Style Arc Nina Cardigan

Nina Cardigan Collage

Have you ever sewn with a Style Arc pattern? This is my first time, with the Nina Cardigan. There are loads of online reviews out there if you need help or guidance. And you might need help and guidance. The instructions are sparse. (Though I loved the swatch detail.)

Style Arc Instructions

Style Arc patterns come in single sizes only, and this one’s fit was bang on. Ostensibly a series of rectangles, I found the drafting to be a touch more sophisticated than that, and the construction was intriguing. I love being intrigued by a construction process – see here and here. Curiosity is the friend of creativity.

The fabric you ask? Good question. It’s a New Zealand merino gifted to me at least two years ago by Mrs C. Maryann must surely have assumed that I’d ruined this fabric, such has been my silence since receiving it. No. It was just waiting for the perfect pattern. Maryann knows my colours, doesn’t she? Thank you, my darling!

overlocking thread

This pattern is mostly constructed on the overlocker and the guts will be on occasional show, so it’s worth finding matching thread. I also urge you to follow the instructions when it comes to applying clear elastic to the shoulders and back neckline.

clear elastic

Before overlocking, it’s worth basting those areas where key seams meet. There are quite a few. There’s also a really interesting pivot point, which helps create the cascade effect.


My biggest challenge was finishing my raw edges. The pattern suggests overlocking a blind hem, but my practice attempts were awful. Nor could I get a decent finish on the sewing machine. In the end, I used Steam A Seam and left the edges raw on the collar. We’ll see how it stands up.

I really love my new cardigan. This is a pattern I’d return to again and again. It needs just the right knit fabric, combining drape and stability. Not the cheap stuff I might buy on Walthamstow market. The Nina Cardigan is a class pattern and it deserves an equally quality fabric. Oh no! I feel a visit to the fabric shops of Soho coming on…

Nina Cardigan

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31 Responses to Style Arc Nina Cardigan

  1. Naomi says:

    Yay for NZ merino – we do make the best! Great make and stunning colour on you.

  2. norma says:

    Love the colour and drape. Will take a look at Style Arc

  3. podbod18 says:

    Wow! That colour and style looks amazing on you. What a beautiful garment. I must have a look at style arc patterns. Enjoy your Soho shopping! X

  4. LOL, I remember seeing the buttons appear ages ago but had forgotten all about it. Yes it is a great choice for the Nina and you can just biff it in the washing machine. I am delighted with this. FYI, easiest for of hemming for merino tends to be a fold over, possibly with steam a seam, then the old double ball pointed needle, as it is a rolly beearch. But I do leave it cut also and sometimes just buy a half metre as a scarf as it is so toasty xoo

  5. Liz says:

    Vibrant colours are the best treatment for rainy days during the winter months. It looks lovely on you, very neat construction as well.

  6. I’m a huge fan of StyleArc, scant instructions notwithstanding! Very nice cardi

  7. Fabrictragic says:

    I’ve sewn a lot of merino and often a simple straight or slight zigzag is just right, depending on the need for stretch. A couple of my most worn garments are style arc – their drafting is fabulous.

  8. Louise says:

    I’m a huge fan of StyleArc patterns – awaiting 3 in the post. Not stitched the Nina but recommend the Fiona Top.

  9. lisa g says:

    I’ve tried a couple StyleArc patterns lately and I really love them. Great cardigan, and that color looks amazing on you!

  10. TamsinW-P says:

    Wow, fantastic colour on you! I haven’t used StyleArc patterns but have seen a couple of Nina cardis recently that have made me think to look at them in the future. Would love to get hold on merino jersey – since living in NZ and buying a couple of fantastic merino and mink(possum) cardis, nothing else has come close for keeping me warm!

  11. Beth says:

    Wow I love this so much!

  12. Peta Louise says:

    What a gorgeous colour! And its drape is perfect for that pattern too. It looks really lovely on you Karen.

  13. Suzie says:

    That colour is AMAZING on you, really really gorgeous. And that luscious merino is so beautiful, what a lovely gift. Waiting for the right pattern has definitely paid off because you now have a really fantastic cardigan (I am very envious, I would love to own this!). I’ve never tried Style Arc, I think committing to the one size has made me a bit nervous. I’m also curious about the Steam-a-seam that you mention, I’ve never heard of it.

  14. ellegeemakes says:

    Wow, I love your cardigan and the fabric is divine! I’ve wondered about this pattern and appreciate the review. I’m going to take the plunge…

  15. lyndle says:

    Great cardy. I looove Style Arc, though I often need to use another resource for how to do things. Their drafting is fab and the styles fit true to size. I measure myself, add to the pattern where necessary (backside, I’m looking at you) and it fits. Every time. Yay!
    The Fabric Store sells merino online now, and has a shop in LA too. You can buy good merino from this NZ seller as well: I know shipping costs but on the other hand our dollar is a bit third world so it should work out well for US and UK people!

  16. susan wright says:

    wow, that colour really suits you. Its an absolutely beautiful cardigan.xx

  17. Sheree says:

    I recently bought my first Stylearc pattern. The Ethel top – not got round to making it yet.
    They have a limited choice on Amazon. Unlike, if you buy from their web-site, these are multiply size patterns. Hopefully they will expand the choice, I note that the Nina is not available.

  18. Liza jane says:

    Gorgeous!! The color is fabulous on you!

  19. redsilvia says:

    Super cute and very rock and roll! Mrs. C is your oracle.

  20. gingermakes says:

    Love this color on you! What a great gift!

  21. Alessa says:

    Looking great, and the colour really is fabulous! I’ll have to get my hands on a merino knit at some point…

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