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Okay, this is way out there in terms of comfort zones. I have almost no idea what I’m doing, but I’m going to give this a go. At 1.30pm GMT (8.30am in New York, 10.30pm in Sydney) today, I shall host a live prize draw for the Made Up Initiative at our Made Up Meet Up.

You can join us. How? By downloading the free Periscope app (available here or here) and following Didyoumakethat. If you tune in just before 1.30pm, you should be able to watch me draw three names from a hat. You can cheer me on with comments (which I can answer live!) or by tapping your screen to send me hearts of support. You might even be able to see some of my new sewing friends, gathered in our lovely venue.

games room

Periscope is a live broadcast feature developed by the team at Twitter. (The Guardian recently reviewed it here.) Broadcasts stay up for 24 hours – no more! Yes, by the power of my mobile phone we can all be together when winners are revealed.

phone on tripod

I’ll be selecting winners in the following order:

First out wins a Made Up tote bag.

Made Up Tote Bags ii

Second out wins a selection of Quadrille titles.

Quadrille Sewing Library ii

Third out wins … drum roll … over £300 of goodies that include:

  • £50 voucher from The Village Haberdashery
  • Copy of the Aster pattern from Colette Patterns
  • A place on Tilly and the Button’s Learn To Sew Jersey Tops online workshop
  • All seven paper patterns from Sew Over It (for UK residents. For applicants outside of the UK, the patterns will be provided as PDF downloads.
  • Ten sewing books donated by Love Sewing. These will include Learn To Sew with Lauren Guthrie, Alabama Chanin Sewing Patterns, Sew Over It Vintage by Lisa Comfort, Quilt Me by Jane Brockett and Skirt A Day by Nicole Smith.

In other great Made Up news, English Girl At Home has generously offered to donate the raffle money from her awesome-sounding SewBrum meet up on 31 October. This could potentially tip us over the £3000 mark. (We currently stand at £2571.) Did you know that most charity initiatives receive 20% of their donations after the event has finished? Don’t feel shy about still donating!

Right, I’m off to add some more entrants to the prize draw pot. Could your name emerge in a few hours from now? Tune in and find out!

prize draw

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14 Responses to Made Up Live Prize Draw – Join Us

  1. Gill says:

    Looking forward to being there in ‘real life’ at my first sewing Meet Up.

  2. amcclure2014 says:

    Good luck today. I hope the funds keep on rolling in! Unfortunately I can’t be there in person but I’ll try to do the Periscope thing! Fingers crossed for the draw.

  3. Anne says:

    I seem to have downloaded Periscope OK, so I’ll be looking on! How exciting!
    Anne Hill aka ‘Batwidow’

  4. Hila says:

    Hah! Never thought I’d get Periscope but there I am 😒

  5. Colleen Bell says:

    This sounds like fun. I hope to join you. I downloaded it when it first came out, but have not used it yet. So exciting! You’re so brave. Thank you.

  6. Whew, just emailed at the (almost) 11th hour. I have just signed up for Periscope. Joining in today will be fun. Will be “BadKittyCorsets”. 🙂 Xx

  7. Sadly, not involved in this, but some of my blogging friends are. Good luck everyone and good job on this most important project!

  8. Sew Ruthie says:

    Great fun thank you. I couldn’t remember my blig address when people asked. It is
    Thank you Ruth, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

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