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vogue books

Have you succumbed to the adult colouring book rage? It’s everywhere, and it’s shifting a gazillion books. But why pay for the Vogue Colouring Book when you stand the chance of receiving a free copy in a sewing blog giveaway? This is to die for.

colouring book rear

colouring book inside

But not quite enough, I feel. Not enough for a really juicy giveaway. Let’s take a look at Vogue, The Gown. Over 300 pages and with a retail price of £75.

vogue the gown

vogue the gown ii

vogue the gown interior

Two beautiful books could be yours. This giveaway is open to UK residents only and ends at midnight GMT on Monday 15 February. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling me what your favourite Vogue sewing pattern is.

Good luck, friends!

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136 Responses to Vogue Books Giveaway

  1. Ann Watts says:

    V8904- lovely layered dress. A number of others on my wish list too

  2. Barbara Griggs says:

    Hi Karen my favourite vogue pattern is V1208. This is the first dress I made that was wearable, not perfect in any way but good enough to wear. In fact now I have a bit more experience I may make it again.

  3. Kathy says:

    Hi Karen! My favourite Vogue Pattern is good old V1247 Rachel Comey – specifically the skirt. Unusually, I’ve only made it once so far… must rectify that!

  4. Tracey says:

    A favourite….we were told on no uncertain terms by our needlework teacher that they were not for the likes of us and they were banned from lessons! I was scared of actually attempting one but I used to gaze at those packets with the full net gowns and nipped waists and the super slim dresses with the coat and run little screenplays in my head of their lives – they seemed to sound like Celia Johnson Greer Garson or Katherine Hepburn….hours of fun before the Internet was invented. I might start looking with a view to making now I am old and not in possession of a waist

  5. dr P says:

    I was going to say V8904 too but V8975 is also a lovely dress

  6. Sandrine says:

    Que regalo más maravilloso!!!!que pena que sólo sea para Uk….y si voy a recogerlo a UK? Jajajajaja
    Gracias por todos tus emails ,me haces el día más llevadero

  7. Hi Karen,

    I think it’s got to be v2902. I’m a big fan of the fifties look, and I’ve been asked to wear something along these lines as a friend’s bridesmaid. I think this might be the winner!

  8. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! I have never made a Vogue pattern yet, for some reason I am a little initimidated by them. But top of my list has to be the V1460. The cut is just perfect!

  9. Steph Hughes says:

    My favourite is Misses Dress 8813. A lovely slouchy dress which looks really stylish.

  10. Tracey says:

    We were not allowed vogue-the teacher banned them and my mum said they were too expensive. It didn’t stop me looking though. I liked to imagine the lives those glamourous ladies lived with their tiny waists and flouncy skirted dresses. Obviously the ones with the pencil dresses and high collared coats were spies…..

  11. Krystyna says:

    It’s definitely V2401 – rather unusual with the ties, beautifully fitted! I am still looking for a fabric that would MAKE this dress.
    Or V9000 for a good shirt dress :))

  12. Vogue 9255 , its vintage and the first ever sewing pattern I owned. My dad brought it for me at a vintage fair because I had cut my knee open and it got all infected and I couldn’t walk and was all drowsy from the tablets.

    This is the best giveaway ever! That book! *heart eyes*



  13. Anna-Marie says:

    V1247 is the only Vogue pattern I own. I bought it recently to make my daughter the skirt; now I just need to get on and actually do it! Thanks for the opportunity to win, both books look full of inspiration.

  14. Hannah Lockyer says:

    Absolutely has to be V8888…. Typical of Vogue’s seemingly never ending ability to epitomise glamour and beauty for women… Camisole and French knickers, nightdress and dressing gown… I am thinking red silk with lace trimmings just in time for valentines day! A perfect present for me, sorry I meant to say for my husband…. 🙂

  15. stitchedupsam says:

    I don’t actually own many Vogue patterns, but one of my current favourites from the new collection is V1482.

  16. Jan Brown says:

    I desperately want to make Vogue 8884 which is a sort of pea coat. I have mastered blouses, shirts, trousers, jeans and even a couple of handbags but coats and jackets seem to elude me. I’ve attempted 3 before and they’ve all gone in the bin. My go to sewing book is Vogue Sewing and winning these books would be a wonderful addition to my library and learning.

  17. rosemary says:

    Oh what lovely books! An old favourite vogue pattern is v8727

  18. Jen says:

    V7975 was my first successful attempt at fitting. It took several toiles and some gritted teeth but I love the jacket I made.

  19. Claire says:

    My favourite Vogue pattern is a vintage ball gown – 3265 – issued in the late 1950s. It has an unusual double collar, and was the basis for my mother’s wedding dress, which was stunning! My mum was a very glamorous dresser and a gifted home sewer who made everything she wore for many years – including the wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses and I think her mother’s outfit too. We have wonderful photographs of her creations – all the more poignant since she passed away last year. She’s my inspiration – I enjoy sewing and love reading your blog for ideas, tips, and places to buy great fabric in London. From the picture, it looks as though the gown book is full of creations rather like my Mum would have made back in the day and I would love to read it.

  20. Christine Taylor says:

    Vogue 2952 – I made it in the eighties and still have that skirt, in lightweight linen, and the pattern. Perhaps its time to make another….

  21. Caroline van deventer says:

    I love V1247 – it gets a lot of wear but I have a few vogues on my wish list V1460, 1287, 1384 and 1315 and 1317 cut out and waiting to be sewn – just need to find the time!! Big fan of vogue!!

  22. I love 2013 though I’m not sure I could make it…

  23. amanda says:

    I haven’t made it yet but picked up the vogue 1027, a DKNY design, during the pattern swap at the sewbrum meet up and its on my to make list. I love the pattern and couldn’t believe someone was giving it away! Great giveaway thanks!

  24. My favourite vogue pattern is the Ralph Rucci coat – it’s so beautiful.

  25. Marion says:

    Hello ! My favourite is the V9015 ! It looks perfect to stay at home !

  26. Nicola Bostock says:

    Lovely books, thanks for a fab giveaway and also for a wonderful lunch break browsing Vogue patterns! I’ve never used one but have picked V9000 as my favourite, beautiful drawings, vintage style and fabric belt, I’m sold!!

  27. Lori Owen says:

    Oh – to the – em – to the – gee!

    What a fab give away!

    My face pattern has to be V8995, great work dress!

  28. Emma says:

    My current favourite is v8888 which I dream of making up in voiles and silks while I’m feeding my baby covered in rank milky rtw Jersey vests. And v1247 which I have sewn up in chartreuse upholstery fabric which is itching to come out of the closet!

  29. It’s got to be Bellville Sassoon V1966. Love his elegant column dresses. They suits the tall and willowy, but unfortunately not the shorter and curvier. You always love what you can’t wear, sadly!

  30. Katherine says:

    I don’t know the pattern number for mine, but I discovered it on Pinterest a while back. I love all of the dart shaping at the waist. I think this would make a really chic suit in a fine grey or navy wool.


  31. Barbarags says:

    Of those I have made it has to be 7630 from the 1960’s. I made version B in black crepe with large silver globes of buttons. All that volume of fabric and plunging neckline made for successful entrances at dances.

  32. HappyHermit says:

    1678, a Vogue basic dress from the 60’s. The first one i completed all by myself! I also love V7871 which was the first dress ever made with my sewing teacher keeping a careful eye on me!

  33. Houkje says:

    ooh, my favourite has to be Vogue 2883: my wedding dress! although I’ve made many other Vogue patterns, this one has a special place in my heart!

  34. Denise says:

    It has to be Today’s Fit V1494 (Misses’ High-Neck High-Waist Coat and Vest) for, no matter what your age, it will still look incredibly smart and sexy.

  35. Vivienne says:

    What a wonderful give away! So generous. I’m always too busy sewing to get into the colouring books. My mother used to make a Vogue pattern ball gown every year and growing up in the 60s i could make anything from one of their patterns and it would fit me without alterations. I don’t think I ever had a pattern that I didn’t make up several times as they are expensive. Vogue 8536 is such a great pattern and I’ve made it at least half a dozen times. Love your blog!

  36. Ros says:

    The only Vogue pattern I’ve made is V1043. I made it in a printed silk taffeta and wore it at my brother’s wedding to many, many compliments. I’d love to win The Gown!

  37. Liz says:

    Vogue patterns were well out of my ken as a young sewer. Too expensive and probably too difficult. That said, I’d love to try one now! The giveaway sounds great, please put me in.
    Many thanks

  38. Houkje says:

    Apologies if I post twice, my comment seems to have disappeared.

    My favourite pattern is Vogue 2883, which I used to make my orange silk wedding dress. I’ve made many other garments using Vogue patterns, but that one is my absolute favourite!

  39. Vogue children 2645 a romper suit pattern I got from a charity shop. From the glory days before my now nine year old daughters developed their own, very strong, opinions!

  40. Gorgeous giveaway, Karen. My favourite Vogue pattern has to be Vintage Vogue 2903. It’s the one I made my wedding dress out of! 🙂

  41. Nic says:

    I love the dress in v8974 and the suit jacket in v1388 but have yet to make either – I’m building up to them I guess! Although I did get some lovely herringbone wool to make the v1388 trousers soon 🙂 I’d love a browse through that dress book!!

  42. suzy roberts says:

    Hello Karen,
    Exciting! My favourite Vogue pattern is V8615. It is very easy to make, but certainly doesn´t look it. I made it in a black and white spotted double gauze a couple of years ago for a party. Pity I can´t send a photo, because it was a fun dress. Thank you for all your thoughtful blogs. x

  43. Vicki Kate says:

    Oh, my favourite is V2903 a re-issued vintage style. I made it to wear for my brother-in-law’s wedding and it involved so many new to me techniques and was an absolute dream to wear; plus my husband spent most of the day telling people ‘she made that dress, you know!’. This is from the man who up until that point thought my sewing was a bit weird! I also made a very good friend through that dress as I sought and got fabulous advice from another blogger who had made it for her own wedding dress, so it holds a special place in my wardrobe for many reasons.

  44. Jen (NY) says:

    I’m not in the UK, so please don’t enter me…but I just wanted to say, what a nice giveaway!

  45. rbjaneite says:

    Ooh! I want to win!!! My favourite Vogue might be V8789 – my mother is making it at the moment for one of my sisters, and it’s gorgeous!

  46. Jenny says:

    V8961 was the first dress pattern that I wanted to sew because it was very similar to a RTW dress that I had and loved. After 12months of sewing I still haven’t made it (although I’ve made lots of others) – it’s still on my wish list.

  47. charlottepb says:

    9070 a lovely pair of overalls. in fact this is just style I love them all really, and a good reminder that I really should find my perfect pattern and make a pair!

  48. It would have to be Vogue 1410 as I have made four of them, despite thinking it was very much NOT my style! http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/OTAwWDkwMA==/z/2RoAAOSw0HVWBRlV/$_57.JPG

  49. JennyS says:

    I’ve had my eye on V2903 for ages, aspiring to sewing this when I’ve honed my fit skills more and found the perfect fabric. It’s closely followed by V8789. These both remind me of the dresses my mum and her friends wore in the 50s, although by the time my sisters and I were in our teens and sewing in the 60s we would never have worn them. I’ve loved looking at other’s favourites – that 3265 wedding dress Claire describes must have been stunning!

  50. Lisa Raison Trehy says:

    Hi Karen, I love the OOP 2556 Issey Miyake pattern – I used it for my bridesmaid dresses.

  51. Kirsty says:

    V8630 🙂 it’s a basic pattern and although I’ve made the dress once – I’ve made the skirt portion of the dress many times as a seperate ! In fact more times than I can remember 🙂
    Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

  52. Greig spencer says:

    My favourite is Misses Dress 8813.

  53. Nancy P says:

    I have a vintage Vogue 4169, 1950s fit and flare dress that I found in a charity shop last year. I hope to tackle it this summer!

  54. OOOooh, book porn! I bought my Mum a colouring book at Christmas and now she is hooked. I have a ton of Vogue patterns, vintage and modern although they are probably close to being vintage now as I have had them that long. My current favourite is V8601 which is OOP. I will get round to it one of these days. 🙂 Xx

  55. Anne Potts says:

    What a lovely giveaway! My favourite pattern is Vogue 8766. Lots of style options to make it fancy or simple and a lovely bodice. I made it with a panelled skirt from New Look K6184 to ring the changes.

  56. Michelle Cooper says:

    Mine would be the V8430 Jacket, as it’s such a versatile design

  57. Emily says:

    Love your blog and what a generous giveaway! I love vogue 8146 – classic dress and a swing jacket with a cute bow on the back. Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

  58. Great giveaway. V8146 for me, its the jacket I really like voluminous at the back with a pretty bow!

  59. fabrickated says:

    Well mine is Vogue 1556, a 1964 YSL Mondrian collection shift dress. I have made it three times – a copy of the Mondrian dress itself (black, white, red, blue and yellow), once as a Vivienne Westwood type dress, and once as it should be made with sequins and sleeves. I will use it again and again as it is a perfect 1960s shift dress and an iconic dress (one of the 50 best known dresses in the world).

  60. sewandsnip says:

    What fantastic books . I have fallen for 2237, a Badgley Mischka floor length dress & bolero. To me it’s simply elegant & I love the structure. It’s on my shortlist of possibles for my Mother of the Bride outfit!

  61. Oooooh, me, me…pick me please! I have to say that Vogue patterns are utterly gorgeous and I have a couple vintage ones in my stash that are to die for!

  62. Zannukene says:

    It’s deffenitly v2902

  63. Heather fieldgate says:

    These are gorgeous! I would love these! My favourite vogue pattern is Vogue 9040. It was the first coat I ever made and still my favourite!

  64. V1019 – love the curved front and the back “flounce” on the jacket – what a FAB giveaway!

  65. smashandme says:

    Having a little sulk coz I live in New Zealand 🙂

  66. Michelle robertson says:

    Ooh gorgeous books, the yellow gown in that last picture is to die for, I wonder if I could get away with it while doing the weekly food shop 🙂
    I can’t say I have a favourite vogue pattern yet as they are a bit beyond my skill level ……. For now!
    If I do build up,the courage to tackle them though I like the summer breezy look of v8876 misses dress by Marcy Tilton.

  67. siriustalks says:

    Oh, dear. I’d love both – but live in Norway. Does it help if I can c/o a friend in London? A London trip to pick up a couple of books sounds like a treat imo! 🙂

  68. Jenny says:

    I have never made a Vogue pattern but I love them, especially the Marcy Tilton ones. I particularly like V8934, an unusual coat, which would be gorgeous to make.

  69. Jo says:

    I used to have a skirt pattern years and years ago. It was beautiful with an asymmetrical waistline and pleated detail. I never did make it though, I just never dared to start. Then it started to look all a bit eighties so it went. Hopefully to someone who did it justice!

  70. 9048 – easy peasy dress

  71. Cre8ive says:

    Those books are beautiful!

  72. Sarah Donnison says:

    In the 90’s I made a gorgeous evening dress from a Vogue pattern which I still have (the dress and the pattern!) It is a Belville Sassoon dressing for Vogue (Vogue designer original) 1966. I hope it counts for the fabulous giveaway!

  73. Kerry says:

    I have an old Vogue three piece suit pattern which has a Faye Dunaway feel to it, that’s my favourite V9481

  74. Charlotte Wills says:

    Vogue tunic pattern V8495; I’ve made about 4 in different colours and fabrics. Although in white my son says I look like Princess Leia 😆

  75. Maxine says:

    A Calvin Klein one, 1588. Had it for years. Maybe I will make an effort to find just the right fabric this year.

  76. Those books are absolutely beautiful! My favourite vogue pattern is V8996 – it was my first vogue pattern, and I wanted to start off with something fairly easy, and it just became one of my staple pieces! Love it!

  77. Ruth says:

    Such a good prize! The colouring book looks really fun, and The Gown looks gorgeous – I can see that it would provide lots of inspiration. I’ve got a vintage Vogue pattern (5223 from 1961) high up on my list of things to make this year. Thanks for the chance to win!

  78. Lynne says:

    Ooo! What lovely books! My Vogue pattern of choice is 8346 which is a winter coat thatI want to make this year. Thank you for the chance of winning!

  79. Cinderellis says:

    Oooh lovely! I’ve made V8789 which is a vintage vogue repro twice now and I love it 🙂

  80. Iris says:

    V1247!! I’ve sewn that skirt multiple times. Perfect TNT. Perfectly versatile for leisure or for work. Uses very little fabric. What not to love!

  81. Susie says:

    I’ve yet to try a vogue pattern but I really like the look of V8630!

  82. Lauren says:

    V888- hopefully one day my skills will be up to making a Chanel style jacket!

  83. Kate Deady says:

    For me it has to be V8333, not a dress but a jacket….. I made it for my City and Guilds level II and I love it. I learned many new skills during the process and it fits like a glove and earned me a distinction! Beautiful green wool lined with liberty lawn!

  84. Louise O'Connor says:

    I think it would have to be the VogueV2934, so stylish and timeless. Have the pattern just need to get the material now.

  85. It has to be the misses’ jacket, V9096. I haven’t been a miss for many years but I could still carry this on off as sexy.

  86. Annie S. says:

    My mum did not encourage Vogue patterns as she said they were too expensive but I did purchase one in 1974. It was an overdress, the very latest fashion, of which I made several and it proved so useful when pregnant as it did not look like a typical maternity dress of that era. My friend made one also and we wore ribbed polo jumpers underneath with matching tights and thought we were oh so sophisticated. Biggest regret is not keeping the pattern, would have looked just as good now!

  87. Prawn says:

    My favourite is this one:

    It is a very early Patou Vogue. I keep hoping and praying that the person who bought it a few years back will find a way to release a reproduction…….

  88. Karen Shaw-Jones @wannabsewing says:

    Hi Karen
    My favourite Vogue pattern is v8234. An old one I made when first learning to sew and had tutor help. I had to alter/grade up quite considerably to my size. I love the princess seamed bodice, fit & flare panels. I made it out of a cheap brown/ivory spotted crepe (& lined) from Brum rag market as a toile but turned out wearable, so now my girlfriends all borrow it for weddings and race days!

  89. Jo S says:

    Oh no my comment seems to have disappeared. I’m not sure if it’s the Favourite but I’ve just cut out an old Calvin Klein vogue – v1878 – it’s my Mum’s, from the 80s I’d guess, and I’m really excited to try it.

  90. Ruth Harwood says:

    Misses Dress 8813

  91. Rachel says:

    I think a bit of forties style chic in v8728 would be the thing. The girls in GCSE textiles would be very excited to see these books!!

  92. AnneG says:

    What beautiful books. I love V1247. I have made the skirt twice & I must pluck up courage to make the top.

  93. Kerri says:

    I’ve got the Kay Unger Vogue 1329 on my to do list. It will be my first vogue pattern. Unless I make V8888 first – could really do with a new dressing gown. The book looks gorgeous – thanks for the giveaway.

  94. Sheila says:

    I enjoyed making vogue 1354 and learnt loads while doing it. Sadly it does not suit me but I accept that most of the pleasure I get from sewing is in the process! I am going to try vogue 8975 next.

    Thanks for your wonderful blog Karen. Reading it is one of the pleasures of my week

  95. Tracy Hanson says:

    Very hard decision but love this:


    Thanks for the chance. What an amazing prize.

  96. Tracy Hanson says:

    Hard decision but I love this:


    Thanks the chance. What an amazing prize. Sorry if this is posted twice (I didn’t mean to) but it didn’t show the first time. 🙂

  97. esewing says:

    How do you pick a favourite ? But can’t think of a more lovely thing to ponder , I’ m going with 1048 for the fab riding style jacket.
    Great giveaway , lovely books – thank you

  98. Misskayuk says:

    I love v8685. Lots of different dresses for all occasions.

  99. Keith Hunt says:

    The wife likes V1460

  100. Adrian Bold says:

    V1247 Rachel Comey

  101. Sofia says:

    While mulling this very important question (I was going to say Misses v1350) but then I came across the amazing Jean Muir 2883, gorgeous 1970s vintage, and now I MUST get my hands on it and give it a go! Great giveaway, even better blog!

  102. Jodie Darnley says:

    I would say V8975

  103. Natalie Crossan says:

    the misses’ jacket, V9096 xxx

  104. I recently acquired a Vintage Vogue (but a re-issue) 2354. It was originally issued in 1947, and was reprinted in the early 2000s. The lines on the dress look so stunning, and the fabric choices and combinations that could be used make this pattern extremely versatile. Love it! I also love many original patterns from the 1930s & 1940s, but these are of course harder to find. These books look amazing, I recently got into ‘adult colouring’, and it is indeed surprisingly calming!
    Jenny xx

  105. Christina Cooke says:

    V2902 – beautiful 50s styling x

  106. Michele says:

    I love the V8548 coat pattern, thanks for the chance to win, such fab books

  107. zooarchaeologist says:

    I’m lusting after this pattern V9112 Misses Dress as it looks really modern. I’ve inherited a lot of my mums vintage patterns and I’m working my way through some of those. Those books look fantastic, I used to curate a costume collection and had the privilege of visiting the V & A Museum costume stores, it was one of the best days of my life! Love the blog.

  108. I love a vintage vogue pattern – I am a sucker on ebay! My favourite purchase was 7842, a jacket and a dress. I made a holy mess of it but I am going to try again one day. Jo x

  109. lynn neal says:

    V1470 looks wonderful

  110. Carol Sheane says:

    Vogue 8556, in a shimmery metallic mink colour for my beautiful niece Jessica’s prom….lot’s easier than it looks and she looked amazing….beautiful on the inside and outside X

  111. Isabella says:

    So many to choose from!! But definitely the Vogue Misses’ Dress and Belt(1239), I love the structure!

  112. I love V1484 from their latest patterns.

  113. Una Smith says:

    Vogue 8346, just need to pluck up the courage to try it.

  114. Una Smith says:

    Vogue 8346 – fab coat pattern.

  115. Debra says:

    Hi, my favourite v1314. Looks much better on a (ahem) curvy body than the pattern suggests, have made summer and winter versions although recently summer and winter appear to be the same season.

  116. I really love the look of V9053. It looks fairly simple, but I bet it would be stunning in a lovely floaty crepe fabric!

  117. Sandra says:

    Wow, speechless! My favourite is without a doubt Vogue 1549, the DvF wrap dress. I managed to get my hands on two copies and am about to sew one up very soon.

  118. scruffybadger says:

    Gorgeousness!!! You’d get lost in those books….I’m hankering after vogue 9127 ( I think I remembered the right number) it has the most awesome detailing …curved pieces … Embroidered bits too…

  119. Ros says:

    V1349 – I’ve just bought it. I love patterns I can make quickly and wear the next day!

  120. sewmanju says:

    Vogue 8998 – made it twice (both for dressy occasions) and it’s the perfect feminine fit and flare dress.

  121. ylek13 says:

    Such difficulty in making a choice as there are so many especially from the Vogue Paris Original, Vogue Special Design and Vogue Couturier Design Patterns. However I think I’m more inclined to the VPO designs because they come from a time when femininity was revered. When the female body was encapsulated in and embodiment of sensuality and elegance. Tailored skirts suits and dresses that hugged the body in all the right places without being brash or vulgar. Designers such as Patou, Jacques Fath, Jacques Griffe, Jacques Heim, Schiaparelli, Paquin, Jean Dessès, Balmain, Dior, Lanvin-Castillo, Lanvin to name a few created masterpieces. I digress. One of my all-time favourites would have to be Vogue Paris Original 1133 by Schiaparelli. This baby is smoking!!!

  122. Becca Blaber says:

    What a great giveaway! Well I’m dreaming of my summer holiday and vogue 8727 just jumped to the top of my list… Possibly 9075 jumpsuit too. Roll on some sunny days 🙂

  123. Libby says:

    My favourite is Vogue 1049. I made it in electric blue satin in the 1980s for a summer ball at university. It had a boned bodice and was a practice for my silk wedding dress that I made in 1990.

  124. Fiona says:

    For me its Vogue 1959, OOP since the 70’s! It’s a pattern for an activity book which I made for a little boy with special needs. It took me weeks to make and so missed being included in Santa’s stocking but he loved it and played with it for years before passing it on to a younger brother who is now using it with his own children. Recently I have been revisiting the pattern to adapt into a fidget quilt for a dementia sufferer. It’s a pattern with so many happy memories.

  125. Sandra says:

    Definitely Vogue 1549 – it’s the Diane von Fuerstenberg wrap dress, I adore it.

  126. Debbie says:

    V2903 – love this 1950s dress. Just need to find the right fabric and perfect occasion to wear it.

  127. Debbie says:

    V2903 love this 1950’s dress. Just need to find the right fabric to make it and perfect occasion to wear it.

  128. Jenny says:

    Mine isn’t a dress pattern, it’s V8909 – really comfy trousers that I live in!

  129. Ooo this is my dream giveaway! Not sure my bookcase can take much more in the way of costume history books or issues of Vogue though! My favourite Vogue has to be the good old 1247, such a great design, chic and practical!

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