Lisa Comfort’s Sew Over It Vintage

Sew Over It Vintage

It’s no secret that I’ve become a big Sew Over It fan over recent months. This is almost entirely down to the opening of Lisa’s second shop in Islington. Her launch venue in Brixton was a long way from where I live, but Islington is a hop, skip and jump down the road.

Suddenly I was able to pop in, take lessons, admire Lisa’s fabric curating, see dresses on mannequins … and buy patterns. Since then I’ve made four Pussy Bow Blouses, three (or is it four?) pairs of Ultimate Trousers, a lace dress – and I’ve just invested in the new Vintage Shirt Dress pattern because I’ve seen it in the shop and it’s awesome.

That’s a really long way of saying that I expect more of the same from Lisa’s latest book! This is a master business woman, a work horse, a vlogger… She isn’t going to deliver anything shoddy between hard covers, is she?

I’ve mentioned my fatigue with beginner-friendly sewing books. What I like about Sew Over It Vintage is that the reader is asked to draft their own bodice block and from there … draft their own pattern pieces! This is a bit mind blowing for me and very empowering. Could I … I mean, but I don’t know how to … hold on you’re telling me … it’s what? It’s not that hard?! Throw down the mantle, Lisa. I might just pick it up.

Especially when I see some of the gorgeous styling in this book. Box pleat skirt, anyone?

Box Pleat Skirt Sew Over It

There’s a cowl dress I also want to try, and this 1920s inspired top – gosh, I love the 1920s. The ‘vintage’ title reflects the fashion-through-the-decades approach. (Personally, I’m sad that the 1980s don’t feature. Where is my pattern for Madonna’s Like A Prayer dress, Lisa?!)

1920s blouse sew over it

There are simpler projects, too. My blog post about sewing a tie receives some of the biggest hits here at Didyoumakethat, so this pattern alone is going to be popular:

sew over it tie

And if you have the materials, you can make your own fascinator:

sew over it fascinator

Personally, I have few occasions in my life that call for the wearing of a fascinator. There are other projects in this book that I probably wouldn’t engage with, but enough that I definitely would engage with. (I can’t wait to draft my own kimono dressing gown – swoon.)

I think the publisher could have done more to flag the interesting USP of this book – that  it empowers the person in the street to draft their own simple pattern pieces. And am I allowed to say that this book looks a tiny bit generic? Which is a shame, because I think it’s actually very clever. As is Lisa. I can’t wait to see what she does next!

Watch out for other blog reviews of this book from Handmade Jane, House Of Pinheiro and What Katie Sews.

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11 Responses to Lisa Comfort’s Sew Over It Vintage

  1. rillafree says:

    Sew exciting! 😉 I too am a ‘sew over it’ fan girl. More recent than you I must admit, but I have completely fallen in love with their patterns and charming proprietor. I also don’t mind admitting that I am mildly obsessed with the new vlog!!! Looking forward to hearing more about the book.

  2. Ros says:

    It’s odd that there are no 1980s patterns because the book cover itself looks very 1980’s to me! In fact, I thought this must be a little gem you’d found in a second-hand bookshop, because it seemed so dated. Which is a shame if the contents are as good as you suggest. I’ll check it out – which I wouldn’t have done without your review!

  3. What a cool book and how fun it must be to go to the shop! Thanks for the post 🙂

  4. ooobop says:

    Love the idea of that book and I totally absolutely agree with the ‘generic’ comment. If I didn’t know it was Lisa and if I hadn’t heard of Sew Over It, I’d never have picked that off the shelf. Deserved of a far more classy cover!! x

  5. I’d be very keen to hear how you get on drafting your own patterns from a bodice block.. this sounds like it could be a great way to create unique made-to-measure clothes. This book sounds very tempting – thanks for the review.

  6. I so agree with you about this book not being highlighted as teaching you to draft a pattern, having just been to classes to learn, I am eager to try more myself. I was unaware that this book had any self drafted patterns and thought it was just another beginners sewing book!
    I may now take a second look, ?
    bestest daisy j x

  7. ellegeemakes says:

    That looks interesting! I agree – if I hadn’t read your review, I probably wouldn’t have given the book a second look…the cover is just okay. I’ll have to check it out!

  8. I am agreeing with everyone. The cover does this book no favours but it sounds like it would be a brilliant book. The patterns from Sew Over It are lovely. Far too many sewing books are so samey-samey with really simple projects. It will be nice to try something that pushes our skill level. I am completely in love with that 20’s top.Think that it is worth buying just for that alone. Xx

  9. Jacq says:

    That is so interesting to know – I’d actually totally dismissed this book because I’d not picked up on the USP at all from anything I’d read to date, what a shame that hasn’t been made more of. I don’t think the cover is doing it any favours either but I’m definitely going to have a look in more detail now – my groaning crafty book shelf may not thank you!

  10. Emily Kate says:

    Thanks for the review Karen, I’m also a recently new fan of Sew Over It, I’m close to the Clapham branch but have only just made it inside to purchase my first pattern yesterday, also the shirt dress!
    I liked the sound of this book, and I’m a lover of vintage after watching shows like mad men, but wasn’t sure there was enough things in there for me now I’m less of a beginner sewer. However given that sewing patterns aren’t cheap, if theres even a couple of things I’d like to sew its surely worth the investment!

  11. Making your own patterns is a no return place to go. I started with Aldrich’s book a couple of years ago and never looked back! I still use some comercial patterns, but now I have the ability to modify them or adapt them. Best of all is when you spot something in your mind and no matter what, you can do it and it’s gonna be perfect.

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