An End And A Beginning

polly and the puffin

With over 200 entries, my Polly and the Puffin giveaway comes to an end. The winner is Jackie with her story of a volcano, a whale and an ugly chick:

In September 2001 I flew in a tiny plane across a very turbulent North Sea to the volcanic island of Heimay to see Neil & his friends – but all the puffins had gone to sea for the winter. So I occupied myself walking up the still warm volcano, visiting a garden made in the lava by a couple, who everyday took bags of soil to the lava sea & planted seeds; & watched the whale from ‘Free Willy’ being fed by the US navy whilst he lived in luxury in an island harbour. At the end of the day the coach driver came to where I was sitting with a shoe box. Inside was the ugliest chick I had ever seen! He had been left behind on the school football pitch & the driver was raising him by hand until his family & friends returned the next Spring. Was Neil one of those puffins who went to sea, leaving behind a chick?

Well done, Jackie, and thanks for the surreal and entertaining true story! I’ll be in touch for a postal address.

And there’s a beginning at Didyoumakethat Towers. Where will it all end? In tears or laughter – or both? Any tips, let me know.

Ginger Jeans

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14 Responses to An End And A Beginning

  1. cathddu says:

    When trying a new jeans pattern I have found that it’s worth spending the time to get the fit right. Try machine tacking the main parts together for the fiddly fitting stage, using water soluble thread in the bobbin (so it can wash out) if you need to pin, use safety pins so you don’t loose them whilst taking the jeans off.
    The sewing bee book is my weekend treat! You’re right, it is the best of the three and it’s good to have a sewing book that goes beyond the basics.
    I really enjoy your blog, it’s my guilty secret at work.

  2. Awww, that story is sweet. I love the thought of creating a garden in the lava. The Ginger jeans pattern seems really popular. I a skinny jeans pattern years go from Hot Patterns and am still to make it. Good luck with yours, the fabric is a glorious colour. Xx

  3. caroleknox says:

    I got polly and the puffin for my 6 year old to read. He really loved it, such a lovely story. He also enjoyed the jokes and recipes at the back. Thanks for the recommendation.
    I have also bought the ginger jeans pattern and some cheap denim for a muslin. Just need to pluck up the courage

  4. Debra says:

    I look forward to seeing your Gingers and hearing your thoughts on the pattern. I’m considering the stovepipe version to make for the Angela Wolf Craftsy class I just started watching. I don’t like skinnies on me and I don’t like the struggle to get them on and off!

    I don’t know if you’ve come across it before but I am using a jean-a-ma-jig for some thick seams (non-jean) on my current project. It’s just a little bit of plastic but it works really well.

  5. Jackie says:

    Thank you SO much Karen. I am returning to sewing after a gap of hmmm – over 30 years but have already made a slouchy top in some fine fabric using French seams this week. I used to make a lot of mine & my daughter’s clothes. To celebrate my win I have just sent off for some gingher scissors to ensure that I don’t mess up at the first stage. I live near Clothkits in Chichester, who will, I know, help me to make a lovely blouse. I am also looking forwards to reading the Polly & The Puffin to my 5 year old twin grandchildren.
    Yes the lava garden was amazing. Paths, a little bridge, a shelter with a bench. The couple who created it were in their 80s when I was there & still visited every day. They carried soil up there in plastic carrier bags to start the garden.

  6. Ros says:

    I have just bought my first jeans pattern (not Ginger), so I shall be watching your progress with interest.

  7. I predict laughter, not like Sybil’s laughter mind you! I’ve sewn two pairs of Ginger Jeans, and am very pleased with the results!

  8. Marike Smit says:

    What a beautiful story!

  9. Heather Lou says:

    No tears my friend! Once you figure out your crotch (bwa haha) you’re 90% there.

  10. Linda says:

    I just find shed my 3rd pair of ginger jeans (a mustard colored pair!) and love them – definitely worth it! On first glance I assumed Jackie’s story was fantasy! What a wonderful adventure!

  11. Lyndle says:

    Great story! Definitely worthy of the prize. I love the colours you’ve chosen for your jeans.

  12. twotoast says:

    Have fun with the ‘Gingers’. As I am not the same shape as the designer (she appears quite pear shaped in comparison to my cylinder), I reverted to to my tried and tested ‘block’ after making the first pair and used the Ginger pattern pieces for the fly (which I widened a little) and pockets (which I made deeper). The top/edge stitching instructions are great and really ‘made’ the jeans for me. I have about 6 or 7 pairs now – blue denim, black denim, brown striped cotton, etc.,etc., ! Oh, and have fun with the insides. My ‘signature’ is purple overlock thread and zips and fa-u-lous quilting cotton for the waist lining, pocket linings and fly guard.

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