How To Sew Espadrilles – Turn Up On Time

Liberty Print Espadrilles

Making espadrilles is easy. FACT! Or so I found out recently, when Kate of The Makery invited me to a class at John Lewis Oxford Street. There was only one problem – I strolled up a full hour late. Anyone who knows me will know how this type of mistake brings me out in hives. Could I catch up with the other students? Just!

Espadrille Collage

A pair of espadrilles use no more than a fat quarter of fabric, so I took some leftovers from my Liberty print pyjamas. Kate supplied the jute soles and strong thread, showed me how to do a basic blanket stitch – and I was off.

Making EspadrillesThis is such a fun and satisfying project – perfect for summer. If you’d like to make your own espadrilles, Kate’s supplied a discount code for ordering jute soles. Just type didyoumakethat10 at her online shop to receive a 10 per cent discount. If you’re between sizes, I suggest sizing down.

Other than that? Make sure you have lots of pins to hand.

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26 Responses to How To Sew Espadrilles – Turn Up On Time

  1. ooobop! says:

    What a fabulous thing to do! I confess to never owning a pair but if there’s an option to create in any fabric of ones choosing then I’m forced to reconsider! Thank you for the inspiration as always x

  2. You’ve reminded me that I need to sew my Espadrilles – I bought some soles at Guthrie & Ghani last year in the #SewBrum meetup. How do you find they fit from the pattern supplied with the soles – I’m thinking they might need darts adding at front/near the toes for extra big ‘n’ wide feet (such as my own Size 8.5-9 clod-hoppers!)? 🙂

  3. Fiona says:

    This is great timing – my husband has been asking me to make him a pair in black for work, as his old ones have died and I was just about to figure out how to go about this. Thanks for the post 🙂

  4. JaneyB says:

    I made some too!
    Your blanket stitch looks SO neat! Beautiful fabric too.

  5. Look at her! With her orange chiffon blouse happily making shoes! But one question, qhat about the pattern of the fabric part?

  6. Oh, this looks interesting. I think that this month’s Burda has an article on the same thing. What a great idea to get matching shoes for a frock. Yours are lovely. Xx

  7. LaVondaC says:

    You made SHOES?!? I didn’t even know such things were possible! SHOES! Oh my good gracious now I have something new bouncing around in my brain. Those really are super.

  8. Amy says:

    Oh my gosh! How fun! I really like the fabric you chose. I’m glad you saved that scrap!

  9. Ros says:

    Oops! I just ordered the espadrille soles and completely forgot to use the discount code. Oh, well.

  10. ellegeemakes says:

    OMG. I had no idea you could make espadrilles. Such cute fabric!!! I think I’m going to have to give it a shot.

  11. That’s so cool! I’ve been wanting to make shoes for ages. A quick search popped up some ways to make your own jute/rope soles too …

  12. Tasia says:

    That’s awesome! Liberty print handmade espadrilles, too cool. Are they as comfortable as they look?

  13. Melanie says:

    Awesome project! I had no idea mere mortals could do this. Stellar shoes.

    • Susie says:

      “I had no idea mere mortals could do this”

      This is exactly the statement I wanted to express but my word mastery is nowhere near your level, thank you lady!!

      Mind is blown!

  14. paisleyapron says:

    Aack! I so want to do this. It reminds me of summer in the 80’s. So fun!

  15. dwmjmm says:

    Anyone else having problems finding where to enter the voucher code to order some soles? Or do i just need to try again when i am more awake!

  16. A very posh version in a Liberty print, lovely!

  17. happysewer says:

    My friend did this class yesterday and I’ve booked to do it next month

  18. Grayson & Me says:

    I love this! Going to be booking a place, I need to learn. Thanks for inspiring

  19. senjiva says:

    These are so cute! I think I now have the sole solution for a pair of faux-Toms I sewed up a couple of years ago but never attached a sole to.

  20. sewchet says:

    Thanks for this – I’ve just ordered a pair of soles:)

  21. Well what a lot of fun! They do look fabulous. Jo x

  22. PS just bought some soles – naughty!! Jo x

  23. Joy says:

    I love this! I really want to do that! But your soles are all the way in europe and I’m all the way in Canada. I need to find someone a little closer. Excited!!! Thanks for sharing.

  24. monica L. says:

    These are so cute! I love them!

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