The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Sewing Machine

Lonely Sewing Machine

Sewists crave summer. We endure the bleak light and short days of winter, stoically sewing our practical makes, secretly craving cotton lawn and poplin. Fun prints, bare legs, no lining needed. When, oh, when can we sew summer dresses again?

Finally, our prayers are answered. Sunshine, light and warmth – ye gods! We run outside and immediately get sunburnt. Soon we’re negotiating the heat, the sweaty commutes, swollen digits and sapped energy. Before we know it, we’re lying on the sofa begging someone to massage our feet.

Sewing grinds to a halt. If we’re not inert, we’re out of the house enjoying long summer evenings with friends. Prosecco in the park, or taping together a PDF download? Oh, I can’t sew in this heat! Hobbies lie forgotten. Sewing machines languish, bare and neglected.

Right now, I have so much sewing to do. If I don’t get a wiggle on, summer will be gone. I have two fabrics I urgently want to sew with. I dream to sew with. I desire to sew with. I’d DIE to sew with!

Just as soon as I can find the energy. Right after I’ve finished this long, cool glass of water and found someone to massage my feet…

Summer Fabric

What would you make with these?

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26 Responses to The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Sewing Machine

  1. Haha, this made me smile 🙂 Just what I’m like all summer.
    That flowery print would make some fun shorts!

  2. Phyllis Mays says:

    I would made a jumper. That’s what we in the USA call the garment. A jumper is so versatile. It can be worn casually and can be dressed up a bit. This garment can be worn here in North Florida from November until April. A long-sleeved t-shirt in a periwinkle blue can be worn underneath. Oh I can hardly wait to go to the fabric store. You have inspired me. Thanks!!

  3. Claire says:

    Lovely needlecord. Depending how much you have I think a jumper / pinafore would be fab or a short fit and flare skirt maybe with a pleat detail down the front?

  4. Fiona Gibbs says:

    Gorgeous fabric. I think I’d make a denim jacket and use the floral fabric for the lining inside. You could do some really nice details on the pockets with the floral fabric and find some matching floral buttons. Cute!

  5. Abigail says:

    Love the fabric. I’m so much like this, I haven’t gotten to sew at all this summer–it’s just too hot!

  6. Jen (NY) says:

    The chambray (ish) fabric would make a nice, loose tunic top or half-circle skirt, I think. I’m trying to get my energy up too. I’ve got to make new exercise gear with the wicking fabric I just got in the mail…

  7. LOL! I LOVE it! I wrote about this today too.

    Okay…I’m thinking Perry Ellis Vogue Patterns from the eighties…stay with me…I don’t know precisely the fabrication of your gorgeous pieces, but loose fit summery trousers with the chambray, and a sleeveless, cropped {not belly showing} boxy-ish top.

    Now! Why can’t I be decisive with my own stuff?

    A Colourful Canvas: My Pleated Poppy Dress

  8. maddie says:

    If I lived closer, I would massage your feet!

  9. Tanya says:

    Sniff, here in Australia it is winter. It is rainy, everyone has the flu… I usually use winter to beef up the Work Wardrobe, I’ll be stitching pencil skirts by the fire while you’re rolling on a sunny lawn somewhere 🙁

  10. ellegeemakes says:

    I’d make a cute sleeveless cropped top out of that print. So cute. Your post made me smile. This summer, I’m the seamstress gone wild for a change. I’m actually enjoying my basement sewing room because it’s cool!

  11. Katie M says:

    I live in Singapore, where it’s summer all year round. That might sound good, but it’s mostly oppressive and sweaty. I love sleeveless tops and shorts. I’ve seen lovely chambray Sorbetto tops, or a short sleeve Mathilde blouse. I’d love some cute fitted shorts in that lovely floral fabric.

  12. Tracy H says:

    Your post made me smile it is so true. I find I am positively gleeful on a rainy weekend in summer as I think it makes for perfect sewing weather

  13. Natalie says:

    Gorgeous fabrics! They would look great as an all in one jumpsuit, maybe with culotte bottoms in the denimy fabric & floral for the top! 🙂

  14. A very apt post! Moss skirt for the needle cord; short, casual jacket for the other. Hope you recover soon!

  15. Esta says:

    Summer is the worst time to get something done! One just has to be social and stay outside to enjoy the weather, but that’s not how sewing (or anything else) gets done. This is why I spent the whole winter sewing summer dresses! Now is the time to enojy the fruits of my work 🙂

  16. Joyapple says:

    But isn’t that what summer is all about – life outdoors with lots of fun? Plenty of rainy days to come for sewing. How about a soft, edge to edge slightly boxy jacket for the grey. Not sure about the floral – more espadrilles?

  17. Renee Gibson says:

    I love this combination of fabrics. What is the weight and fabric content of the woven piece?
    That would make a nice suit – boxy or slightly loose jacket and straight, above knee skirt.
    The print could be used to line jacket and/or short sleeve top.

  18. Linda Wilson says:

    With the floral needlecord I would make a fitted biker type jacket (its never that hot in Scotland) and casual, pleat fronted, elasticated back, rolled up hem, cropped trousers for the plain fabric. They do match very nicely – what is the plan for them??

  19. Kathy Lynch says:

    I chuckled all the way through that post Karen – so funny. It’s Winter here in Australia (though you would probably raise an eyebrow to that as I’m in Queensland with days still reaching about 70F – gorgeous) & yet it’s Summer sewing I’m doing right now too! Much more fun!
    Love your fabrics – I’m thinking loose fitting, Summery pants for the blue. The needlecord would be way too hot for a Summer garment here but maybe a cute above knee straight skirt or shorts to wear now, then add tights come Autumn?
    Enjoy the beautiful British Summer!

  20. lajasmina says:

    I feel like that with my knitting too! You got this girl! Get to that machine! 🙂

  21. Its funny, I sew much more in summer. I think its the light at the end of the day which makes me more motivated to sew when I get home after work. In winter (like now) I struggle to do more than sit on the couch for a bit and then go to sleep! And then I can’t get pics of things until the weekend because again there is no light for photos.
    This means that my wardrobe has a lot of summery prints I have to make work in winter! Heh. Though I’m trying to change my habits and make more winter appropriate garments IN winter.

  22. tinygoldenpins says:

    So true, so hilarious! I, too, need to get a wiggle on. All I want to wear in this 95 degree heat are dresses and I’m running out of them. Quickly.

  23. Jenny Lester says:

    Is the grey linen like?? If so the Merchant and Mills trapeze dress without sleeves would be lovely and cool during this hot weather do you think ??

  24. I think I would just lie on the sofa with pimms stroking the floral needlecord…

  25. Love those fabrics. The needlecord would make a lovely unlined jacket with Hong Kong finished seams inside. I like sewing in the Summer and am dreaming of having some time off to do so. I don’t dream of light summer fabrics though. Now is the time to be planning my winter sewing. Bring on the velvet! Xx

  26. Gorgeous! Why don’t you try a boatneck dress from the Japanese pattern book, “Simple Modern Sewing” for the floral print – it’s an easy pattern with no zips or buttons – then you have time to drink Prosecco and get a foot massage!

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