Socking It To Christmas

red stripey socks ii

We’re in the run up to Christmas. The festive season that delivers a back-to-back calendar of parties, yet encourages us to dig deep and produce a gazillion handmade presents.

So, let’s talk about socks that I knitted for myself.

These are my third pair of hand knitted socks. I truly love them! They took about six weeks to knit and were my first attempt at magic loop knitting. Thanks to my blog readers, I took the plunge into this technique. Despite my fears, I am humbled to report that magic loop is easy. Easier than my previous attempts with double pointed needles. Lesson learnt. Don’t be scared of learning.

magic loop technique

I tried hard to improve my technique, building on my last pair of socks. Familiarity makes sock knitting easier, but these still aren’t perfect. Shall we all stop trying to be perfect? Never gonna happen. Not in my world of making.

I’m glad to report that Stray Cats sock wool goes through the washing machine with no ill effect. On a 30 degree wash, the wool softens up and becomes even more scrumptious.

ball of wool

Three pairs of socks in, I recommend this as a knitting project that brings both challenges and comfort in an achievable timeline. Crucially, sock knitting is portable – perfect for family visits over Christmas. Though, if I had to choose a Christmas Day activity, I might err on the side of sipping Baileys. Sorry, socks. I’ll wear you anyway…

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18 Responses to Socking It To Christmas

  1. Tammy says:

    These are so beautiful and would match everything in my handmade wardrobe. I’m envious of your lovely socks!! Enjoy them.

  2. ellegeemakes says:

    Really gorgeous and they look so cozy! My feet are always cold…you’re making me want to knit a pair :).

  3. What brilliant socks. I love them. You can’t top a good stripy sock in my book, except maybe stripy hand knitted ones. Xx

  4. Jenny Lester says:

    Lovely socks Karen and glad that you are now in love with the magic loop. So for your New Years resolution why not challenge yoursel further – I know you love a challenge!! TUTT (toe up two together) even better than what you have already made. You know I am a fan and can knock a pair up on a few evenings in front of the telly, a half a dozen trips to my knit group and a couple of train journeys!! Go on!! Give it a try – start a TUTT Knit-along after the festivities!! Merry Christmas x

  5. scottygrrl says:

    Lovely & cozy! You are multi-talented.

  6. redsilvia says:

    Super cute sock yarn! I like the hip colorway. I’m glad you found a sock technique you’re happy with (I’m a dpn girl from way back), so now you can check out all the different heels and toes out there…fish lips kiss anyone? Socks are good for traveling/visiting knitting, so I’m sure your Bailey’s xmas socks will be super.

    Merry Christmas to you and Ella!

  7. Rachel says:

    “Don’t be afraid of learning”… I may just have found a motto for 2016 – thank you! Socks look great too, well done.

  8. Sewniptuck says:

    Failed so miserably at my first socks, they happened to be my last and that may have been because I could not for the life of me wangle those DPNs (as the cool crowd refer to them). I am good with magic circle so maybe thats my happy place. Having read this post, I may just give socks another go. Thanks for the prod! 😉

  9. Roobeedoo says:

    Those are lovely! It is brilliant to see you take up the Dark Art! 😉

  10. raquel from jc says:

    Next task: two socks at a time with magic circle!

  11. Mags says:

    My only pair of socks were a disaster, so baggy that I couldn’t walk from one end of the house to the other without them slipping off, I haven’t tried again yet! Clearly I need to source the right pattern!

  12. LinB says:

    J’adore your thockies! I’m a great fan of all-woolen socks, and have taught my family so to be. Thus, I knit socks all year long in order to be able to pass them out like Lady Bountiful, come gift-giving season. Keep up the good work. Keep up learning new ways to do old things — there’s rarely only one way to accomplish a task, and learning new techniques builds new neural pathways in yer brain box.

  13. New Capel Street: Fabric Division says:

    What’s that ‘err’ bit? I think sipping Baileys is a fine idea.

  14. Sara says:

    I absolutely love the colour of your socks! They look well made too! Might have to treat myself to some yarn in the new year, it’s been too long since my last pair of socks and they are so much warmer than shop bought ones!

  15. I’m in love with those socks. Who would not be? I think you could sip Baileys while you knit! Best wishes for Christmas to you and Ella.

  16. Great! You just made me want to knit socks!

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