Scrumptious Socks

Seaview CollageElla and I are enjoying one of our regular retreats to the Isle of Wight, where we come to take stock on life. As I prepared, a friend asked what knitting pattern I’d picked out for the trip. She knows me too well! In fact, I had a knitting project to complete. I’d first cast this project on seven months ago, on an earlier trip to the island. What can I say, I like to take my time.

stripey socks

This is the Espace Tricot Scrumptious Stripes Socks pattern, described as ‘a basic sock recipe for your first foray into knitting socks’. It worked for me.

Sock pattern Collage

I knitted with self striping sock yarn from New Zealand’s Stray Cats. This wool is seriously impressive. One ball of wool is enough for a pair of socks and the below photo was taken after the socks had been worn in boots for a tramp on the beach. No pilling or stretching out to speak of.

heel flap

These are only the second pair of socks I’ve knitted. They are far from perfect. I don’t recommend a six month gap between knitting a pair. Turning the heel on sock two took four attempts. One question I have is over the erroneously deep pink stripe on the front ankle (seen above). I’m guessing I should have cut the wool at the heel flap and picked up using a turquoise-dyed length of wool?

I finally learnt how to avoid ladders between columns of stitches as I shift between double pointed needles. Tug the first three stitches really tight on the new needle; not just the first stitch. (Keeping up?!)

I was concerned about how much I’d really wear a pair of bright, striped socks. In fact, they look fantastic peeping out of the top of my boots as Ella and I strike out. I may have to make another pair. Let’s hope they take less than seven months, next time!

Ella on beach

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25 Responses to Scrumptious Socks

  1. Nane says:

    Love them !

  2. Philippa says:

    I enjoyed your pictures as well as your sock story. I think they are wonderfully cheery. Thank you!

  3. Hélène says:

    Hey! Espace Tricot is here in Québec – just saying because it makes me proud. That’s such a great place. Your socks look perfectly crafted and so joyful, but tell me about this wonderful wool coat you’re wearing there. Did you make that too?

  4. Maggie says:

    Love your socks! One way you could keep the striping even on the front ankle is to use a pattern that has what they call an afterthought heel. Basically you knit a tube sock, then put the heel in after the fact. The heel ends up looking different, too, the stripes make a little circle that cups the heel. I recently did a pair this way and they were fun to knit and turned out really well.

  5. iknead2knit says:

    Socks are my favorite things to knit! Be careful- you could get hooked, just like me! 😊

  6. Glorious socks. The stripes are wonderful and the colour combination is one of my favourites. Spent many happy childhood holidays on the IOW. Have a great time. Xx

  7. Jenny Lester says:

    I think I have probably mentioned this to you in a previous posting – you appear to have SSS! Second Sock Syndrome!! Rather than knitting socks separately – as you have obviously got the bug for sock knitting – now try knitting on circular needles – two socks together!! This method means that a full pair of socks are completed in one go!!!

  8. JaneyB says:

    Lovely happy photo of you! Lovely socks too.

  9. Fab post Karen: love the cheery sock colours and the beautiful scenery 🙂

  10. Oh those socks. I’m off to check the yarn out….hubby loves a good sock. Enjoy your hols xx

  11. Sabs says:

    They look brilliant Karen! I haven’t knit socks yet but yours are inspiring me to. I love the bright stripes!

  12. ellegeemakes says:

    Lovely socks! Beautiful color choices…

  13. TamsinW-P says:

    your socks are fab! hope you have have a relaxing time away.

  14. Margo says:

    Cute socks!!! Love the stripes.

  15. Sarah Turnbull says:

    The yarn is great, isn’t it? Tell me, did you make that … coat? I don’t recognise it but perhaps I missed a post!

  16. Knitlass says:

    Lovely socks!

    Yes, if you wanted the stripes to be consistent on the front of the sock, then you would need to cut the yarn after the heel flap. A short row heel or afterthought heel would also eliminate the wider stripe. It depends how exact you want to be with your stripes! I tend to only worry about the leg of the sock as the foot is less visible…

  17. Linda says:

    ooo! Lovely socks! I really want to try to knit socks, but am not an accomplished knitter by any stretch of the imagination! I think I’ll try a cardigan first, then try socks. Will make a note of the pattern you’ve used:)

  18. Gorgeous photo of Ella on the beach. Enjoy the rest of your break.

  19. Rachel says:

    To prevent laddering in knit socks, I also knit the first stitch from the next needle to the previous needle. That keeps me from stretching the knit in the same place. You are constantly moving the sock around the needles this way. It just takes an extra second to put them all in place when you get to the heel flap. But it is worth it to not have obvious areas of stretch.

  20. love the colours! I’m on my 4th ever sock. The first pair were knitted in an almost fairisle effect self pattern wool and this second pair are self striping. But much more subdued as both pairs are intended as a christmas present for my brother. For the second pair, I’m using the same pattern but trying a trick I was told at a knitting group. Instead of a seperate rib at the top, the whole way to the heel is knitted in 3 plain 1 purl (which works on my 64 stitch sock pattern) and then the top of the foot continues in this until the toe, although the heel and sole are done plain (for comfort. Again this works well as I have my stitches spread over 4 needles, so 2 are the top and 2 are the bottom). Apparently it helps them stay up better. We shall see.

  21. Roobeedoo says:

    Hooray for sock knitting! You could always use a contrast yarn to avoid breaking up your stripes – but slight mismatching adds to their handmade appeal 🙂

  22. Gill says:

    And I say, if you wanted perfect striped socks, you’d have bought them. As it is you have a beautifully unique and cosy pair of stripey socks, and the ‘randomness’ of the stripe size is clearly a design feature!

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