Kate Doran’s Homemade Memories – A Giveaway

Kate Doran

Earlier this week I attended the book launch for Kate Doran’s debut cookbook, Homemade Memories. Published only four days ago, this title has already been featured on the front page of The Guardian, in The Times, Marie Claire and The Stylist. It’s currently the number one bestseller in the Baking Pastries and Pies category on Amazon. This book is gonna be big!

I am lucky enough to know Kate. We worked together last year, so I can attest to her incredible work ethic, integrity and creative passion.

In her spare time Kate blogs at The Little Loaf. Not about sewing, but about food. Specifically, the food of comfort and memories. She’s devoted herself to recreating treats from our collective childhoods. From those chocolate bars you always found in your favourite corner shop, to the ice-cream memories of playing in the park and the bourbon dreams of a plate full of biscuits. Add recipes for homemade mint marshmallow, a twist on a certain chocolate treat – Mr Ambassador, you spoil us! – and your very own caterpillar cake, and you realise your inner child needs this book.

mint marshmallow

So, it’s a good job I have a copy to share! And because this is a sewing blog, I’m throwing in two metres of ice-cream printed fabric. I dare you to eat homemade ice-cream whilst wearing your homemade ice-cream dress.

signed bookTo have a chance of winning, leave a comment below sharing your favourite childhood treat. This giveaway is open internationally and the closing date is midnight GMT Tuesday 9 June. Good luck!

Thank you, Kate.

homemade memories

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248 Responses to Kate Doran’s Homemade Memories – A Giveaway

  1. Ina Steinman says:

    My favorite childhood treat was “rosinboller”, a sweet Norwegian bun made with cardamom and raisins.

  2. Jen says:

    What a fantastic book! My absolute favourite childhood treat was fairy cakes which my mum and I would make together, a tradition I’ll be continuing with my son when he’s a little bit older!

  3. PinPoint Patterns says:

    My Mom always made two desserts for Sunday dinner – Lemon Snow pudding and my all time favourite – Pecan Squares. Thank you Karen for the yummy give-a-way!

  4. Knitlass says:

    Oooh! Sounds like a great book. I have lots of childhood favourites – sweets were big in the 1970s! Blackjacks and fruit salad chews, and gobstoppers. My favourites were undoubtedly the most sugary and processed things – wagonwheels and teacakes stand out. Sugary, chocolatey and full of gooey teeth coating stuff.

  5. lauriesannie says:

    Vanilla ice cream with home-made thick fudge sauce! Still the best.

  6. mutleybates says:

    That looks like a lovely book! My grandmother used to make an apple abd blackberry fool, all the fruit came from the garden and she always made the cream herself…I’m still amazed by that. It wasn’t really for ‘the children’ (there wasn’t enough), but we always managed to get a little bit…Mmmm….

  7. Spike says:

    Banana sandwiches, while watching Worzel Gummidge and having the tangles combed out of my long hair after its weekly wash.

  8. Alessa says:

    My very favorite childhood treat was the Swiss, pistacio-filled chocolate that my grandma sometimes brought us. So good! 🙂

  9. Anna-Marie says:

    Iced buns – yum! My own children now enjoy these too. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. Rachel says:

    My favorite childhood treat was snowflake pudding!

  11. Christine McMaster says:

    This book sounds fantastic! My Latvian grandmother would make Alexander cake, a sweet torte with 5 thin layers of delicious cake (some wholewheat thrown in for health) and each layer was filled sparingly with her homemade blackcurrant jelly. All was coated with with a skating rink smooth icing made from icing sugar and lemon juice and a touch of water. She decorated it with bees and butterflies fluttering around flowers, all made from candied fruit. We were enchanted!

  12. Kimmy Rocket says:

    You can’t beat a Jammie Dodger – the after school snack of champions! There are rounds of applause in my office now when some bright spark sticks some in the biscuit tin.

  13. Miss Amy says:

    Lemon sherbet sweeties which were given further advancement in my mind by reading that Dumbledore also ate them.

  14. Anna irving says:

    Hmmm…hot buttered crumpet! Without a doubt 🙂
    Looks like a great book, perhaps to make yummy childhood memories for my kids?

  15. arrowlili says:

    Hmmm… Hot buttered crumpets… Yum, my childhood fave. The book looks like a great way to create some yummy childhood memories for my kids x

  16. Snickerdoodles, 50-50 bars and lemon pudding cakes. When I was old enough my mom taught me how to bake, and I teach my kids how to bake their favorites now. Baking makes happy memories

  17. Beth says:

    my favourite childhood treat was jelly tots…especially being able to dip a finger into all the sugar at the end of the bag! 🙂 this book looks great

  18. Cin Vow says:

    Pumpkin pie and strawberry cake. Yum yum! I love baking with my kids.

  19. Rozlyn chidgey says:

    My Grannys soup never the same, made from what she had, always special

  20. Penny says:

    Amazing looking book, and fabric. I am imagining the perfect dress right now. My favourite treat to have with my granny was queen of puddings, a milk soaked bread/jam/raw meringue concoction that I made for my husband a few years ago -much to his disgust. I think my love of it had a lot more to do with my granny than the taste!

  21. Lily Davies says:

    Homemade lemon meringue pie made by my Nan.

  22. Kathy Lynch says:

    My Mum made a delicious apple pie, always decorated with a pastry rose in the middle surrounded by pastry leaves. Without a doubt, my favourite treat was that yummy shortcrust pastry rose! (Thanks, Mum!)

  23. Claire Pascoe says:

    In the late 70s, when I was in junior school, the local corner shop to my school started to stock Nutella. Not in jars, but in tiny little plastic container which held about a table spoon of Nutella and a very small plastic spoon to eat it with. I could make that tiny amount of Nutella last the whole of playtime! It came as a great shock when I went to France and saw huge jars of the stuff, which they used to coat crepes with. It felt like an embarrassment of riches.

  24. Summerflies says:

    Ha, ha I just ate some of my homemade ice-cream! Sounds like a lovely book. I loved any thing my mother made… she had lots of unusual things made from nearly nothing to whip us up some treats. If I write what it was, it will sound disgusting but it was wonderful…. she would cook flour in a frypan and cook it into a paste and then roll it in sugar…. it had such an unusual texture and flavour… should ask her to make it again!

  25. Suzy Roberts says:

    Making homemade fudge with my mum. What felt like hours of stirring and bubbling and delicious buttery smells. It was wonderful. We cooked with my mum from an early age….and although I don´t have kids, I continue the tradition here in Spain with my young English students: we make butterfly cakes, biscuits, garishly decorated cup cakes…and of course, fudge!

  26. rebeccaiross says:

    Lemon custard ice cream!

  27. My mom was big on treats. I loved her madeleines. In fact, she’s given me her old madeleine pans and I make them from the same recipe! Ice cream was a frequent treat and she made her own Jell-O (juice with gelatin and fruit added; it was either apple juice with blueberries or orange juice with strawberries). But what really sticks out is berries. My parents didn’t buy any unless they were in season. We’d go strawberry picking once and freeze most of the bounty (they would eventually show up in that Jell-O!) Fresh berries were a rare Summer treat. My parents would put them in a bowl and pour a bit of cream and sugar on top. Yum!

  28. Sophia says:

    Mmm, so many to choose from, but I still have a bit of an obsession with those foam shrimp sweets and always have to buy them when I see them (and then make myself feel sickby eating them all at once!)

  29. jenny crisp says:

    On a cold snowy Minnesota school day the best treat ever was to come home to find Granma’s big black pan on the stove cooking donuts. I got to eat the “holes”, fifty years later they are still the best donuts I have ever eaten.

  30. My favorite treat was Rice Krispy Treats! I even made some this week and just finished one!

  31. Kirsty says:

    We liked Angel Delight, particularly butte scotch and especially with banana and crushed biscuit. The sophistication…

  32. Marie says:

    My favorite childhood memories were my grandmothers apple and cherry strudels. I especially enjoyed watching her make them.

  33. Funny Face ice cream lollies – more squidgy than your normal ice lolly. Happy Days!

  34. Helena says:

    My memory of a great pudding my Mum made was Mandarin Whip. It consisted of a Mandarin Jelly made up to packet instructions using the juice from a can of Mandarins whisked into a can of Carnation milk. Left in fridge to set and then decorated with blobs of Nestles sterilised cream and the drained Mandarins. I can’t believe how much good fresh produce has changed over the years! I wouldn’t dream of eating something so processed now but can almost taste it just thinking of it! A memory of childhood!

  35. CurlsnSkirls says:

    Ah, home made doughnut holes rolled in powdered sugar were a rare & memorable treat for us! A tradition continued for many decades was mum’s home made vanilla ice cream, which my parents for the neighbourhood on our summer holiday. I still have both recipes, but not the old hand crank freezer to churn out that frozen custard.
    Thanks for thinking of us, Karen! 💝

  36. Amanda says:

    My mom always baked everything so the BIG treat was to be allowed to walk up the block, cross the street and get an ice cream sandwich. This was not an ordinary sandwich. They made them fresh when you ordered so the cookie part was always crisp and the ice cream was whatever flavor you desired.

  37. Jane says:

    sounds like a great book. I loved curly wurlys, I think they still do them, but they have shrunk to such a tiny size compared to what they used to be.

  38. It looks naughty but nice. I fitted a dress today for myself and I have gone down in size so maybe I would have some room to make some treats! Thanks for the giveaway chance

  39. Alex says:

    Tunnocks Teacakes! My brother and i used to crack the chocolate top, by basing them on our heads. Then we’d pick the chocolate off bit by bit and eat it, off, then eat the marshmallow (stickily) and finally the biscuit base. And the foil wrapper could be put to lots of uses! I’ve started my children on them as a special sweet treat now

  40. Iris says:

    I actually forgot about my childhood favourite until recently. For a coworker’s birthday, we bought a few tubs of rocky road squares from M&S to share around the office. Funny how I totally forgot about these treats! I haven’t had one for more than 15 years!! The last time I had some, it was from a care package sent over from my aunt. And back in those days, parcels took weeks to travel from Canada to Hong Kong. So she would wrap them in layers of foil and multiple ziploc bags. I remember the anticipation, unraveling the layers of foil, before finally sinking my teeth into the squares. Let’s be honest, these squares were usually a little stale by the time they arrive. The sweetest thing about it is the care my aunt put in.

  41. Susie says:

    Oh my gosh that sounds like a lovely book! I think my favourite childhood treat was probably jam tarts!!

  42. iain maciver says:

    got to be my mothers home made apple pie

  43. raquel form JC says:

    suspiros from Venezuela (vanilla meringues with crisp outside gooey inside)

  44. Sam says:

    Oh my word, love this. What a great book idea, lovely photography and great to read everyone’s comments. I used to have grated cheese and jam sandwiches as a child !! As an adult I’ve replaced them with Brie and cranberry ciabatta…but still have fond memories of the strawberry jam originals.

  45. Ellen says:

    My mom was a great pie maker. I loved it when she gave me the scraps of dough and I would fill them with jam and bake them. My own mini pies. She also made a wonderful boiled frosting. We would spread the frosting on graham crackers and top with another cracker. My mouth is watering now, and I’m filled with such happy memories of my mom.

  46. Jo says:

    I was wondering when this book would come out! I stumbled across Kate’s blog before Christmas and thought her book sounded great. Lovely giveaway, Karen! I think my favourite childhood treated was Milkolait spread in a white bread sandwich. Does anyone else remember Milkolait? It was like a white chocolate version of Nutella, SO GOOD! I was also very fond of Boomy ice lollies.

  47. Ruth says:

    A lot of my childhood was in Thailand, so one of my favourite things was sticky rice and coconut milk, I used to make it myself from about the age of eleven as a Saturday morning treat

  48. megan says:

    It has to be Lemon Meringue Pie, my Mum was a great cook. Looks like a great book, love the look of the biscuits on the cover.

  49. Definitely my mum’s sage and onion sausage rolls every Christmas time, you can’t beat them! They’re so ingrained in our family Christmas tradition that I can’t remember a year when I haven’t had one… 🙂

  50. Lucy Watkins says:

    Buttery toast cooked over the fire sitting next to my nan!

  51. Talya says:

    Creamsicle ice cream bars. The ice cream truck would always drive through my neighborhood, and I could never resist getting one. They are the perfect representation of childhood fun in the summer sun!

  52. Mary says:

    My Grandma used to come for dinner every Sunday and always brought dessert. It’s a toss up between lemon meringue pie or her chocolate chip cookies!

  53. Anne says:

    Cream horn – this is a cone of sweetened pastry with a jam & cream filling. I loved to lick out the filling with my tongue. Yum
    I wonder if they’re still available. All the good cake shops have gone now

  54. Jenn c says:

    Peanut butter cookies! My brother and I used to make them often.

  55. Anne Morrison says:

    My mother’s lemon raisin tarts!

  56. Annabel says:

    What a lovely idea for a book. My favourite childhood treat was a Tunnocks tea cake – in fact I’m still quite partial to them now!

  57. Zane says:

    me, me, pick me!

  58. dkswife says:

    German chocolat cake has always been my favorite from since I was a child. Of course, it has to be completely homemade 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win the cookbook and fabric.

  59. Louise says:

    As a child we always had a trifle for Sunday tea. It was my job to make it trifle sponges with jam inside, followed by rasps if in season and jelly. Home made custard and topped with whipping cream, manderin segments and sprinkles (of course) Very 70s. All the more special as nobody likes trifle in our home so I sadly don’t make them.

  60. edenz says:

    Sour cream cutouts

  61. Elizabeth Cook says:

    Toasted marshmallows!!

  62. Susan S says:

    My husband misses lemon pound cake that his mom made. I loved homemade cinnamon rolls. The first snow day, my mom and I would make cinnamon rolls. The second snow day, we would make snow cream. Also, butterscotch pie!

  63. Melani says:

    My favorite childhood treat is sweet meringue cookie type that these sellers on bike used to sell outside my house. I don’t know what’s the name though …
    Thanks for the chance Karen, and thanks Kate, too …

  64. Andrea says:

    I’m American so I don’t know the treats you mentioned but they sound tasty!

  65. Cynthia says:

    Cream puffs!

  66. Katie M says:

    What a wonderful competition. My favourite treat was my Nana’s Raspberry Coconut Slice. It’s a heavy vanilla cake base, covered in raspberry jam and finished with coconut meringue topping. The recipe has been passed down to my Mum and myself. I love making it, but I still can’t do it as well as my Nana. Such great memories.

  67. Marilyn A says:

    My most memorable treats from childhood are my mom’s chocolate Swiss rolls with vanilla cream filling, and her maple syrup tarts- yummy!. I always got to lick the bowl!

  68. Liara says:

    I have two favorites. The first is a Latvian roll with bacon cooked inside. It’s pronounced spekaraus (I don’t know how it’s really spelled) which supposedly translates to “fat roll”. The second would be pecan pie, but only when it’s shared with a close family friend who earned the honorary title of “uncle” even though he wasn’t technically family. Thanks so much, Karen!

  69. Jenny says:

    My fave was rum truffles – the first thing I learned to make!

  70. Bobbi says:

    My favorite treat when I was young was Marathon bars – a braid of caramel covered in chocolate. They aren’t available in the US any more but are called Curly Wurlys in the UK. I also loved the springerle that my grandma made at Christmas. I have her recipe and molds, but it just won’t be the same.

  71. Jen (NY) says:

    Homemade strawberry ice cream. Is it just my memory, or does ice cream taste better when it’s made the slow way, in an ice and rock-salt filled hand-churned maker? Anyway, once or twice a summer my mom would cook up the ice-cream base on the stove and my dad would set up the ice cream maker outside on the patio. The kids would all take a turn, but my dad really did most of the churning. Sometimes we would also have a crate of Bing cherries from fruit-farming friends of the family, and so that’s really a tie in the favorites category for me. A seven year old can almost get sick on nearly unlimited cherries.

  72. Rory says:

    I grew up in a home where my mom worked at the Keebler factory and never baked. So, most of my childhood treats came in a wrapper. I now bake all of the time so it makes me wonder what my kids will say was their favorite from childhood. This book looks wonderful!

  73. Lyn says:

    My favourite treat as a child was crumpets smothered in butter, eating them with my Grandad by ourselves at breakfast! Such memories. I still make the shortbread my Mum made, and they are now demanded by my children when they come home every Christmas.

  74. jcgshaston says:

    Happy memories of sitting on the back step with a stick of rhubarb and a little pot of sugar in which to dip the end.

  75. Christina says:

    My favourite treat was a packet of wine gums, my dad would buy my sister and I a packet at the garage before we went to a museum exhibition and the game was to be the first one to eat the whole packet without the museum staff spotting you. Soon much fun! And a lot harder than it sounds! My sister always got caught! Ahhh, the memories!

  76. Jennifer says:

    Mmm. My mother made most of our desserts, so I still get to eat them regularly made either by her or me. Somehow this puts them out of the childhood category. The rare treats were available only in New England, I’m guessing since I can’t find them where I live now. Hood’s Sports Bars, a chocolate covered vanilla and fudge ice cream bar, eaten while sitting in the bleacher seats at Fenway Park while watching a baseball game. Mmmm.

  77. sewmanju says:

    My favourite childhood treat would have been kajjikaiulu. These are deep fried South indian treats that my mum would make once a year at Christmas. Crisp pastry something like pasties, stuffed with a sweet mix of coconut, nuts and spices. Special memories of a special time of year.

  78. Fiona says:

    There are too many to choose from! The best memory though was getting to choose a special birthday cake each year from Mum’s cake book. One year I had a butterfly, the next a Hansel and Gretel House all covered in sweets and then there was the Hickory Dickory Dock clock complete with sugar mice!! Heaven!! Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  79. Nicola says:

    My favourite cake was a chocolate rum cake that we were allowed a slice of if there was any left after my parents seventies dinner parties . Or the sweets from the shop my grandparents ran on a caravan site especially chocolate tools!

  80. Denise Walker says:

    my mom would make me jam sandwiches – #lovely

  81. Ruthann says:

    How ’bout snow ice cream? A little bit of vanilla and food coloring added to milk and drizzled over fresh, clean snow. Maybe there was some sugar in there, too. A rare treat since I grew up where it rarely snowed. June 9 is my birthday so would be extra special to win this book. Sounds like it has lots of yummy things!

  82. susan says:

    I remember making ‘thirteens’like rocky road with my granny when i was little

  83. Roberta says:

    Scotch pancakes cooked on my Mum’s electric griddle pan, made in the summer holidays with my sister while Mum was at work. We’d demolish the entire batch and meticulously tidy up afterwards so Mum was none the wiser! The perfect crime! 🙂

  84. Cotton candy or candy floss is my very beloved childhood treat!

  85. chacha says:

    Hot chips! For the return leg of our biannual train trip into the big city for proper shopping, Mum would buy us a bag to share. We savoured the moment and made that bag last as long as we could:)

  86. Janet says:

    Hmmm…..so many choices. I guess spice cake with penuche icing. I think we ate it just for the icing which is essentially fudge!

  87. JoezGal says:

    My favorite was Mom’s Pineapple Cream Cheese Pie that she only made during the holidays. Mom passed away last year and we thought we had lost the recipe forever, until my sister found a tattered copy in one of her books! This book sounds wonderful, and I’d love to have both book and fabric. Thanks.

  88. Definitely my fave treat as a kid was the sherbet in the cardboard roll and it had a liquorice stick (which I hated- was stoked when the newsagent got sherbet with lollipops- life was easy at 7). It would cost me 10p. Ohh and i loved the 2 penny beer sweeties. Question: Are penny sweets still a penny?

  89. amcclure2014 says:

    Mmm – in the summer, crisp rhubarb, picked from the garden, dipped in a paper bag filled with sugar and eaten or peapods from the garden or my birthday treat of a cream sponge with strawberries. In the winter, it had to be ‘cloutie dumpling’ which is a fruit dumpling cooked in teacloths, usually – hence cloutie which is from cloth. There was always an element of anticipation to see if it would work; afterwards, it was left open to dry in front of the fire and we’d pick bits off. My brother’s birthday was on 2nd January and he always had one as his cake. I wonder what my own children’s’ childhood memories are?
    I’d love to winthe book

  90. greyhoundgal says:

    This has triggered some nice memories lol; so my favourite was – Milk Biscuits, mum is on a gluten free diet and used to make these as a treat, they were made with dried milk and were very yummy – unfortunately she lost the recipe “sob”

  91. Ann Johnston says:

    My Mom’s homemade peach ice cream!

  92. Stirling says:

    Mmm, ice cream fabric! I have fond memories of making rice crispy treats with my older siblings, and many many many batches of chocolate chip cookies at home.

  93. The cookbook looks really lovely, and the fabric is awesome.
    My favourite childhood treat would have to be the ginger biscuits my mum used to make. They were spicy and gingery but also melted really beautifully in the mouth. When I went away to University I requested a batch to take with me into halls.

  94. Heather says:

    My Dad made cinnamon bread on the weekends when I was little. It was such fun helping him! Great memories….

  95. Helen Plant says:

    Chocolate concrete and pink custard!!!

  96. JaneyB says:

    It has to be a toss up between my grandmother’s rice crispie cakes which I think were made with melted toffees and marshmallows and my mum’s fairy toadstools made for birthday parties from piped meringue and lovingly decorated with carefully sliced dolly mixtures! This book looks fabulous!

  97. Karen says:

    My granny made a rice pudding I have never had anywhere else or been able to recreate; rice, milk and sugar baked In an enamel tin, then beaten egg stirred in for the last part of cooking. The result part unctuously tender rice pudding and part creamy egg custard. No nutmeg. Just as delicious cold.

  98. silvia says:

    My favourite childhood treat was “Chocolate dipped horseshoe biscuits ” …amazing, I still smile every time I saw one 🙂

  99. Jo says:

    Rock cakes with my Grandma. I still have the recipe I wrote with her aged about 5 or 6, she can no longer cook them but her memory lives on

  100. Ann Sparkes says:

    I always loved mum’s Apple sponge and custard, simple but delicious. What a lovely book and a super giveawat. Annie S.

  101. Redhedhels says:

    I loved French Fancies, but could never decide whether to have a pink, yellow or brown one! In fact, I still can’t – maybe I should just eat the whole pack and save the Party Rings for another day 😉 Thanks for the giveaway!

    • claire says:

      I loved fondant fancies!
      The pink ones do a wonderful job of appearing to be the best, but the yellow ones are definitely where the flavour’s at! I always used to base my choice on which non-brown one had the biggest buttercream bump. 😁
      Also now remembering peeling the caramel off twix fingers in one piece, to eat the biscuit first and save the best bit ’til last. And playing Holy Communion with milkybar buttons…I didn’t half play with my food! 😁

  102. lyndelou says:

    My mums homemade millionaire’s shortbread…… Yum!

  103. Julie Jones says:

    My favourite childhood treat was the ice cream my grandmother always made for special occasions. It’s quite a simple recipe, but it was always magical!

  104. My father used to get up early on Saturday mornings, go to the bakery and bring home freshly baked warm ‘krentebollen’. They’re slightly sweet buns with raisins in. Absolutely delicious.

  105. My childhood treat was a trip to my Auntie’s house. She used to make a yummy quiche, followed by homemade lemon meringue pie – yum!

  106. Clare says:

    This book looks great! I used to love it when my mum made us knickerbocker glories with ice cream, tinned fruit and sticky red syrup!

  107. A pot of mushy peas on an early October night at the Nottingham Goose Fair, I realise this probably sounds disgusting but trust me it is heaven in a little pot.

  108. Susan F says:

    Grandma used to make popcorn balls, only at Christmas time. The syrup was made of mild molasses cooked with heavy cream until it was almost like toffee. I have the recipe but no one in my own little family loves them like I did. I think of them every Christmas..

  109. Jo says:

    Mmm not sure if my comment turned up or not… My favourite treat was my mum’s fruitcake, especially when she made it to bring with us on camping holidays. After a three day journey to the Alps and a whole-family struggle to get the tent up, sitting down with a slice was when you knew you were really on holiday!

  110. Cathddu says:

    Did anyone else share a gobstopper! I used to lick off a layer of colour then pass it on to my brother who had it until the colour changed and then it came back to me! My mother would have been horrified if she’d known. Happy days!

    • claire says:

      Nope. But I distinctly remember having endurance battles with my brother and sister over who could stand the most of those ted, hot cinnamon flavour warheads for longest. Still proud that I’d win every time! 😂

  111. Katy M says:

    I used to love Mr Men chocolate yogurt – wish you could still get it! x

  112. Sara mayo says:

    Anything with a Graham cracker crust. Even tofu cheesecake – I would suffer through the filling in order to get that yummy crust

  113. Christina says:

    I think my favourite treat as a child was the “chocolatines” (pain au chocolat if you’re not from southwest France) that my dad sometimes would buy on Sunday mornings with his paper, brought back on his bike with baguettes also sticking out of his backpack. We’d eat breakfast as a family and drink café-au-lait 🙂 Man, I miss this and my family now that I live in Norway!

  114. Clare says:

    My favorite treat was Mum’s coconut haystacks! The recipe was lost years ago, but I still love coconut. Sigh…

  115. Karen Dodgson says:

    Mmmm, what lovely memories this has brought back! My mum baked every week from her Be-Ro baking book, and my favourite was her coconut macaroons, with their little cross shaped decoration and that luscious jam centre. Mmmmm!

  116. Both boom and fabric are gorgeous. My favourite childhood treat has to either be ice cream floats made with irn bru or digestive biscuits with peanut butter and jam.

  117. Emma says:

    When I was small and we went anywhere with my granny that necessitated a packed lunch (or flask of tea, so almost anywhere to her mind) she always gave us Tunnocks Caramel Wafers. They were ideal from her point of view – a little bit of chocolate which kept us happy but not so much that it made a mess (apparently this was exactly the same when my cousins were children, 20 years earlier). My grandad also used to come out with facts about them being easily stackable in army ration packs and things like that (actual authenticity of these facts I am not sure). I still absolutely adore them now.

  118. Bridget says:

    Favourite childhood treat? Bought – it would have to be caramac bars (mmm, emulsified oils), Homemade – my grans meringues with whipped cream, I love them so much I got her to make them as dessert for my wedding! 2nd would have to be a sweet that my mum made that we knew as “chocolate stuff” I’ve no idea what it really was but it was a mixture of chocolate, crushed digestives and condensed milk.

  119. Tania says:

    Ah, it’s making me hungry just reading everyone else’s favourites! Mine was coconut mushrooms. :o)

  120. Too many good things in our house growing up. My Mum is a great baker but her older sister was superb. We had a seemingly endless supply of shortbread biscuits and pancakes. Tablet was always home-made and my Auntie’s pink and white Coconut Ice. Xx

  121. Love the fabric! I loved my grandmother’s blackberry pie.

  122. What a great idea! I wonder if the English fare differs far from ours down under. My favourite treat as a child was the chocolate crackle – a disgusting thing made from kremelta, coca icing sugar and rice bubbles piled into a cup cake paper to set. Simpler times 😉

  123. T.N. says:

    Chocolate milk. For sure.

  124. carly927 says:

    I remember my mom making us cupcakes in ice cream cones for our birthdays. And every summer we made ice cream.

  125. Erin says:


    • claire says:

      My dad had a real wood fire and we’d light it on weekends and toast (preferably pink) marshmallows on an old brass toasting fork until blackened and gooey throughout to the point of dripping off the prongs. We loved to then lie on our backs (well, me and my brother -the rest weren’t brave enough) whilst our dad had to prise the fragile and boiling hot beauties from the fork and throw them into our open mouths.
      Or eyes, if missed. Luckily, he had brilliant aim!

  126. Jan says:

    My mother would make tapioca pudding and put red raspberries and whipped cream on it! Yum and if you were home at the right time you got to have some warm!

  127. Heather S says:

    My favorite childhood treat was a banana split ….YUM 🙂

  128. Nettie says:

    As a child, when we would go to visit my dear old Nanna on a Sunday afternoon, she would bring out the mixing bowl and throw in a couple of handfuls of flour, a handful of sultanas and the other ingredients (none measured out) needed to whip up a batch of my favourite patty cakes. Thanks, Nanna, for the memory.

  129. Karen russo says:

    My Great GrandMother made Currant Muffins, similar to Eccles Cakes. We got to help!

  130. kelly says:

    Chocolate Chip cookies made by my grandfather was a real treat. He was a busy business person but liked to bake – 30 years ago!

  131. Cherie says:

    Soft, thick ginger bread cookies iced with butter cream and decorated with raisins. My mom made them every Christmas from the Betty Crocker Cookie Book.

  132. This book looks fantastic! My fave childhood treat was little iced gem biscuits! I used to bite the hard coloured icing off first, let it dissolve in my mouth, then eat the tiny biscuit part. I also used to have them as the main part of tea parties with my teddies!

  133. cubbyholes says:

    I loved homemade cornstarch pudding. My favorite part was the skin on the top. 😁

  134. 5currantbuns says:

    Thank you for this lovely yummy giveaway

    Although my Mum was a fantastic cook and baker I have to admit that my favourite childhood treat was the occasional stolen teaspoon of condensed milk from the open tin that occasionally appeared in the fridge after a baking session…

  135. Vicki Kate says:

    Ooh, now I’m hungry! Like others, my favourite childhood that was chocolate wave cake that my Mum still sometimes makes for me! It got the name because of the way she put the buttercream on the top, it looks like a sea of waves! I’m now also dreaming of her coffee sponge pudding, face buns and monster potatoes!

  136. Emma Jayne says:

    Double yum giveaway! I need mint marshmallows in my life. I liked toasted marshmallows round the campfire as a Brownie and then a Girl Guide.

  137. My Nan’s legendary parkin. <3

  138. Michelle robertson says:

    My favourites as a child were party rings or pink wafer biscuits, they just say birthday party to me, and I have always made sure there on the table at my own children’s birthday teas too.

  139. Birgit says:

    Great giveaway! My mom’s aunt made the best apple pies, and our family recipe for crêpes is also a favourite!

  140. Mountain Ash says:

    My Dad died last month &, whilst reminiscing, my brothers & I remembered one of Dad’s culinary creations. Sugar & vinegar mixed in a saucer to dip Mum’s Yorkshire pudding in! Sounds revolting but was fabulous! My husband finds it hilarious that we christened it Special Sauce! Must make Yorkshire puddings for tea today!

    • My granddad used to make two huge Yorkshire puddings and slice it up for everyone. Our first course would be Yorkshire pudding with stewing beef and gravy and our pudding would be more Yorkshire pudding with raspberry vinegar. Your dad was on to something!

  141. Kate says:

    What a lovely giveaway and look at all these amazing comments! Thanks so much Karen 🙂 xxx

  142. Ann says:

    Hya Karen, thank you for the giveaway. One of my favourite treats was the pink wafer biscuits from Woolworth’s. You used to be able to pick your favouite biscuits out of huge square tins (1950’s). My other favouite was Bassett’s Jelly babies and still is today. I always take them with me when i’m going on a long journey. Ann

  143. Kat H says:

    Oooh gosh, my mouth is watering just thinking of some of those treats! Yum!! 🙂

    Favourite childhood treat… Hmmmm…. Candy-coated popcorn was always one that was saved up just for birthdays – super tasty, and pretty colours, and since it was birthdays-only it made it extra special! My mum used to make it. 🙂

  144. Beth says:

    Slightly strange but I was (and still am) a huge fan of my mum’s macaroni pudding – which was basically just macaroni cooked in milk, with a handful of sultanas thrown in! Saying that I did also have an uncontrollable appetite when it came to freshly-made jam buns, right out of the oven (always burning my mouth because I was too impatient to let the jam cool). Yum!

  145. Nicola Ray says:

    Butterscotch angel delight in a small glass dish! I still make it for my boys – full of artificial goodness!

  146. Karen says:

    My grandma’s blackberry and apple pie. Warm with cold carnation milk. I was a carnation baby! She made amazing pastry. Thanks for the chance of a win K xXx

  147. ElissaM says:

    My favorite childhood treat were the unbaked chocolate cookies with oatmeal…I think they were called preacher cookies. Yum!

  148. Jade says:

    I liked cupcakes which I would make and decorate with my gran (and still do now sometimes.)

  149. My elder sister would bake birthday cakes for family birthdays – chocolate hedgehog cake or victoria sponge with hundreds and thousands 🙂

  150. Nessie says:

    My Nanna used to make a fabulous Lemon Delicious Pudding

  151. Anna-Jo says:

    Mine is cinnamon toast. You toast one side of the bread, then spread the other side with butter, sprinkle on cinnamon sugar and stick back under the grill till it caramelises. Delicious treat in a household that never had junk food in the cupboards 🙂

  152. Sushma says:

    I used to look forward to eat my grandmother’s black halwa during holidays.

  153. Sushma says:

    I used to look forward to eat my grandmother’s black halwa during vacations.

  154. Lovely giveaway, Karen! I love cookbooks (I collect them), and cooking is my second passion to sewing, so…
    My favourite childhood treat… My mum cooked wonderfully and everyday we had good and healthy food on the table. So, I value the overall effort in taking time to feed us properly, every day, but sundays’ aperitif was special: cold boiled shrimps, stuffed eggs, cockles…, it was delicious!

  155. Tammy says:

    To narrow it down to one homemade treat is difficult, however, my Mom’s homemade cinnamon buns would get my vote.

  156. Suzanne says:

    My Great Grandma Dicey sugar cookies. The recipe has been passed down thru the generations and everyone has made slight changes, but it still reminds me of Summer picnics and Christmas treats. We have had the cookies at weddings for generations.

  157. difficult to choose just one, but my mums Bread Pudding brings back great memories

  158. Eva says:

    What a fab giveaway! My favourite treat was my mom’s soft and gooey chocolate chip cookies, I can never seem to get them right, but hers were perfect!

  159. Daniel Todd says:

    Has to be my nans homemade chocolate cakes I always got to get a spoon and finish off all the mixture 🙂

  160. nanetiblogsite says:

    What a wonderful giveaway. It’ll be a nice skirt. Well I’m from Germany and I don’t know if you know what I mean. My favourite treat was ice cream which looked like a face. It has a bubblegum nose and the hair was chocolate. I loved it! The name was “Botinchen”: http://scontent.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xaf1/t51.2885-15/s306x306/e15/11008119_411417069032472_1741317280_n.jpg

  161. Alexa says:

    It’s like this giveaway is combining all of my favourite things! Where did you get the fabric? I may have to purchase some if I’m not lucky enough to win. My favourite treat growing up were German honey cakes that my grandma used to bring for us.

  162. Ruth says:

    I follow Kate’s blog and I suspected I’d want her book as soon as she announced she was writing it – now I’ve seen some pics it’s definitely on the wish list! One of my favourite treats was the “magic lemonade” we had at our birthday parties – my mum (unknown to us) would put a drop of food colouring in the bottom of each glass so when she poured the lemonade in it would change colour. She loves to remind us now how we’d all sit around comparing what “flavours” we had, even though it was just coloured lemonade!

  163. Robin says:

    For Easter, mum made her own fondant eggs in three flavors: Peaut Butter, Fruit and Nut, and Coconut. The first two flavor were coated in milk chocolate, and the last in dark chocolate. They were amazing. They were all delicious, but I grew out of PB and into the more sophisticated F&N, and we all loved Coconut but my sister especially. Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories of her hobby and devotion!

  164. Deborah says:

    I’m all about kitkats – classic 2 finger kitkats – no funny flavourings, no chunkiness – 4 fingers are too big. Just classig 2 finger kitkats.

  165. dott says:

    It was always fridge cake for me – it was the only time I got chocolate!

  166. sheridarby says:

    My mum’s cheesecake – absolute bliss

  167. Keith Hunt says:

    A Coca Cola Float

  168. Liliana says:

    Vegan gummybears. My mother never bought the normal kind with regular gelatine, always the natural ones – if she bought them at all! I still love them, they have a special consistency and much more flavour than the regular ones.

  169. Virginia says:

    My favourite childhood treat was an icecream on a stick from the ‘dairy’ over the road from our house.

  170. claire says:

    What with quite a fraught, divided childhood, food wasn’t a big thing for most if my family. Sadly so, in my opinion! There were always a little “Something Sweet”, and I harboured a fond affection for iced buns (THAT play of savoury and sticky-sweet) if ever we went to the local cake shop. Which was Firkins then, not Greggs. I was known as “the TRIO girl” until I was about seven, and probably still would be if those biscuit bars hadn’t been so criminally discontinued…a Solero from the seaside cart for the long, hot uphill walk back to the car from Bournemouth beach (I was lucky enough to have resident grandparents, who taught me the joys of fresh new potatoes and mint, home-grown lettuces and cherry clafoutis)…purloined cherries meant for that clafoutis, and their sticky juices licked from one’s fingers…the booziest of boozy trifles at christmas (minus the cream that I didn’t then like but plus as many glacé cherries as I could wheedle out of everybody else)…slabs of warm McVities Jamaica Ginger cake topped with vanilla ice-cream…a big bowl of just thick custard for lunch after autumn walks and tree-climbing with my dad and brother…being allowed multiple home-baked cakes on Sunday after dinner at my stepgrandparents’ housr before my brother and I went back to mum’s…the treat I’d share with my mum was a Fox’s Classic bar when they were two-fingered. Our only mutual thing really.
    What with multiple half and step-siblings, food treats had to be fought for and I focused hard on defending my right as eldest to the First’s Perks: the most fudge chunks in my ice-cream; the doughnut with the most custard; MY name from the Alpha-bites; the flakiest Sunday-morning pain au chocolat. And NOBODY has ever prised a cake-mix spoon from my hands ( trust me, that’s where the motherload is, not the bowl). That won’t change, for I am a fiend for cake mix.
    First’s Perks still apply in any food situation now, come to think of it. Guess it helps a lot that nobody else really cares that much! And I’ve made it clear that I do…😶

    Sorry for the essay, but once started I just really enjoyed answering and it bought so much forgotten happiness back…I’d like to include my earliest treat memory though. Chocolate has always been a constant love for me and I read from a really early age. I don’t recall lots from before my parents divorced when I was six, but I do remember one instance of standing in my bedroom with a small wooden box. Inside was a chocolate bar, in gold foiled paper. I’d just been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and I was doing what Charlie did with the chocolate bar in his box: breaking off a little at a time, savouring it slowly and making it last as long as it could.
    Another time and place.
    But I’ve still got that box.

    • Please don’t apologise for such a wonderful essay and important reminder that not all childhood memories are by default happy – and why the comfort of food is so important. Amazing that you still have that box.

      • claire says:

        I know! It’s one of the things I cherish the most. You can make out an impression of pen marks where I wrote “Claire Fleet age 6●” and it pitted into the wood so I’ll never be able to doubt it’s age or that memory. I keep a pirate map I made with my dad in it now. We’d soak scrunched paper in strong black tea, dry it under a grill until browned as if aged then draw really complicated pirate maps on this ‘pirate paper’ together. Seems right to keep the one I have left in my box now.

  171. clairew137 says:

    those rice krispies cakes covered in chocolate.

  172. Lorna Hall says:

    Oh, what a lovely combination – I’d love to win this!

    My favourites were probably fondant fancies, I liked them even more than Battenberg cake – but I never got the hang of those pink wafer biscuits. Even the colour couldn’t make up for the fact I thought – still think – cheap wafer tastes like carboard….


  173. Elly Pepperell says:

    Ah, definitely pancakes for special occasions – dripping with butter and sprinkled with sugar – eaten so quickly the sugar still crunchy! With Jaffa cakes a close second (cue a complex routine of nibbling the ‘cake’ away leaving the Jaffa centre mmmmm. X

  174. PinhouseP says:

    My mum used to make “risboller” for my birthday very year. That’s Norwegian, and is made of puffed rice covered in chocolate. There was also a secret ingredient, and they were just heaven to a sweet toothed little girl! Still is 😀
    I love both sewing and cooking, what an awesome give-away 🙂

  175. Barbra says:

    Like Claire, the question brings back many memories – parents at war with each other, a mother who liked the attention a highly allergic only child could bring. My dad always had a packet of Maltezers for me every payday. Those, along with caramel meringue tarts he made on weekends still remain my favourite sweet treats.

    • claire says:

      One of my earliest memories is being downstairs in the morning half-light, as my dad was leaving for work at early o’clock. In front of me on the glass dining table is a wispa bar that he’d just given me, in it’s wrapper still.
      Merely a snatch of a memory but so vivid still and I’m sure you’ll know how precious it is. When wispas returned to stores, that moment hit me full-force. Just a mediocre chocolate bar but imbued with so very much.

  176. Kieran says:

    My Mum made a delicious peanut butter and chocolate fudge, which she would roll into balls and then through coconut. It was amazing. I really must get that recipe off her!

  177. Peanut Butter Balls (aka Buck eyes) were a special holiday treat. If we rolled 16 pb balls we got to eat 1. After that we had to wait until they were done and we had holiday company.

  178. kinoethermes says:

    Mocha cake!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  179. Kathy says:

    Rice Krispie treats

  180. Vickie Jackson says:

    My favourite thing to do when I was younger was make peppermint cremes with my mum 🙂

  181. Skaapie says:

    Chocolate fridge cookies

  182. mia mcnab says:

    My favourite memory is of sleeping at my Nanna’s house, and going into her bed in the morning for tea and digestive biscuits. We had one cup just for dunking. I still love digestives!

  183. Claire Ross says:

    I used to love running about the garden as a child with a stalk of rhubarb and a ‘pokey’ bag made of brown paper filled with sugar to dunk it in. Thank for a fab giveaway.
    Iain.ross30 at gmail dot com

  184. Kirsty Sparks says:

    my favourite childhood treat was making butterfly cakes 🙂

  185. zoe somerfield says:

    In the late 70s/early 80s it was Artic Roll. I had a mad fad on them but haven’t eaten them in years now, I used to eat the sponge first then the ice-cream.

  186. Helena says:

    One of my favourite childhood treats were a cornflake/coconut blend that were caramelised in brown sugar and butter. While still warm you’d eat in on ice cream. Yummy, yummy!

  187. joannamann says:

    That book looks wonderful! My favourite childhood treat was being able to lick the beaters when mum was baking – I was never so fussed on the finished baked goods themselves though, perhaps because I’d already eaten my own weight in buttercream by the time they were finished!

  188. Erin says:

    Has to be my Nanas HUGE yorkshire puddings, just the smell of the roast cooking was mouth watering but those yorkie puds were incredible.

  189. What a lovely looking book, great giveaway. My favourite sweet treat as a kid was a desert we called “apple fluff!” it was stewed apple with raisins with fluffy meringue on top! I’ve made it as an adult for my family too. Yummy.

  190. Angelica says:

    This book would fit right into my cooking book shelf! My favorite childhood treat is raspberry milkshake, made with frozen berries from my grandmothers garden.

  191. Kristiina K says:

    Sweetened curd cheese in chocolate glazing

  192. It took me forever to get to the end of the comments!!!! The question is so evocative! Every Sunday after church my father would come home from the corner bakery which was owned by a Polish family. He’d have two bags; one with Kaiser rolls and another with the most amazing array of jelly donuts, crullers, and my favorite: what we called “crumb” cake….a somewhat dry and not terrible sweet cake topped, my goodness, completely overwhelmed by the most amazing mix of brown sugar and flour and butter. I’ve looked all over and tried so many times to recreate that taste of my childhood but haven’t yet. I’m sure I will someday but I love the anticipation of knowing it’s out there!

  193. merrilysews says:

    Space Dust (now called popping candy) my Dad would drive me, my brother and sister with our pocket money all the way across town to the only shop that stocked them and the three of us would sit in the back of the car crackling and popping all the way back home.

  194. natalie blyth says:

    mine was hot chocolate

  195. Maria says:

    Beautiful book! I preferred savory over sweet. And I enjoyed custard…..with salt on top! A little strange I admit but I did grow out of it.
    Would love to win this great giveaway.

  196. Alex K says:

    I learned how to make strawberry shortcake when I was stuck in the house during the summer ‘doing chores.’ I was around 11, I would guess and man, I devoured strawberries. I like the biscuity shortcakes instead of the angel food cake that so many choose. And I would steal my dad’s half and half instead of adding whipped cream or ice cream. That still is one of my favorites. Harder to eat a whole pan by myself now though…

  197. daph57 says:

    My favourite memory was Dad making us a sticky fudge with loads of sugar and condensed milk, and it had to be left to set in a big tray

  198. my mom baked frequently, so i’ve got lots of yummy memories, but the most nostalgic treat may have been the simplest: ‘cinnamon toast’. homemade white bread, toasted, then topped with butter and a sprinkling of her special mix of cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar. hard to resist!

  199. Annette W says:

    Homemade ice cream with smashed strawberries over crumbled pie crust

  200. Sammi says:

    My favourite childhood treats were chocolate twists. Every Saturday when my sister and I came home from Stagecoach we would help my mum make prawn rolls with marie-rose sauce, and they would always be followed by a (storebought :P) chocolate twist. SO GOOD. I’d love to learn how to make them!

  201. Natalie Crossan says:

    Cupcakes 🙂 xxx

  202. Sarah says:

    My granny used to make me mashed up banana on top of white bread and butter, then sprinkle with lots of sugar. I can remember having this when I was very tiny, way before sweets became a treat. Iced buns from the baker’s van, spread with lots of butter. My mums lemon mousse.

  203. Devonem says:

    “magic milk” i.e. milk with food colouring – oooh the excitement!

    • claire says:

      My sister and I specialised in superstrength strawberry Nesquik. Also eaten dry with a spoon. 😶
      But I recall bright pink Crusha being a staple before the days of Nesquik.

  204. Victoria says:

    My favourite childhood treat was being allowed to choose something from the in-store bakery after the weekly shopping trip. I nearly always went for a Yum Yum. There was something about the sticky crispy pastry that I loved. Whenever I feel like being an adult is too much I like to pick one up and get very annoyed when there aren’t any left.

  205. Katrin says:

    Well, I am from Germany. Christmas cookies are a big tradition here and my favourite ones were (and are) Betmännchen. However, my biggest treat was not the result but the dough and I still have a fondness for licking off spoons. Yes, okay all the other cutlery and kitchen material as well, yes okay, the bowl doesn’t need much cleaning either.

  206. Jerilyn says:

    Refrigerator Oatmeal Cookies – actually the dough was and is the best. My sisters and I (even my Dad) would slice off a skinny sliver of dough and put the rolls back in the fridge. My mother would get so angry – with all of us sneaking the dough there was never a lot of dough left to actually have baked cookies. There must have been cookie dough signals – because we always new when she made it. We would find it “hidden” in the back of the fridge – we always found it. I have even made it just to eat the dough. They are a very tasty crisp cookie when baked. My Mom actually won a blue ribbon at the county fair with these cookies. Yum.

  207. mellanie forster says:

    I didn’t have a mum or dad just me and my Nana ,she would make me blue custard,sugar sandwiches,but the best was her mash potatoes with spring onion,

  208. This looks like such a delicious book! As a kid (and each Christmas to this day), my mom would make her mother’s recipe for Spritz cookies and always in various cookie press shapes with sprinkles. My siblings and I fight over the cookies to this day (whoever goes by mom’s house first wins, lol), and the entire double batch is usually gone in a day. Dang, now I’m thinking about Sptiz cookies, lol. I’d love to win this book though, and thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  209. Philippa says:

    Chocolate suprise pudding – chocolate self-saucing pudding. Delicious!

  210. Victoria says:

    My favourite childhood treat was when I was allowed to pick something from the in-store bakery after our weekly shopping trip. I would normally choose a Yum Yum. There’s something about the crispy sticky pastry that I loved. Whenever being an adult gets to much I pick up one for the nostalgia.

  211. Thea says:

    My very favourite was a cookie my mum would only make around Christmas, as they were in a Christmas baking book: chocolate melting moments. They are so, so good, and the dough is so yummy, that as we started growing up, my mum refused to make them (we wanted them far too often and insisted we make them) so we baked them ourselves. We usually have to at least double the receipe, and I remember times where we tripled it for an industrial assembly line with all four sisters. But, we needed the triple quantities – they were always the first to go (maybe also because my mum preferred others, so didn’t mind too much if we ate those ones and she hid the other ones harder? Hmmm…). I still make these, and so do my sisters. This receipe here looks about right-ish, even though we didn’t flatten them but kept them round: http://www.fabfood4all.co.uk/chocolate-melting-moments/

  212. Claire Ward says:

    Homemade apple crumble and custard

  213. Tamsin Dean says:

    always remember going to the local sweet shop/newsagent with my grandma and each of us getting a ten pence mix, but getting twenty sweets because they were all half a pence each, so we thought this was load. The main things in there was the chocolate fish and chips and those funny banana foam things

  214. Janet says:

    Um, where yo begin and pick only one favourite treat?! Jammie Dodgers. Pulling them apart and eating them bit by bit, much to the disgust of any adults who might have noticed.

  215. Ruthie Grainger says:

    Sounds really synthetic now, but my siblings and I loved mint Angel Delight atop a chocolate Rice Krispie base…. simple but sooo tasty!

  216. Stef says:

    Trips down to the sweet shop with 50p pocket money and spending ages deciding which penny sweets to buy. Usually black jacks and fruit salads

  217. sosusie says:

    I’m not sure this could really count as my favourite but, it’s one that stands out and I remember fondly – so fondly that I’ve been driven to make it as an adult only to find that it’s really quite horrible – Butterscotch Angel Delight. I was born in the West Indies and had never tasted anything like it, we didn’t really do puddings and what we did do tended not to come out of a packet so this was a bit of a revelation. Very apt too as the current post on The Little Loaf is for… Butterscotch Devil’s Delight! Hadn’t come across this blog before so thanks for that.

  218. Kim says:

    Several things come to mind. My grandmother’s Harvey Wallbanger Cake. She’d make one for my dad on his birthday. I also loved making chocolate chip cookies with her. Eating the cookie dough was the best part! Then every Christmas my great aunt made rice crispy treats which she would melt chocolate chips and peanut butter chips, pour over the rice crispy treats and swirl it around on the top. After it set, cut into bars. That layer of chocolate and peanut butter on top of the rice crispy treats was delicious.

  219. Trixie Lixie says:

    I saw a review of this book in The Guardian and wanted it there and then! My favourite childhood sweeties were sherbert pips, but I also loved Angel Delight, banana was my favourite flavour!

  220. heathermltn says:

    I remember making christmas cutout sugar cookies and decorating them with my mom. We did this every year without fail until I was about 20. When I was at university, I brought friends home each year to share in this, and the classic stars and reindeer gradually had to share the cookie sheet with anatomically correct santas! My mom’s a hoot!
    I also loved making rice crispy treats with my grandma. These were straightforward and G-rated. 🙂

  221. redsilvia says:

    Linzer torte that my mom made (and I now make…heheh). That, and begging a quarter from my dad and running after the ice cream truck for rocket pop. Red, white and blue all over my face and hands. Nice!

  222. sewmyown says:

    My favourite childhood sweets were Sherbert dib dabs and my aunt used to make West Indian Coconut Tarts that used to make my teeth hurt, but never stopped me going back for another.

  223. JaneSuzanneCarroll says:

    A favourite childhood treat was after a bath (in front of the fire in the sitting-room) we could have an icecream wafer. Always vanilla or raspberry ripple icecream that came in a flat block wrapped up in waxy card. The best bit was when the icecream was practically gone and the wafers went all soft and delicious. And when we visited nana – cold stewed apple with raspberries from the garden – sharp and sweet and always tied up with the smell of summer roses and the memories of nana’s kitchen.

  224. Cammie says:

    Ah, that book looks gorgeous! My favourite treat is/was my mum’s rhubarb and apple crumble made with fruit from the garden. I’m pretty sure that crumble has magical healing properties!

  225. Grace says:

    My Aunty also lived with us and was a great pudding maker. We had a Rowntree’s Jelly Recipe Chart and our favourite was Uncle Bob’s Blackcurrant Crunch – butter and biscuit base, then cooked apple, then chopped up blackcurrant jelly layered in a tall glass. It was delicious, especially the day after. Other recipes were Aunty Rita’s Raspberry Sparkle, which involved jelly, condensed milk and bananas and Tommy’s Tangerine Castles (not so popular, think it involved jelly, condensed milk and tinned tangerines).

    My mum’s offering was a mint pudding that wouldn’t set the first time she made it so she put it in the freezer. We loved it so much that she made it this way every time, We christened it ‘Frozen green mush’ and I remember the care and time it took to hack it out of the 70’s tuppaware desert dishes without losing any to the floor.

  226. Grace says:

    Sorry, dessert!

  227. J says:

    Grandad’s blackberry and apple crumble at Sunday lunch. Hands down. He’s just moved into a care home after living in his house for almost 60 years – so so many happy memories there.

  228. Grandad’s blackberry and apple crumble for Sunday lunch using apples from the tree in his garden. My brother and I used to help pick them and get stuck up the tree! He’s just moved into a care home after almost SIXTY years in the same house – a lifetime of happy memories.

  229. Jenna O says:

    I loved my grandmas blueberry cake!

  230. chaiber says:

    Ice cream sandwiches!

  231. graciegan says:

    My favourite childhood treat was a savour one – pizza pillows. Built like ravioli but with dough instead of pasta, filled with tomato, cheese and bacon, then baked in the oven till all golden puffy. They were so fiddly to make so my mom didn’t make them often. But I still remember her in our tiny kitchen, rolling out the dough, packing and sealing those little gooie parcels and popping them in the oven. We never waited for them to cool, so memories of burnt tongues are part of it all!

  232. Jennie says:

    What a lovely idea for a book, hmmm my favorite treat would have to have been either raw rhubarb dipped in ramekins of brown sugar or homemade coconut ice-cream, or maybe it was apple crumble cake wrapped in shiny foil in our lunch boxes, or maybe it was bowls of home grown strawberries with cream oh too many to choose from

  233. sally says:

    My favourite childhood treat was ice cream made by a local family who had a fleet of ice cream vans. We would walk about a quarter of a mile with a glass pint bowl to the house where they lived and they would take us to the room where the freezers were kept and would fill the bowl with really white ice cream (but not the whippy sort) and put small squares of greaseproof paper on top. We then had to walk quickly home before the ice cream melted and Mum would let us have chocolate or raspberry sauce with it. Pure summer bliss. They also had Milk lollies which were wonderful.

  234. sallyforrest says:

    My favourite treat would have been ice cream made by a local family who ran a fleet of ice cream vans. On a summer afternoon we would walk about a quarter of a mile to their house and the lady of the family would take us to the building where the gigantic freezers were kept. She would fill the pint glass bowl we had taken with us with the most wonderful white ice cream (not the whippy sort) and cover it with small squares of grease proof paper. We would then carry it home as fast as we could before it melted and Mum would give us chocolate or raspberry sauce with it and a few home grown strawberries too. The made the most wonderful milk lollies too. Pure summer bliss.

  235. Oh so many! Cold pancakes covered in sugar and rolled up like a wrap, the best homemade chocolate cake (with coffee in batter and frosting) and my all-time favorite Welshcakes!

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