Colette Patterns Negroni Shirt

shirt on ironing board

I’ve never sewn menswear before. It was time to put this omission right. I ordered a copy of the Colette Patterns Negroni shirt, three metres of indigo Carolina gingham from The Village Haberdashery, and perfectly matching buttons from here.

It’s years since I’ve sewn with Colette Patterns. This Walden menswear pattern is really excellent. Five pages are dedicated to the single step of sewing a placket. The fabric was lovely and warm to the touch, and really easy to work with. More suited to a winter make than a summer shirt.

shirt to be wrapped

If you want to make a shirt as a gift for someone else, forget the surprise element. You’ll want to check pattern measurements against the actual body you’re sewing for. Anything else is setting yourself up for a fall. Even with these precautions, I fell badly. At the eleventh hour I sewed button holes on the wrong end of the cuffs. Now, the wearer has cuffs that are a tiny bit too narrow. And a smidge too short.

warren cuffs.jpg

Does that make me a failure? Hardly. This shirt was sewn with love and care, and it’s being worn in the same spirit. The make enjoyed its launch this weekend in Brighton on my birthday (today). As I am repeatedly informed, other people also like to feel special on 14 February. I think this shirt did the job.

walden shirt brighton

We had a wonderful time on the south coast. We stopped in at Ditto Fabrics and the pier – naturally.

ditto fabrics

fortune teller card

What did my fortune card tell me? You will be very happy with the one you have chosen for your life’s companion.

It also told me to curb my temper. Whatever.

Happy February, everyone! Have you sewn the Negroni shirt? I think it’s worth saving for those special times in life. Wouldn’t you agree, my little scruffy darling and ever loved Ella?

karen and ella in brighton

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33 Responses to Colette Patterns Negroni Shirt

  1. dr P says:

    Fantastic, it looks good on, I wouldn’t have even noticed if you hadn’t pointed it out.

  2. I have that pattern in my stash. I’m wondering about chambray, or maybe linen.

  3. I thought you weren’t pointing out the ‘off’ bits this year lady! It looks perfect to me. Jo x

  4. watougou says:

    Congratulations, it’s a very beautiful shirt. I didn’t know this pattern. I should sew one for my own Valentine! 😉

  5. Very nice, great fabric!

  6. Jane says:

    It looks great and suits him perfectly, great job Karen! Happy Birthday lovely. xx

  7. Sue says:

    Happy Birthday! I love the fabric you chose. The shirt looks really great on him!

  8. Jenny Lester says:

    Lovely shirt and fit!! I have sewn many shirts for my husband over the years though not recently. I love the cuffs cut on the cross when using a check fabric as because of the pleats into the cuff seam line checks never match up so crosswise cutting makes for a lovely finish. Same for the pockets so avoids tricky pattern matching. I may decide to make him a summer shirt with load of chambray in my stash. Glad you enjoyed Ditto! Last time I was there on a Sunday they were closed!! Happy Birthday Karen BTW 🎂🎂🎂🍸🍻

  9. Elle says:

    Handsome–the gift and the giftee! The temper–oh well….

  10. Sarah C says:

    This looks fantastic! I sewed up the Albion coat from Colette and it was honestly one of the best drafted patterns I have ever used. I definitely need to pick up the Negroni after seeing your version.

    • Theresa says:

      The Negroni shirt is my “go-to” pattern when sewing a casual shirt for either DS or DH. I’ve even modified the pattern to make one for me. Instructions are excellent and the on-line additional content very good as well. Very nice shirt. I once made a shirt for a friend when I was making a blouse for my niece. I did buttonholes on both at the same time and, you guessed it, put his buttonholes on the girl side of the button stand. He still teases me – ten years later, so do not feel bad.

      Theresa in Tucson

  11. Naomi says:

    I’ve had this pattern for the longest time. Just the inspiration needed!

  12. Happy birthday!! And great make.

  13. Happy Birthday – great treat to go to Ditto fabrics to celebrate!

  14. Danielle says:

    Looks fantastic! Happy birthday! !

  15. Natalie says:

    Happy Birthday! Love the fabric you chose for the shirt 🙂

  16. Philippa says:

    Yay! Fab shirt, and I’m glad you had a lovely time on your birthday x

  17. This is gorgeous I love the colour! And I don’t think there’s any flaws at all! It looks like an excellent for to me x


  18. Anne-Marie says:

    Dear Karen, happy birthday and many returns! I so enjoy your blog, thank you!

  19. Kathy Lynch says:

    Happy Birthday Karen & may the year to follow be your happiest yet! Shirt looks great….oh! & so do you, Ella. 🙂

  20. Fabrictragic says:

    Very nice and great check matching. Glad the chap is happy! I’ve made a couple of short sleeved versions for my guy, no long sleeved yet. I’ve also used the instructions on male pattern boldness to adapt to a traditional 2 part collar and button placket. I did ‘hint’ to Colette via Instagram a while ago that making Negroni pattern of the month and offering a button placket and 2 part collar add on might be a rather popular decision…… I’m not holding my breath on that one! 😉

  21. Anne Frances says:

    That is a lovely casual shirt and the fit is very good. What did you use to interface the cuffs and collar? I’ve made men’s shirts, but always have a problem getting the right degree of stiffness into the collar.

  22. great shirt, love the blue black color combo and your plaid matching is superb! Happy Birthday

  23. Bright Birthday wishes Karen!!!

    Your Negroni is indeed a handsome make, as is the lucky guy that gets to call it his own! One of the nice things about men’s shirts is that once you’ve nailed the fit, you can sew them as surprise gifts! I’ve made the Negroni, both the long sleeve version…yes the placket instructions are fantastic…and a more casual short sleeve version. I’ve linked to my husband’s Negroni Hawaiian shirts if you want to take a peek…

    A Colourful Canvas: Colette Negroni Hawaiian Shirts

  24. S says:

    Lovely (especially the bit about the temper…funny)! I have only made one shirt for my guy, using a Burda pattern, but he liked it, so I was pleased! I have the Negroni pattern so I am curious to check out the placket instructions. I especially like the fabric you used here. May you have a great year and many happy returns of your birthday.

  25. Thimberlina says:

    Happy birthday!
    I bought the pattern and some fabric in December, gift wrapped it and gave it to my husband for his birthday. I’m ashamed to say I’ve only got as far as washing the fabric! This may just spur me in! 😃

  26. Katie M says:

    I never really thought about sewing for my husband, but this is a nice looking shirt. Given we live in the tropics, a linen version would be very handy.

  27. I also want to sew button down shirts for my son and husband. I’m not fan of plaid fabrics but your shirt looks great!

  28. I’ve never sewn any menswear and not about to soon. Great shirt, the finish looks very neat. Happy birthday : )

  29. Alessa says:

    Shirt and man are both looking very handsome. 🙂 Happy belated birthday!

  30. Susan Hunt says:

    These are always trendy and making these beats having to scour the racks 🙂

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