Wild Horses

Batwing Dress Collage

Remember I said I needed a palate cleanser, after my Ginger jeans? This is it! A quick and easy make from a batwing dress I rubbed off years ago for a friend. She is still wearing the version I sewed for her, so I thought it was time to make a second version for myself.

There really is nothing clever or sophisticated going on here. Two pieces only, identical apart from the neckline shaping. A nice belt to give you waist definition, and job’s a good’un. Actually, even without a belt it makes for a very comfortable and stylish weekend dress – which is exactly how I’m going to wear it down the pub in a moment!

Batwing Pattern piece CollageI’m really pleased to have finally used my horse fabric, bought on a mass outing to Goldhawk Road last year, I believe. Memories are fading. Much better that these horses run free than stay cooped up in my stash cupboard.

Have you ever traced or rubbed off a pattern from a simple shop bought item? I recommend it!

Batwing Dress

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34 Responses to Wild Horses

  1. Jule Cruickshank says:

    Love this one! Just my kind of style. x Happy Easter. I’ve just started making a knitting bag for a pupil at school who loves knitting but for H&S can’t sit a knit in the playground!!

  2. masha says:

    It’s cute and I love the pop from the belt.

  3. Hélène says:

    This simple kind of dress is perfect for this busy print. No rub-off for me. Past experiences have been less than perfect.

  4. emsewcrazy says:

    We were just talking about shop bought garments as another form of muslin and therefore worth the investment in some cases. Fun dress!

  5. LinB says:

    I tend rather to wear a favorite rtw piece to death, and then cut it apart to use the pieces as a cloth pattern.

  6. Noblebirds says:

    I love that dress! I attempted something similar myself last year but really struggled with the neckline so ended up chopping the top off and making it into a skirt :(…any tips for a neat simple slash neckline? Happy Easter to you.

  7. joen says:

    Very cute dress!

  8. That’s a great dress. The shape is fab and the fabric is gorgeous. Actually I think I had a top with sleeves that shape in the 80’s. One of those ones that used to fall off your shouder and show everyone your bra…. before it was trendy. I would love to have it again now. Have a nice time in the pub and Happy Easter! Xx

  9. What a great creation! Love the fabric/bright tights combo. You’ve nailed it. AGAIN!

  10. Crazy horses! Love love love…except it would take more than a belt to give my waist definition!
    Enjoy the pub!
    bestest daisy j x

  11. stgilbert says:

    You look terrific and your tomato red accessories just POP! I love me a good dolman/kimono sleeve dress like this and have several in my closet. I usually add a drawstring at the waist.

  12. Jen says:

    Did you make it with cotton or knit fabric?

  13. Yvonne says:

    ‘Job’s a good’un’ , careful, folk’ll think you’re from Up North!
    Lovely frock by the way

    • Caroline says:

      Why do Northeners think everything belongs to them?! Really, they do – everything from words to personality traits. It’s a wonder we soppy southerners survive at all with what we are left. We have our sayings and stuff down here too and sometimes they are the same! Maybe because we are all belonging to the same island and are not different species from each other. I know you want to be exclusive but we have much in commonality, which seems to hurt. Sorry about that.

  14. Jo says:

    Your dress looks fun and comfortable – the perfect combination! My first ever “proper” sewn garment was actually a rub off from a pair of vintage flared trousers. I had no idea as a teen that trousers are meant to be difficult to make/fit, I just dived in and made a wild red, pink and purple striped pair and wore them with pride!

  15. Very nice! I love that colour combination – black and red always look good together!

  16. fabrictragic says:

    Very cute. No real rub off success yet but am aiming to copy a pair of undies in near future. Start small I say!

  17. I rubbed off a pair of skinny jeans. At the time it seemed easier than fitting a new pattern or trying to change a trouser pattern. It did work although it was a fair amount of work. I’ve used it three times so far, so it was a good investment of time.
    I love the horse print!

  18. A lovely, easy design. Looks great on you and perfect for the pub 🙂 Never tried to copy a RTW design, but will keep it in min now. I’m guessing the simpler the design, the better? Well, for my skills set at any rate…

  19. I love those horses! I’ve been looking out for a decent horse print for what seems like ages – zebras I can find, but never proper geegees!

  20. Sheree says:

    Many times I have unpicked a favourite piece of clothing and remade. I actually like the process of unpicking it – crazy? Some have been a total waste of time. Often I have taken ages unpicking and by the time I have got round to making, my weight has changed or I have completely gone off the style. The most successful thing I have copied, and now, I can’t really believe I had the patience, was to unpick an all-in-one ski suit.

  21. Twilight says:

    I was just about to say that I’ve never traced off a pattern from a piece of clothing when I remembered that I’ve made some kiddies clothes that way.. Does that count? Anyway, I love your batwing dress. I’m almost sure that I had something similar from the 80s in my pattern stash. I loved the dress I made from that pattern! Very tempted to go through my patterns to see if I still have it… 🙂

  22. vickygorry says:

    Great dress, I’ll be showing it to my 12 year old who plans to make her summer wardrobe (yes, she really is, and it’s so cool that she’s doing it before all that sewing self doubt has a chance to grow – and she’s inspiring me to make mine along with her). Love the tights too, red is a favourite of mine right now.

  23. Andrea says:

    Excellent outfit honey … love your confidence!

  24. jay says:

    Hooray for two seam garments! Just right for sewing in recovery mode after a fitting marathon. Great print you chose for this.

  25. TamsinW-P says:

    I took apart a well worn top last summer and discovered that the original was *very* poorly cut. I recreated it (and blogged it) last summer, but was not impressed with the fit. I have since lost a bit of weight and it looks much better!

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  27. I have used the flare on my fat face jeans to make the same cut on a jeans pattern and that worked well. Gorgeous dress and I love the styling. Jo x

  28. Emma says:

    Oh. Dress. Cantering. Stupendous tights. Utter joy. HOW ARE YOU EXCELLENT PUPIL? Emma x

  29. Geo P says:

    I think the fabric is from last year’s outing, it was very popular on that day. I remember seeing it and thinking/hoping those were Westies. I need some Westies in wardrobe.

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