Made Up Prizes Just Got Better

Made Up Tote Bags ii

Here are a few fun Made Up Initiative figures for you:

  • We’re at the halfway point to our deadline
  • We’ve already raised £1852.75 via Justgiving
  • With 168 donations
  • And one thank you email from the National Literacy Trust

But, yeah. That halfway point. We all know what it’s like. Energy flags, ideas disperse, diaries fill and… What’s that thing you said you’d do by 10 September? It’s easy to get distracted. Really, we need the Mistress of the Jar to keep us on track, but last I heard she was dancing the rumba in Cuba. So I need something else to keep us all motivated. I need bribery!

I’ve had five exclusive Made Up Initiative tote bags made. Come on! You know you need another hemp tote bag in your life. I’m keeping one for myself, because I love them so. I have four others to give away. Here’s the plan:

Two shall be sent to randomly selected people who have already donated – you deserve to be rewarded.

One shall go to the person who makes the donation that takes us up to £2000. I absolutely know we can get there.

The last shall go to a fourth person randomly selected out of the people who donate after today.

Enough? No? I guess I’d better announce our second prize, then. Quadrille Books have kindly donated a sewing library to make your heart skip a beat. Check these babies out.

Quadrille Sewing Library

Now, you have four chances to win something. The grand prize, the second prize and a runner up tote bag. All you have to do is help someone learn to love reading. Maybe you’ll show them how great sewing is, too.

Keep tuning in for the two first winners of a Made Up Initiative tote bag. What better way to spread the word than to carry it over your shoulder?

Made Up Tote iii

A British August

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12 Responses to Made Up Prizes Just Got Better

  1. Sylvan says:

    so having prevaricated this evening I will cutting out on some lush navy blue silky fabric

  2. fabrickated says:

    Did you design the MADE UP logo yourself?

  3. JaneyB says:

    I’ve got the day off tomorrow so my Brumby skirt toile will be on the cutting table!

  4. Caroline says:

    Great to hear that things are going well. Very exciting having some additional incentives for people too.
    I’ve surprised myself that I have achieved my rather vague pledge of making something from my existing pattern collection from my fabric stash (ahead of schedule too).
    Boom! – Tilly’s Bettine made from a black and white gingham I bought from Goldhawk Road in 2013. I am going to blog about it this weekend x

  5. Done. Fingers’ crossed for a win!!

  6. Rachel says:

    That’s a pretty impressive haul of goodies – it’s definitely motivated me to get on with cutting my fabric!

  7. redsilvia says:

    I thought ‘why is Karen dressed for the arctic?’ And then saw the caption. Hah! Cute totes and hope you get a bit more summer in your summer.

  8. I’m not participating in this for a variety of reasons; but I had to say your August looks just like ours!

  9. mpostings says:

    Prizes look fab- would love to win something but that is secondary if I can help just one person get as much pleasure from books as I have done over the years, that’s my reward

  10. Nicola Smith says:

    I’ve been quilting quilting quilting in spare moments. I’m determined to finish my quilt! Such useful inspiration to get this one done.

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