How Does It Feel To Be An Over Achiever?

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What a week it’s been. As I type, we’ve had 150 donations to the Made Up Justgiving page and we’ve raised over £1600. 60% more than our goal. Hey, how does it feel to be an over achiever? I’m fascinated to see what we can accomplish by 10 September.

And what have we been making? There are already some fabulous sewing projects coming in, such as this one from Sewing With Kate. Isn’t it gorgeous? Lots of people are linking to Made Up (thank you!) and I’ve really enjoyed reading blog posts such as this, this and this.


So, you’ve all been busy and what have I been up to? I’m thrilled to say I’ve completed a full toile of the Vogue 5098. If you can remember as far back as April, I’d already made a first toile of the bodice. Step two was making a full toile, incorporating adjustments. I took this version seriously. Not just as a process for checking fit, but for learning construction. The great thing about calico toiles is that you can scribble all over them!

Toile Collage Vogue

I tend to baste a zip into a toile. I can’t judge fit otherwise. I added facings, because I wanted to properly assess the neckline, I trimmed the hem to the length I wanted and I pegged the skirt as I hope to with the final make. You need to be sure you can walk in a pegged skirt. Don’t know what a pegged skirt is? You should check out Erica Bunker. She is the queen of pegged skirts. I hope to achieve something similair in this make.

complete toile

Aren’t toiles disgusting? That’s kind of the point. There’s nowhere to hide and fit adjustments can’t be avoided. Largely, I’m very happy with the fit. I would like to tweak the princess seams. I do this by pinning, and then marking the adjustments on my calico – a trick learnt a long time ago now, at Morley College.

Princess Seam Collage

Can I finish this dress by 10 September? Ambitious. There’s a bound buttonhole involved and I suspect that final fitting of the bodice will involve a lot of subtle tweaks. Plus, when I set my deadline I overlooked the fact that I actually have a social life over the coming weeks! I’m up against it. But, then again, we all are.

Good luck, everyone! How are you getting on?

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5 Responses to How Does It Feel To Be An Over Achiever?

  1. Gail says:

    Of course you can finish it! Love the shape.

  2. Mai T says:

    Have you finished it yet? I’m eager to see the result!

  3. Mags says:

    My pledge was ginger jeans and just the button and hem but have run out of top stitching thread!

  4. gingerella says:

    It’s so great how much money has been raised so far! 😀 And I’ve really been enjoying seeing what everyone is doing. The toile process I find both great and terrible: a) when I try on a toile and find I don’t need to make any adjustments, or they’re simple, and I’m happy; or b) it doesn’t fit, looks awful, I don’t like it anymore, and I don’t know how to fix it. Thankfully the toile of my Simplicity 1696 trousers was mostly fine and I’ve now cut out the fashion fabric. Eek! Exciting and scary!

  5. I did the same course at Morley college too. The dress looks like it’s coming along nicely. All that fitting will pay off. I only just decided on my pledge which is to refashion a vintage dress belong to my mum.

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