Tilly And The Buttons Fifi Camisole Set

Tilly and the Buttons FifiLike many others, I couldn’t resist the recent bundle offer of a Fifi and Bettine – two new patterns from Tilly and the Buttons. For ages, I’d had some salmon polka dot fabric in my stash. I never could quite see myself wearing a salmon-coloured dress, but this drapey fabric seemed perfect for a trial run of the Fifi.

Unusually for me, I traced this pattern. Why? Because I think it lends itself very well to making gifts for others, and I wanted to retain sizing options.

Cutting Out FifiI didn’t make a toile. I plunged ahead on my first make. I’d advise everyone to just go ahead and make this pattern up with cheap fabric on a first version. It’s difficult to assess fit until the straps have been added. I’d also suggest that people resist the urge to over fit. This pattern is for lounging around on hot days, in the privacy of your own home. Comfort comes first. Beauty is a close second. And this is a very pretty pattern!

Fifi Top

Fifi HemI dutifully followed the instructions to French seam the top. By the time it came to the shorts, I’d run out of patience for my French seams and pulled my overlocker out. I did go to the effort of adding a cute little button at the bodice.

Button CollageAlthough the camisole is technically more demanding, it’s the shorts I really love. I adore the cut that sits two inches below my natural waist and the new-to-me and very comfortable elastic insertion. I even remembered to add a tag to the rear of the shorts to remind me which way on they go, for when I’m tired and sleepy. (I do this with all my PJ makes now.)

Fifi Details CollageAs expected, there’s some extra fitting I want to do on the next version of the camisole. A word to the wise – do listen to Tilly when she urges delicate handling of bias cut fabrics. You would not believe how much things can stretch out.

I’d also suggest making the insides of your make as pretty as the outsides. Those spaghetti straps are going to slip when you’re lounging in front of the telly. This is a make for your quiet moments! But if you can’t feel pretty when you’re lounging, what’s the point in life? If you’re looking for the perfect cover up to go with, I heartily recommend this kimono that I wear on a weekly basis.

kimono for fifiThe shorts – jeez. I could make seven different pairs for every day of the week. I’d happily tramp around a camping site in those and a T-shirt, clutching a towel on my way to the shower cubicles. Or maybe I’ve attended one music festival too many…

Fifi Set

Tune back in on 13 August for an exciting announcement!

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15 Responses to Tilly And The Buttons Fifi Camisole Set

  1. Ann Warner says:

    Your pj’s look superb, exciting announcement, now you’re teasing making us wait until 13th

  2. Caroline says:

    Wow what a lovely Fifi set Karen. I finished my set yesterday x
    They are definitely for those private chilling out moments.

  3. Jane says:

    Gorgeous cami and shorts Karen! I was in Spain last week and wore my Fifi set ALL the time. It was so cool and SSOOO comfortable during a very hot week! x

  4. That is a very pretty set. Much better to see it on a real person than a teeny weeny model.(no offence, you look beautiful in it, but Tilly’s models are always size 8) I only bought the Bettine pattern but am waiting for the right fabric to come along. Jo x

  5. Elle says:

    Beautiful! I loved the kimono too, but can’t seem to make the link work. Would you mind repeating it?

  6. rryberg1 says:

    I love the anchor button. Such a cute alternative to the typical bow!

  7. ellegeemakes says:

    Perfect attire for a summer evening of lounging and relaxing. I saw the pattern but wasn’t sure. Now, I think I’ll dive right in! I love the kimono too. The fabric is lovely!

  8. Mags says:

    Very cute, especially with the button. If it was warm enough in Cumbria I would make some …. But honestly I’m still wearing fleece pjs!

  9. K. Diegert says:

    Lovely! How fortunate for your friends, to be given a set as a gift!

  10. Mai T says:

    Can I copy your button for mine? It is sooooooo cute!

    By the way, I recommend some of the reliable brands of sewing. Hope that all of them can help us have much more better sewing: http://thesmartsewist.com/6-leading-brands-that-make-you-sew-better/

    Thank you.

  11. Wow! These are gorgeous! – I love the polka dots. too cute! <3

  12. gingerella says:

    Seeing many a lovely Fifi in the blogosphere and on Instagram! Lovely colour and I do like polka dots. Interested to see what the announcement is!

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