Did My Blog Schedule Work?

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Back in January, I set myself a challenge. Could I establish a blogging schedule and maintain it? Four months – or a third of the year – have flown by. Time to report back.

My aim was to write three blog posts a week – two midweek and one at the weekend. This is a demanding level of writing, photographing and sewing but I felt that if I was going to investigate the logistics of a blogging schedule I needed to push myself.

I had a monthly planner and a Sharpie pen near to hand. This initially made a big difference. Whenever an idea for a blog post occurred to me, I’d scribble it down. Forward planning gave me a creative shot in the arm. Three blog posts to write a week? You’d better get thinking! I enjoyed the thinking and planning. It gave shape to my blogging.

This also helped focus me during a crucial time of year. Those winter days that are a blogger’s nightmare? Planning helps a lot. Each weekend, I’d grab what I could and photograph it. There wasn’t much thinking going on. But I knew that a photo on my hard drive could be enough to inspire 150 words written on the sofa midweek after work – and that helped keep the blog running.

Regular posting saw an undoubted increase in my blog traffic – a 20 per cent monthly leap in visitors during the month I began my blogging schedule.

All good stuff. So, it feels telling that I’ve just gone an entire week without writing a blog post. Do I have any insights as to why?

  • I’ve been very busy sewing. Lots to share soon!
  • Other media presents easier options. I adore Instagram for an immediate connection with my fellow Sewists. The online world is changing and I’m not one to fight that.
  • I’d proved my point, which in turn extinguished the fire in my belly.
  • I wasn’t in the mood to write something. I think mood is a really important part of blogging.
  • I fell out of love with my planning board.
  • In conclusion, I stand by my original statement. I’m a splurger, not a planner!

And what of other people’s blogging schedules? Honestly, I barely notice if someone misses a self-imposed deadline. I bite my lip when a blogger apologises for a long silence. It’s fine! But there’s one day of the week when I get a bit twitchy if I haven’t had my blog reading fix, and that’s on a Sunday evening. Two bloggers I enjoy, Dolly Clackett and Closet Case Files, blog regularly at the end of the week. I love the moment this represents – to look backward and look forwards.

Regular blogging helps with this ritual of taking stock. It’s like the weekly phone call home. You make it when you remember and when you have time and when you have something to say. Mainly you make it to connect with the people who care and because you care. Does there need to be more to it than that?


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24 Responses to Did My Blog Schedule Work?

  1. Lizzy says:

    Do you think you’ll carry on with the schedule? I started scheduling when I stopped being a student and began working full time, as it made fitting everything in much easier. Especially the pesky taking of photographs! A schedule is great for keeping me on track, and for getting me back on it if I loose my mojo and need to have a blog free week.

  2. Ann Warner says:

    I always look forward to seeing ‘did you make that’ in my in box and if I havn’t seen you for a few days I start to wonder if all is well. I really enjoy it when you blog about what you have made,
    thank you Ann

  3. I admire that you stuck to your schedule for so long. I signed up to a Burdastyle monthly challenge to give some structure to my blogging, but I still haven’t managed to get a routine going!

  4. I enjoy reading regular posts and find that I tend to read more than post. But writing is tough – you do have to be inspired. So I do notice when bloggers who post regularly are missing, but also understand that life happens!

  5. Logan Mack says:

    Has it already been four months? It’s very helpful to hear how this went for you. With irregular crafting time myself, I’ve gone through periods of too few posts and too many. Scheduling just seems so imposing. I’ll title a post and maybe add a link or a couple of notes and save it to finish when time allows, but I try to get something posted about every four days. It’s so nice to have info on different scheduling styles and how they work for different personalities. Thanks for sharing. Maybe, I’ll be brave and try fitting in some scheduled segments.

  6. ellegeemakes says:

    That’s great that you stayed with such a challenging schedule for so long. I only post about two times a week, which feels like all I can manage! When it comes to reading blogs, I guess I pay more attention to the content of the blogs. I don’t really think too much about how often folks post. Sewing is a time consuming sport, and If a blog is quiet, it usually means there’s something juicy and creative happening that they will soon share. However you do it, blogging is all good!

  7. Bunny says:

    Scheduling? I just don’t see the point. To me it only makes sense if you are under some sort of imposed situation to keep monetization alliances happy. Blogs that do that drop off my radar quite quickly. Scheduling makes blogging too much like a job and If I wanted that feeling I was just stay at work. I say drop the scheduling routine, which you did, and I applaud you for it. Now you can get back to blogging and sewing and writing for the sheer pleasure of it.

  8. For me, blogging is just a hobby, but I want to try and become a bit more regular, as I do enjoy it. Thinking I might try a once a week schedule for a while to kick start myself

  9. I’ve really enjoyed your posts and have also joined instergram, sometimes a photo can say more than words. I try to keep a weekly posting and others pop in from time to time when I have made something or found something want to share. x

  10. I’m just grateful for any post you make as it is always a pleasure to read your insights, xo

  11. Marianne says:

    I’m so glad you dropped the scheduling. I enjoy reading about sewing projects, about real struggles or successes. Scheduling often brings those I-blog-because-it’s-Tuesday-posts where it’s obvious there was no progress to show so a random subject was brought up. I prefer passionate writing: five posts a week when you’re really into a special project you can’t stop talking about or one in five weeks if there’s nothing to share. I do love Instagram for the quick updates because I like seeing work in progress and not just finished garments. I really enjoy the little bits of your lace dress showing up on IG!

  12. While I have selfishly enjoyed a generous fix of DYMT in recent weeks I can imagine that blogging to such a strict schedule has been quite a slog. I feel like I am always running behind myself and I only try for once a week. The writing part is not the worst though. Getting photos is. Xx

  13. I post on Friday and mid week so that I can spend the weekend with family and my children without thinking too much about blogging but I read other peoples when I am evading housework and other work tasks that need completing like paperwork! i have got my children aged 7 and 5 involved on the photographing front and they enjoy that too. I love blog posts of all kinds no matter how often they are. Jo x

  14. I only recently bought a fancy planner but honestly I haven’t used it. I squeeze bogging when I can which means there are weeks I can write 3 posts in one day and others I couldn’t write one. So backlog projects helps me as i can just dig on what’s next already photographed, I have recently started to blog less and less because i’m busy sewing when i’m off duty. Enough computer screens is all my brain can think these days. My idea notebooks and my makes grow every day but instagram full fills my need to share and i end up being lazy to blog.

  15. I believe in blogging without obligation. I had a vague plan, at the beginning of the year, to blog three times a week. There were times when I just didn’t have anything to say, that I thought warranted a blog post. There is really no point in forcing it. April was the first time I actually managed a total of 12 for the month. Traffic did go up, but I’m not really bothered about that. I prefer having a core of regular commenters that I can connect with. Although its always nice when somebody new finds you and even better if they have an interesting blog themselves, that you might not have found otherwise.

  16. Caroline says:

    Karen, you are so disciplined. I write 2-3 posts per month, whenever I can fit it in, and I enjoy the writing much more than the photography. I look forward to seeing your new creations and reading your related posts.

  17. Heather Lou says:

    I have a loosey-goosey schedule. I try to post Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday but some weeks I don’t have three posts in me (or more appropriately, the time to wrote 3 posts). Having said that, this quasi structure helps me stay focused, and I have a huge and growing list of blog topics to choose from at any given time so I don’t ever feeel pressure to put out something I don’t feel good about, I simply do not understand how people post more frequently then that though…. bloggers ho post 2 times a day blow my mind.

  18. Great insight! I have started blogging three times a week and have found it to be sustainable. I sew alot! And to supplement my sewing posts, I have sewing tips and resources, and store bought style posts which are super easy because it’s really photographing what I’m wearing that morning before I head off to work. I just schedule it to post when I edit the pictures.

    I know what you mean about cringing when a blogger apologizes missing a post. But, I’ve heard there are people who pitch a fit when a blogger does that. I really have no clue why! Either way, I believe it’s quality over quantity and you have to do what you can and what you feel!


  19. Nathalie says:

    I would love to make a blog schedule but at the moment I’m just not ready for it. I have only started to blog less than a year ago. And to be honest I really like blogging but I love sewing more! And at the moment I don’t have time for either of them and that is also fine for now.

  20. Kara says:

    I’m one of your new readers, who has enjoyed your frequent updates. I am impressed that you have managed to write so many well thought out posts.
    As other point out though I would take quality over quantity any day. Bloggers who post often just to post quickly get taken off my blogglist. I don’t usually miss a blogger before it’s been more than a month. Perhaps that’s because I don’t post that frequently myself, and don’t want to set standars for others that I couldn’t follow myself.
    My blog schedule? I try to post at least once per month 😉

  21. Alice says:

    Karen, where did you get a Chinese planner from?

  22. I have only been blogging for a couple of months but when I started my plan was to try and post something every week and if I had I could manage any more that would be a bonus, I think I am averaging about two a week but not on a specific days, just as and when I have time or if I have something I want to share. I am definitely not ready for scheduling posts
    and applaud anyone who has the dedication to do so.

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