few more on the weekends.

  57. Ann says:

    I do have a sewing / knitting / project space all my own. But it’s a very recent addition to my life. Long ago I invested in a special cabinet for my sewing machine. Closed, it is just an unassuming cabinet with a flat top and casters, easily rolled out of the way. Opened, the surface doubles, the sewing machine magically rises up out of it to 2 different working heights, and all of my little tools are right there in handy compartments. I remember the sticker shock, but it was well worth every penny. If you are interested I could post a picture.

  58. Michele says:

    I sew garments, design & sew bags, quilts, etc. (you name it, I probably sew it or it’s on my future agenda.) This requires stashes for the various types of sewing & loads of notions. I live alone in a compact, urban home which allows me great freedom–it is set-up for my convenience. Full. Stop.
    I have a small second bedroom that houses my cutting table, stash (on shelves), a few small end tables store thread, notions, etc. I keep all of my supplies very organized because I become very irritable when I have to search for something. One wall is covered with batting to make a design wall for my quilts & to try out various fabric combinations. However, I don’t do any sewing in the room, I prefer to sew at the table in my tiny kitchen breakfast nook, which is just a few steps from the spare room. Love the light that flows in & I position my machine so that I face the window so that I am able to observe the antics of the squirrles, robins, crows, etc. One night a large hawk perched on the fence and turned to gaze at me. The ironing board is also set-up in the kitchen. I also have a second custom-made wood cutting table that also functions as a table/bar in my dining room. I always dreamed of having a work/living space, like an urban loft and this little house is one step closer to fulfilling that dream.

  59. susana says:

    I live in NYC and there’s barely space for anything at all here! I have taken over half of the living room, and my hubbs who is a musician has the other half, so basically we have a big mess of an apartment. My “cutting table” is an old tv stand, plus an old pedal case (my hubbs) and an Ikea table top, eek! And I recently got an Ikea table with side flaps that go up and down as needed. My fabrics though are stashed in bin boxes in the kitchen and in the bedroom. I dream of a sewing room…

  60. Angelica says:

    Having thought a bit about this subject over the weekend, I think my biggest sewing organization tip is to store everything in pretty boxes. I especially love colorful round hatboxes, but any pretty-ish boxes would do. Have one for zippers, one for trims and elastics, one for tracing gear, a big one for your current WIP, ect.They are easy to stack and display in your living room without it screaming “haberdashery” while everything still has its place.

  61. Sandra says:

    No, no designated space and no other space either. In fact I am most often found complaining I have no room of my own, and frantically pulling around at plastic bags, bin bags and boxes jammed between the sofa and the freezer in the living room (no other space for that either!) looking for fabric. So yes it’s pretty bad and I get really bad tempered about it sometimes and stomp about wishing for better so I could have easier access. It is really frustrating but more than that, it stops me from doing what I want/need to do. It’s hard to have creative thoughts when you can’t see your fabric and you don’t know where your interfacing is and your felt is all squashed and crumpled. I have no space at all as I live in a really tiny flat. When the machine comes out, I have to use it on the ironing board which goes up in the living room. I have no table at all in the house and grapple around on the floor. I have no space to pin out a quilt so can’t make one, or block knitting when I knit. I think I have it pretty bad and feel quite sad about it. I am often to be heard whining pitifully about how hard done by I am. Money is also an issue, so I can’t afford to buy any kind of useful storage to put in the tiny 1.5 foot gap that everything is squeezed into, hence it is all in bags and rammed into the space.

    You are the first sewing blog I have seen not to have the boastful ‘look at my lovely studio space’ blog. Refreshing actually, as those show off posts have started to get on my nerves as it seems sometimes to be more important that we see these lovely studios than anything that is made in them. Nothing else in my home has a space either as I have no storage space at all and no room for any. Things are still in the packing boxes from 5 years ago. It drives me mad and is the most frustrating living space I have ever had!

    Your poll shows the majority of people have a proper space. I’m surprised at how many that is. Lucky them!

  62. Fashionista says:

    Oh my goodness, I just did a little inventory in my head and my sewing has colonised most of the house! My sewing machine and overlocker, button bottle, belt buckle bottle, zips box, cutting implements and LOTS of other bits & bobs all live in a Horn Sewing Cabinet (brilliant piece of furniture, I’ve had mine for almost 20 years) which is tucked into the purpose built laundry cupboard when not in use. I wheel it out into our meals room to sew. That laundry cupboard also has a shelf that is entirely sewing related; ribbon/trim box, scrap bags, three thread tins, other bits & bobs. My A0 cutting mat slips neatly behind the study bookshelves. Fabric is in three 60ltr tubs in the guests room cupboard. Daphne (the mannequin) is always in the formal lounge, dressed in either a current project or a vintage frock (because, well, they are so pretty to look at). Patterns have recently moved from my daughter’s wardrobe (because as a teenager she rightly wanted to claim the space) and are in the corner of the family room. At the moment I am sorting and storing them properly into comic book sleeves and comic book boxes so it is a bit disorganised. And I don’t know where I am going to store them when they’re sorted! The ironing board is permanently set up in the family room, which is right next door to the meals room where I sew. There you go, my hobby is inescapable!

  63. suebsewbyme says:

    I have a dedicated space in the attic so when it’s hot I take over my husbands games room as its air conditioned and move back up in winter or if we have guests.

  64. Cynthia says:

    I am blessed enough to be able to dedicate a 2nd bedroom to sewing. It has a south-facing window for maximum natural light. I also have a new desk that is big enough for both my regular machine and serger, but… the room is upstairs, and need two strong guys to get it there! I love being able to hide in my “creative cloud!”

  65. Linda M. Jung says:

    Mine sewing room is our sons old bedroom after he grew up :'( and moved out. But since then I have also gotten into other crafty things to do, so it’s getting crowded in there. So we’re looking for a bigger place out in the country now.

  66. Ewka says:

    I am very lucky in that I have a two bedroom self contained granny flat that has only recently become available again, on my property just metres away from the main house . The main lounge/dining/kitchen room has wonderful light streaming in and so houses the sewing machine with its own table – an old desk; my cutting table – an old dining table that we’ve put on blocks so its just the right height for me; lots and lots of shelving for my sewing books and sewing stuff; large wicker baskets that hold my card and pattern paper rolls etc and a nice couch that I can look through the latest sewing book purchase. The second room I use is the ‘fitting’ room with two large mirrors strategically positioned; the ironing board; another old desk for the overlocker; a clothes rack for my blocks; tubs for my patterns and patterns from the Big 4 companies (that storage has to change); and a cupboard with shelves for my fabric stash. All the furniture has been pre-loved and repaired by me and my husband. It’s still a work in progress, has only been fully operational for about three months and the makes sewn in it so far is ONE. SIMPLE. PENCIL.SKIRT!
    Previously, my sewing happened on the dining room table and there I’ve managed to sew two jackets, three skirts and two dresses all in about the same period of time! Maybe I’m just too overwhelmed with so much space…?!

  67. ikmay59 says:

    My Daughter left to go travelling around the world for a couple of years so I have bagged her bedroom and turned it into my little haven. I even got rid of the bed to make room for a huge farmhouse table to cut out on. But much as I love my sewing room and spend many hours in there, I would happily give it all up to have my daughter back home. (only one more year to go)!

  68. Karen says:

    I currently live in an oddly shaped curved cottage on a road bend, which makes for a triangular annexe off the living room – just big enough for a freecycle desk with shelving over and fabric stash boxes under. It’s great that I can be near the kids and overhear the telly etc, though I do overspill a l I t t l e. . .
    Dusting? Don’t know that word, is it Latin?

  69. DebB says:

    I do have a dedicated sewing space after many years of wishing for one. It is, however, our spare bedroom. So when company is on the way, the machines get folded back into their table, the cutting table comes down, the cutting mat gets stored behind the bookshelf in the hallway and all the containers housing patterns and fabric bits get pushed into the corners or moved into our master bedroom. The inflatable mattress comes out and gets made up into a double bed that just barely fits into the space between the sewing cabinet, the cabinet holding (some) of my fabric and the bookshelves holding my sewing books. Then I enjoy the company, all the while twitching in anticipation of them leaving so I can get back to work!

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