Is This The Perfect Easy Top To Sew?

Simplicity 1366

The Simplicity 1366 has no darts and no closures. It uses less than 1.5 metres of fabric and is the perfect platform for prints. It can be dressed up or dressed down. So, why has it taken me this long to discover it?

Of course, if it was all that easy, where would the fun be? Knowing Simplicity, I went down two sizes from the pattern sizing. I pinched a centimetre or so out of the back centre neckline. I lengthened by 7.6 cm and graded out for the hips. This top is mean to be a short, boxy style but my days of midriff reveal have … never existed.

Simplicity 1366 CollageThe fabric is a giant polka dot crepe, the body lined in a poly cotton. Not only does underlining give structure to your make, but it prevents any underwear reveals and allows for a very neat finish on the neckline, which otherwise would be topstitched. I love the neckline curve.

I’d recommend prints for this top. My test make was in a solid colour double gauze, which I’ll wear to death but was never born for blog photos. It was very interesting to see how two different fabrics produced very different fits. The double gauze version came out not only roomier but longer. That’s a loose weave fabric for you.

Simplicity 1366 is currently on sale. I’m trying not to wince because I bought it full price, but I’ll get my money’s worth. Just you watch me.

Simplicity 1366 iii

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32 Responses to Is This The Perfect Easy Top To Sew?

  1. Liza Jane says:

    You make me want to try again! I’ve made one linen version but didn’t love it. Shoulder fit was off for me. Love the crepe you used! And that its lined.

  2. Oh, I like this top, what a great sleeve length! Adding it to my list of must-makes. So glad you feature a wide range of “makeability”, this one will be great for those of us not so adept, and still a perfect all-around top for more advanced days.

  3. JaneyB says:

    This does look pretty perfect! Love those giant polka dots – great bracelet too!

  4. I really admire your eye for print and pattern alike. I have got stuck in a rut with making only indie patterns after getting stuck with alterations on the Big 4. You’re inspiring me to take another look at the commerical pattern companies.

  5. Fab! Love the giant polka dots 🙂

  6. Carolyn says:

    Love the fabric you used for this top so it was worth every penny! Great look and love the bracelet!

  7. thewallinna says:

    This giant polka dot print looks amazing on you! Such a perfect top for both work or play. Which reminds me to focus on simpler projects.

  8. A smart simple top that can become a TNT is a bit of a “Holy Grail” quest for me. I adore your version of this pattern, those big polka dots are lovely and it looks very polished being lined. Your top is totally perfect. Xx

  9. Jacqueline says:

    I have this pattern, too – and like Liza Jane found that it didn’t work as well as yours… or a range of other great versions, seen on blogs, that first pushed me to the pattern… I am quite short, but find that most dartless patterns benefit from an FBA on my shape (or perhaps I should just introduce a small dart into the existing flat pattern shape.) Ahh…. but your wonderful make causes me to work again at this pattern because I *want* to love it!
    Please can you tell me how you managed the neckline – I am reading the photograph to suggest that you used a bias strip in the fashion fabric to join the lining to the outer: is that correct?? I am a relative beginner, so really appreciate any technical information on these ‘mysteries’ of sewing!!

    • Gill says:

      Yes, I’d like to know this too – I keep peering at the photo! It’s a beautiful top Karen, hoping you will let us in on the secret of your super-neat neckline!

  10. Gorgeous! I love the spots. I have had this pattern for ages yet still haven’t sewn it. However, I did snag some fabric today to make a modified version. After seeing yours I think I might start on it straight away!

  11. Trine says:

    Beautifully made – and gorgeous fabric! This pattern is definetely one of my favorites. I’ve made several blouses and dresses with the 1366 as my starting point ♡

  12. Emily says:

    I feel like I’ve looked at that pattern tonnes of times and never even noticed the top! That flouncy skirt is very distracting, clearly! I’m still on the hunt for a good T&T top pattern, maybe this will be it (especially as it’s on sale.)

  13. Donna says:

    I found it interesting you had to go down in size. I always need to go up a size or two. I might try this pattern.

  14. Margo says:


  15. Joanna says:

    This is beautiful! I have a very similar crepe in my stash which I was planning on using to make a pussy bow blouse, but I think I like your idea of a simple top better – it shows off the print so nicely!

  16. Karen G says:

    That neckline is divine! Love, love, love!

  17. What a fun top, I love spots not to mention GIANT spots.

  18. almostahippy says:

    I love this and have been on the search for a good top pattern so may have to give it a go! The fabric is awesome too, where’s it from?

  19. That is my kind of top. I reckon the skirt might have scared me off buying that pattern! Jo x

  20. DonNaturaL says:

    I literally just cut this out. I’m thinking of doing a test fabric because I want a leather one. How do you think this will work with leather.
    Also you make me want to try some of your fabric choices.

  21. zebracourage says:

    Loving the polka dots!

  22. Love the print! Works really well with the boxy style 🙂

  23. LinB says:

    You’ll treasure it more because you paid full price for it. And use it more, which is good, because it looks to be a keeper.

  24. Alison says:

    I love this pattern and have made 4 versions in linin, cotton, crepe, all with an extra 11/2″ on the length and with varying sleeve lengths. I’ve done the neckline with self bias and made facings for a cleaner look, but would love to know how you did the neckline on this one. Your beautifully written posts are a pleasure by the way. x

  25. Gail says:

    Those giant polka dots are to die for! I’m not sure I need the pattern, but certainly want to make tops like this for summer which is just beginning down under.

  26. Nakisha says:

    “my days of midriff reveal have … never existed” Hahaha! That gave me a good chuckle.

    I really love every version of this I see yet I have not made it. I think you’re right on with the large print. This pattern would be great for that!

  27. New Capel Street: Fabric Division says:

    Love this! I’m a fan of smaller prints, but that really works on you!

  28. gingerella says:

    The neckline is really lovely! And the print is so fun. 😀

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