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homemade memories

What an emotional week, reading everyone’s shared food memories as part of this giveaway. Not every childhood happy, but all of the memories vivid. My own favourite recollection is reading Mary Poppins, lying on my bedroom floor next to the radiator, eating cooking chocolate stolen from the kitchen. Bliss.

So, to a winner! It’s Thea, who shared memories and even a recipe for Chocolate Melting Moments. I’ll be in touch for a postal address.

What are you sewing this weekend? Myself, I’m not sure I can sew a stitch in this humidity. On Sunday I shall be making something I’ve never made before. But more on that to come.

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  1. Jenny Lester says:

    With my holidays close by I decided to look at summer wear and after trying on numerous crop trousers I decided that I needed to make adjustments. After losing weight they all need taking in!! I carry out alterations for family and friends but often balk at altering my own clothes – but hey need to concentrate on my own wardrobe!! By the end of the weekend I will have completed all my alterations. If I need any more fabric (I don’t ) am having a day in London next Saturday so MAY take a journey to the end of the Victoria Line and visit your favourite guy TMOS !!! With lunch at William Morris gallery – heaven!,

  2. b-rouchka says:

    U hmmm, finishing my Madeira white dress and maybe starting a third Anna By Hand London. Upss, did I say third one?

  3. Jen (NY) says:

    It’s horribly humid here too (New York). If I touch anything, it will probably be to make a new pair of running shorts (Jalie 2563).

    Food memories was a great topic – really enjoyed reading the comments.

  4. If I can get up to target on my exam marking, I have a parrot DK shirt to make, and 2 Style Arc tops cut out ready to go…IF I hit the targets. Carrots and sticks…

  5. I am finishing the sleeveless tank with a button back from TGBSB3 book. I bought the fabric in Goldhawk Road so two firsts in one top. 🙂 xx

  6. Camilla says:

    Hi just wanted to thank you for linking to my Chocolate Melting Moments as I’ve had lots of visitors to this fab recipe:-)

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