Made Up Tote Bag Winners

Made Up Tote Bags ii

We’ve broken the £2000 barrier! As I type, we’ve raised £2109.59 at the Justgiving page and I now can’t help wondering if we can squeeze past £2500. But, more importantly, this means we have three tote bag winners to announce.

Who was the person who got us to £2000? Well, he or she made a hexagon beanbag but they left their pledge anonymously. Reveal thyself, hexagon beanbag maker! Either in a comment below or by emailing me at didyoumakethat[at]fastmail[dot]fm. If I don’t hear by this time next week, the bag shall go to someone else.

I also promised two randomly drawn people from donations made up to 26 August. Drum roll, the two pulled from 178 Made Up Makers are…

Box Pleat Skirt Sew Over It

Siobhan, who’s vowed to make the 1950s box pleat skirt from Sew Over It Vintage.

Alison of Stitches Of Time who’s going to make a Christmas ornament. That’s organised!

If Siobhan and Alison would like to leave a comment or drop me a line, I’ll organise postage. I’ve been carrying my bag everywhere with me. Remember, there’s a tantalising fourth tote bag to be won.

My weekend plans are to sew as much as I can of my Made Up Make, go on a big old long walk with Ella and … that’s about it. I fleetingly considered a spontaneous couple of days away but then remembered – Bank Holiday. Traffic. Queues.

What are you up to and how are your pledges coming along? And any gorgeous walks in the London orbital that you recommend?

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5 Responses to Made Up Tote Bag Winners

  1. Siobhan Cooke Miller says:

    Eeek! How exciting! Tried emailing but it is bouncing back to me…

  2. owllaughing says:

    This pledge is such a great incentive, I’m so glad I’ve signed up for it. I doubt I would have worked up enough nerve to tackle sewing trousers for the first time without it 🙂
    I’m still on the muslin stage, and the fit is nowhere near perfect yet, but some progress is better than no progress, right? 🙂

  3. mpostings says:
    FINISHED my made up make . I’ve posted details on my own (very new very amateur) blog.
    Well done for this great and very important initiative Karen- as a former primary school teacher I know how important it is.

  4. stitchesoftime says:

    Oh wow that is so exciting – thank you so much!!! I will e-mail you with my details.

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