High Five To Five

Ultimate Trousers Five

You’d think there’s nothing new to say when you’re on your fifth version of a pattern. You’d be wrong!

This is a thick cotton with a tiny percentage of lycra. When I saw it at TMOS, I knew it was too stiff for a dress and walked away. Then I realised this fabric would make the perfect pair of Ultimate Trousers and diverted Ella from her walk in the park to go back and buy a metre and a half. Sorry, Ella.

My favourite and most comfortable pair of Ultimate Trousers (to date!) are my denim ones. They have some stretch in them, too – hence the fantastic comfort factor. The stretch does mean they tend to bag out and on this version I wanted to make sure that my waistband didn’t stretch and distort.

I was all set to add twill tape to stabilise the waistband, but hesitated. It felt so thick – wouldn’t it compromise the finish? Then I remembered I had a roll of red ribbon. That would do the job!

Ribbon Waist StayDo you find talk of money vulgar? I don’t! These cost me £4.50 to make. And now, maybe, I truly have nothing left to say about the Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers. Maybe…

Ultimate Trousers Collage

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32 Responses to High Five To Five

  1. Julie says:

    I have also just started on my fifth pair with the fabric cut out ready for another pair after that. Once you master the fit they are so easy to make and really nice trousers, I could never buy anything like that in RTW because of my odd proportions so I am really pleased I have found this pattern. Must say the insides of mine are nowhere near as neat as yours though!

  2. Rachel says:

    I’m interested yo know how you stabilised the waistband, do you just sew a length of ribbon close to the top seamline?
    I’ve taken to using a non stretchy fabric for the facing of the waistband instead of using self fabric to achieve a similar effect.

  3. Joyce says:

    Five versions of Ultimate trousers, you say? I think you’re just getting started!

  4. Abigail says:

    Love the pants!!

  5. ohhyellow says:

    I love these!! I need to get cracking on my proper pair (I made a pair out of some odd stuff for the class), but am just dithering over what fabric to use, so thanks for the tip re stretch. I might have to venture forth to TMOS and see what he’s got!

  6. TamsinW-P says:

    Love these – fabric is fantastic – almost worth making a special trip into London to visit TMOS! I have a length of Italian cotton that may be suitable for something like this but it has no stretch, so I am dithering.

  7. Kimmy Rocket says:

    Fifth time’s a charm – I think these are my favourite yet!

  8. Liza Jane says:

    They are FABULOUS. Love that print.

  9. Anita E. says:

    Can anyone really have too many fantastic fitting pants? You will have to report back cause you have 4 more than anyone I know!

  10. coolarama says:

    Fab! pants and one of my favorite blogs. Thank you for inspiring me to getting round to learning to sew.

  11. Morag says:

    These are fantastic. My favourites so far – you look great in them. Mo

  12. sewnbyashley says:

    Ohhh I desperately want to make these now, they are so perfect! Kudos.

  13. Birgit says:

    They are awesome!

  14. Ooooh, I doooo need to make some trousers and these are really smart. Love the fabric! Barbara xx

  15. Debby says:

    Love these very smart combination. I wish there was a branch of TMOS near here he has some smashing fabrics. Happy sewing

  16. ybat says:

    I Love your entire look you look amazing. I have been wanting this pattern for a while but I never buy it because pants are such a pain to fit but I think I will finally give these a try because they look simple and stylish.

  17. Excuse my ignorance, Karen… but what is TMOS?

  18. Michelle Pye says:

    Hi Karen, The ribbon waist stay works well, but the best & quickest way to stay your waist is to use the armhole reinforcement tape you bought from English Couture. This tape is just ironed on to the waistband & its not a thick as ribbon. I’ve just launched a youtube video showing how to use it. Michelle

  19. Always stuff to learn lady. I am making a lined jacket and I have learnt so much not least, I picked the wrong fabric. Jo x

  20. Zoë says:

    I’ve just got the fitting on this pattern right and now I’m dying to zip up a few more pairs of my own. I love the print of these ones, good tip for the waist stay too.

  21. Susan says:

    Great trousers! About the waistband: you could also consider saving a selvage once in a while from something like silk or fine cotton, which makes a nice, no-bulk no-stretch sew-in stabilizer for a pocket edge or whathaveyou. But above all, I particularly like silk organza for this task. A yard (or even half a yard) will go a long way towards all kinds of stabilizing jobs. Sew a strip into the waistband facing seam and you won’t even know it’s there.

  22. Katy says:

    Perfection! I really must try this pattern one day. I’m just scared of fitting pants properly! It seems like such a mammoth task.

  23. Debra says:

    Great fabric choice and execution as usual. These look so chic. I am envious. I tried making some UTs but the fit was all wrong.

    In one of his Craftsy classes Kenneth D. King demonstrates staying edges with a strip of cross-grain fabric steamed into a curve. I can confirm that it renders an edge immovable.

  24. diycouture says:

    Amazing fabric, beautiful trousers and also… did you make that top? It’s gorgeous! xx

  25. I love these trousers. The fit is great and that fabric! I wish that there was a TMOS here. I am looking for a nice trouser pattern for work and am really tempted to buy his one after seeing all your lovely versions. It looks very versatile. Xx

  26. These really do look fab on you! They’re certainly living up their name 🙂

  27. angela regan says:

    The trousers are great. I am curious about the top “Did you make that”

  28. All 5, killer on you! Such a great look, love the print on these ones. Nifty ribbon trick, too. Those plaid ones though are making me want to bust out the stretch plaid I have saved for trousers except I can’t yet stomach the thought of matching the plaids, ha!

  29. Dorothy says:

    Am I being a dope? I only see four pairs in your collage. They are all lovely though, and you got the fit spot on

  30. Gail says:

    I like a sewer that can milk a pattern. But my first reaction was wow..I love that print!

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