Can Social Media Help You Choose A Needle?

Sew Over It Youtube

Have you joined the 1000+ subscribers to Lisa Comfort’s new Sew Over It Youtube channel? I have, and I’m really enjoying each episode. I don’t have to do anything other than watch (usually propped up in bed), there’s always an interesting tip or two embedded in the chat and it’s inspiring to see Lisa giving us a twirl in her makes.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how social media is always changing. Youtube is the fastest growing media channel and some Youtubers are now more famous than movie stars. All from creating free content in their bedrooms.

Blogging is not the platform it once was, in my humble opinion. But it’s still a valid platform, especially as one from which to launch a profile should you then want to engage with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr…

I love both Twitter and Instagram as the easy grab options. Twitter gives me an immediate conversation; Instagram allows me to share snapshots of my life and see pictures of other people’s lives. You can’t yet embed web links into Instagram, which I think is an important part of its success. It still feels authentic. This week on Instagram, I learned all about microtex needles, just from posting a photo of my sewing machine needles.

sewing machine needles

Some people get a bit twitchy around extended social media. I just want to sew! Well, so do I. I also want to talk about sewing, read about sewing, watch sewing, and see what people are up to when they’re not sewing. Plus, you would not believe the number of times I’ve met someone through the day job whose first question isn’t about the meeting’s agenda. They want to know if I’ve made my dress. It’s the ultimate ice breaker!

Do you enjoy watching the ebb and flow of social media? Any looking glass for the future?

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25 Responses to Can Social Media Help You Choose A Needle?

  1. Michelle says:

    Haven’t heard of that YouTube channel – will check it out! Thanks!

    I left Instagram over a year ago because it just got too much, and far too competitive (mostly quilting peeps I was following). I went back a few months later as a clothes sewer only – very private, post mostly sewing stuff, and it’s good. Quieter. But good. But lately life has been getting messy – deaths amongst my social circle, illnesses and work stressors. Suddenly someone’s complaint about their fraying fabric or OMG their child vomited and suddenly IG doesn’t seem so relevant. So I’m having a break, and having coffee with real life friends that need me, and I need them. I find IG and blogs so very useful in getting information, and for the inspiration of course!

  2. Ros says:

    If people ‘just want to sew’ there really is nothing stopping them. But if others also want to chat about sewing on the internet, why shouldn’t they?

  3. I like Instagram but don’t post there often and it is just as likely to get a random photo of the cat than something I have made. I do read an inordinate amount of (sewing) blogs, some of which I can connect (mentally) with the writer, others not so much and they soon fall of the list. I have been using YouTube for tutorials and info for a couple of years. I am a very visual learner so it works for me. You do need to be a mistress of all media I think to be a mega-popular blogger/vlogger now but seems like a lot of hard work. However, I am just so glad that all these things exist for us to connect in some way. Being the only sewing nut “in the village” was a bit lonely. 🙂 Xx

  4. Abigail says:

    Yes, I love her YouTube channel! So fun to watch.

  5. Leigh Ann says:

    I guess I’m the contrarian here. I love blogs. But I don’t like the other platforms much. I do look up specific things on Youtube at times and find it helpful. But I’d rather read a well thought out blog entry. There seems to be a general trend away from the written word to visual representations, and with that we sometimes lose depth and thoughtfulness in favor of brevity and the instantaneous. This is not always true, of course (Youtube is quite often the exception). But it often is. Even my local newspaper’s online site now has videos in place of a lot of the stories. But I can read, so I’d rather read the stories than have someone talking at me. Like I said, I’m a contrarian, and obviously the minority opinion! I had to hire someone to manage the social media for my business, because I despised it so much.

    • Karen says:

      I’m with you Leigh Ann 100%!

    • Robin says:

      I really identify with your point of view too. Karen’s blog is one of only a few I follow, and I don’t even look at other forms of social media. YouTube is great for learning specific techniques, and I am grateful for the time and effort folks put into helping others. But I work from home and spend 8 hours a day in front of a computer screen for my job, so prefer actual books to learn from, or working through problems in front of my machine, cutting table, dress form and mirror. It is relaxing to window shop online for fabric, though, I have to admit…

    • What a thoughtful response – I agree. Although I do also enjoy IG for a quick fix.

    • Helena says:

      I love blogs too, and agree with your arguments. I also like blogs because it allows me to read at my own pace and is easier to reference, if I Google a technique or want to see iterations of a pattern. Tweets and IG are more instantanious and the disappear in flow.

  6. I haven’t jumped onto the Youtube train yet. I am uncomfortable with being on camera. However, I am on all the other social media! I love it because I can chat about sewing and fabrics to people who are just as interested as I am. It fills a void that is lacking in my real world friends.

  7. danvillegirl says:

    I am realizing that I learn more about a lot of things besides sewing on YouTube and it is becoming my “educational” source. Thanks for referencing Sew Over It as I had not made my way there yet!

  8. racurac2 says:

    I use everything! Even in spanish and french. Pictures, Facebook, youtube, pinterest. The point is I don’t look forward to know too many details or personal confessions. I prefer the technical aspect of sewing. For example: I follow blogs (like yours), but if the blogger has a baby (or any other life changing event) I tend to cancel my subscription to that particular blog. It is like the beauty salon: I love to get pampered but the minute I get involved in the personal life of the stylist I feel weird. Maybe it’s me, I know. By the way: I’ve been trying to find information about serger needles ( I have a Kenmore serger and it’s been difficult to find the correct needles). Can you talk about serger needles?

  9. Interesting…….I’ve heard of Sew Over It (nice patterns) but didn’t know about the YouTube. Not too adept with other forms of social media, still new to blogging and have found the sewing bloggers to be very kind and helpful. I appreciate all the referrals and resources made available to someone just beginning (again) to sew. But I don’t believe that answered your question. Sorry. 😉

  10. Shanna says:

    Thanks for the information about Microtex needles. I’m sewing Days for Girls kits and the instructions say to use those needles for making the shields. Very interesting!

  11. Lizzy says:

    I love that Lisa has started making videos – we need more sewers on the ‘tube! There is a huge gap on youtube for sewing lifestyle videos – there are thousands of tutorials for every technique under the sun, but not a lot of people doing things like fabric hauls or handmade lookbooks. I started making sewing videos a few months back for my channel and once I got over the being-on-camera nerves it was great fun, and the reception I had was lovely. One of my major reservations about getting started was wondering whether there would actually be an audience for that kind of content – many fellow sewers and other bloggers that I floated the idea to were a little scathing! – but Lisa is definitely proving that the audience is out there. Fingers crossed this is the start of a brand new youtube community!

  12. Linda Wilson says:

    I’m new to the blogging, facebook and twitter world. I haven’t joined any of the other social communities yet because this is enough for me to remember for the moment. What I’m amazed at is the amount of people who enjoy sewing worldwide and this is brilliant. I do have a few sewing friends in the real world, but because a lot of this is where we worked we don’t always talk shop. I feel like I’m stuck in an odd place. Lot’s of what I see is people showing their makes from their bought patterns, which is great, but I don’t fit in here because I make my own patterns. I don’t produce these patterns to sell because I would drive myself demented having to grade the sizes – you can get computers to do that! I enjoy the writing and find it quite therapeutic, like a diary. For the moment I’ll continue with the remakes and sewing techniques. I still make sample garments for students,and produce patterns and sample garments for small independent labels, but nowadays not many because like any other job it can become boring.
    I think the way ahead is the YouTube world and I’ve heard Periscope mentioned frequently – Oh no – more buttons to learn!? I’ll definitely tune into sewoverit and thanks, I’d never heard of it.

    • Lizzy says:

      I think there are so many exciting applications for Periscope in sewing blogging – I’ve seen beauty bloggers using it for tutorials, so why couldn’t we use it for quick techniques or even sew alongs for patterns? I think social media is amazing for showcasing the diversity within the sewing community. I’ve come across a few bloggers like yourself who make things from their own patterns or from scratch rather than use patterns, and those are some of the blogs I find most inspiring! My ultimate aim is to design my own clothes (not to sell, just because I can never find patterns that are 100% my style) and I love to see how people are already doing just that.

      • Linda Wilson says:

        Go for it and design your own clothes. The satisfaction of it is great and some seasons I literally can’t find anything I want in the shops. All new technology is great I agree but it’ll take a while for me to catch up!

      • Mags says:

        Lauren Guthrie is using periscope now and I’m sure many more will follow.

      • Lizzy says:

        Is she?? I didn’t know that, thank you! I’ve got slightly addicted to periscope recently, although I haven’t made any of my own yet.

  13. Amie M says:

    Because of your instagram feed, I am looking into Microtex needles. They seem like the circular needles of the sewing world: good for everything!

  14. Ha yes! agree about the migration to video and have you noticed how squarespace is the rising new platform for a personal website / blog? one to watch I say!
    best daisy j xx

  15. Liza Jane says:

    Call me a traditionalist ;)- Can I say that? Have sewing blogs been around long enough to talk about tradition? I prefer a blog post over all else. I do like Instagram, too. I like it for a mini blogging fix.

  16. I love Lisa’s channel. I even made a cameo appearance on one! Blogging scene is changing so fast. I love vloging but I guess I’m the biggest IG fan. Its a mix of real life photos and stylised ones ( like blogs this days) and I love how raw it still is. Of course you can curate as much as you want but i think the best profiles are the ones that just go and “Snap”. instant sewing conversation.

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