Ginger Jeans Next Steps

Ginger Jeans In Progress

And yay, the angels of heaven wept tears of joy because … there had been Ginger Jean sewing!

Not enough to share a finished project, but progress is progress. Even when it is grabbed in ten-minute windows around life and the day job. Finally, at the weekend I managed to get my head down and crack on.

There has been top stitching. There has been ripped out top stitching.

pocket top stitching

There has been zip insertion, practice bar tacks and – yes! – use of the John Lewis mini sewing machine.

Jeans Collage

There has also been basting. A lot of basting. A lot, a lot of basting. I basted the back crotch seam and leg side seams together to judge fit. Then I basted again to tweak fit. Then I ripped out the basting so that I could sew, overlock and top stitch the crotch seams. Then I sewed the inside leg seams. Then I basted the outer leg seams for a final check on fit. All worth it (I hope!) and all curiously satisfying.

One tip from my work so far: I snipped into the seam allowance on the inside curve of the crotch seam to release the fabric and allow easier stitching around this bend. Below, you can see my adjusted seam line marked. You can also see the inch-long row of stitches I’ve used to fix seam line matching prior to sewing the entire seam.

snipped seam

So, that’s where I am so far. Fingers crossed, my next Ginger Jeans blog post will be called ‘Final Steps’. Rather than ‘Finally Lost It’.

What have you been sewing?

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22 Responses to Ginger Jeans Next Steps

  1. Lesley King says:

    I’m on a similarly long journey at the moment making my first blazer. 2 days its taken me to sort out the shoulders. Apparently I have bizarrely narrow shoulders or at least thats what Simplicity wants me to think ….. mutter mutter mutter…..

  2. ooobop! says:

    Such neat work, Ms. Ball. I think 10 minute sessions are the best way forward. Less time to lose concentration! x

  3. Your making this look quite easy, to the point where I’m think oh I could sew my own jeans! Which is just ludicrous x

  4. the ruby gingers looking amazing, love your perfect top stitching – the zip is perfection!

  5. sewbusylizzy says:

    You know… I always struggle with bar tacks. I have no idea why!
    After a massive bout of indecision & needless sewing anxiety I’m making a cute little swing jacket… and a matching pencil skirt… and maybe I can squeeze out a mini too…

  6. knitlass says:

    I hope these turn out as fabulously as they deserve to – looks really good so far. Amazes!
    no sewing here *sob, sob* just no time… but there is a little bit of crochet here and there.

  7. Gail says:

    Looks like your efforts are paying off. They look very professional.

  8. katie says:

    Ahhhh there is nothing quite like making jeans. All that topstitching and basting is somehow therapeutic, and I say this as a generally lazy, process-averse sewist! They are looking A++.

  9. helen says:

    Looking good! Love the orange top stitching on the red.
    I’m at the same stage in the jeans I’m making. I was expecting a struggle but so far all going well except for a few top stitching niggles.
    Can I just say that 30mt of top stitching thread on a reel goes so fast when you are having to practice then unpick….

  10. katemcivor says:

    Looking great so far. And red!

  11. You’ve got a lovely fabric there. Now you need some “ruby slippers”! Can’t wait to see the finished jeans. What have I been sewing? Jeans! I was inspired to make a pair last year and the “Monthly Stitch” inspired me more. Then I got carried away – couldn’t decide which was better, the black polyester blend or the blue cotton blend. I actually have a favourite between the two now unfortunately! What kind of fabric are you using?

  12. Jo says:

    Your topstitching looks immaculate. Excellent work so far, Karen! Looking forward to seeing your “ta-da” moment. I’m on a similarly slow fitting journey with my Emery dress, only snatching 10-30 minutes in the morning or at night, but I’ve only got the front curve of my sleeve to worry about now. So close!

  13. Seconding the immaculate topstitching comment!

  14. I’m enjoying these progress reports. Your top stitching looks really neat. I’ve just finished a denim skirt. I think I love denim.

  15. Carolyn says:

    Hang in there, Karen! Can’t wait to see your finished jeans. They’re looking great so far – your topstitching is impeccable!

  16. Lookin’ good! Lookin’ good! You’ll get there…most of the tricky bits are completed. Having said that, my biggest challenge has been/continues to be be attaching the belt loops. On my first pair, three of them came un-stitched after a single wear…what up with that? I made sure the second pair were more secure, but they aren’t pretty….

  17. What a lot of work! I had been umming and ahhing about this pattern. Laziness is now putting me off!

  18. Stephanie says:

    These look so pretty. You can come and do my top stitching anytime…I end up ripping out much of mine but it never ends up as pretty as yours!

  19. Kara says:

    The jeans are looking really profesional. Great work!

  20. SarahStar says:

    Just adding to the general adulation of your top stitching! It’s bloomin’ amazing! I always avoid it wherever possible 😉 These jeans are going to be gorgeous I reckon.

  21. Joyapple says:

    Are you using twin needles to get those lovely parallel lines? Is Ella getting a matching over-coat?

  22. Jeans are so fun to make! I love the color you chose and the contrast of the topstitching is so clever 🙂 Very nice job.

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