Zip Tips!

zip insertion

Did you know that the ideal place to end a zip insertion is 9 inches (23 cm) beneath the highest part of your waist? According to the law of body averages, this is where the widest part of your hip will be. No wriggling into outfits again!

bottom zip

And to prevent the base of your zip flapping around or out, anchor it to your seam allowance. Such a small tip that has made a big difference when I’m clambering into my Ultimate Trousers.

What are you up to this weekend? I plan to put the finishing touches to my red lace dress, as documented on Instagram. I’m going cross-eyed. Will my sight or sanity survive?

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18 Responses to Zip Tips!

  1. Great tip! I’ve been despairing at the flappy ends of my zip, whilst wearing my first, properly fitting, home made trousers today. Will anchor them down before their next outing.

  2. Great tip. I love those trousers and an really digging your funky waist band. Check !out that fabulous piping. I am finishing a top from TGBSB Fashion with Fabric and am pleasantly surprised about how good this book. Night and day from the other two. Have a great (long) weekend. Looking forward to seeing your dress. xx

  3. Britney says:

    Small and powerful tips!! My favorite kinds. I don’t know why I never thought to tack the ends of the zipper down to keep it flat. Huh…something I will surely start doing!

  4. Excellent idea. I’ll be checking all my zips!

  5. SarahStar says:

    Brilliant, thank you! And very timely, I’m just about to put in a dress zip. I always have to shorten the length from where it’s placed on the pattern, but am never sure exactly where to. Now I know!

  6. Jen (NY) says:

    Nicely piped waistband there. As for this weekend, I have already been torturing myself with the instructions for Burdastyle skirt 135-04-2012. It’s a pencil skirt with horizontal side pleats at the hip. So far the instructions do not make sense…

  7. sharon says:

    Thanks for the fabulous tips.

  8. Nathalie says:

    That is so super useful. 9″ who knew! I am definitely going to remember this little number for zip insertation. Thank you for those great tips.

  9. Thanks for the tip!
    I’ve just finished making the easy sew skirt from the Great British Sewing Bee (see your own wardrobe book) which I found more difficult than the name suggests! But I have a wearable item of clothing and I am very proud.

  10. So sensible. 🙂 We had Fabricabrac this morning – a big stash market that is very well attended by the local sewists. I picked up a metre of powermesh and some silk cotton tulle, both of which other sewists spotted and let me know about at my own stall. You have to love this community! And since then, work and sequin attachment duty, again! 🙂

  11. Twilight says:

    Good idea! Thanks! I’m sewing a simple top – which I thought would look much more sophisticated with pintucks in front. I saw this great tutorial on how to do the pintucks with my serger. Fast and effective. Except I rushed the measuring and testing bit and now I’ve got to unpick a serged pintuck… 🙁

  12. Now that makes sense. I just made my first Ginger skirt, which called for a 9″ zip. I was impatient to get it sewn so used the (shorter) zip I had to hand. I definitely have to wiggle to get in! Luckily I used a stretch denim so it’s not too much of an issue. Great tip about tacking down the tapes. Thanks.

  13. Didn’t know about the 9″. Shall remember that tip. I cover the end of my zips with a fabric square to stop it flapping and from itching.Just finished a dress, so time to cut out a shirt for my son. Love a wet, bank holiday.

  14. annecheng108 says:

    Great tip. I’ll bear that in mind when I finish my summer skirt.

  15. Julie says:

    You know what I was doing this weekend – anchoring the ends of the zip tape to the seam allowance on my latest Ultimate Trousers. I feel really proud and professional that I came up with the same idea as you, although I am sure that is where the similarities end!

  16. JS says:

    Instead of relying on averages, I would find the actual widest part of my hip and to alter the zipper accordingly.

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