The Inari Tee Dress Meets A Bold Print

fabric sew over it

I bought this awesome fabric on Saturday afternoon from the Sew Over It Islington store. By Sunday lunchtime, I met a pal wearing my new dress. That’s how fast and easy the Inari Tee Dress is.

Inari Tee Red Collage

One reader asked how I keep warm in said dress. Easy! Boyfriend cardigans. (Which means I am very tempted by Grainline Studio’s new pattern release.) Here I am, wearing a cardie and dress outside Central Saint Martins. Just before Ella made a small child cry.

boyfriend cardigan

I don’t know what this fabric is, other than Awesomeness Maximus. It’s so new to Sew Over It, I can’t find it on the website. I’m guessing a rayon. It has the drape and texture of silk, but survived a rigorous cycle through the washing machine and dryer. It does fray like a fraying monster living in fraying town on the outer edges of Universe of Fray. You might consider finishing raw seams.

fraying fabric

With such a strong print it’s important to consider pattern placement. This fabric shifts during cutting out. So if pattern placement is really key, I’d suggest cutting out in single layers. Or do some very careful pinning of fabric on the fold. There’s a great blog post here that advises on pattern matching and cutting out.

inari close up

Has anyone else had issues with the sleeve bands feeling tight, as you move about? For example, when I lean down to tie the laces on my trainers, I can feel them digging into my arms. To address this on this second version, I cut and spread the sleeve pattern pieces (no photos, sorry). It’s gone some way to addressing the issue, but doesn’t feel like a perfect solution.

Still, I love my new dress. It survives the ultimate test – I don’t cringe when I catch sight of myself in the unforgiving bathroom mirrors at my office. Seriously. I’m not sure that any architect in the history of the world will ever fully understand the nuanced demands of the women’s bathroom. More. Cubicles. And. No. Overhead. Lighting. Please.

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33 Responses to The Inari Tee Dress Meets A Bold Print

  1. wynn36 says:

    Ha! That’s a fantastic (though very difficult) test! Your dress turned out beautifully!

  2. kalimak says:

    Beautiful new dress, Karen! I love that silhouette. This print was a great choice and looks lovely on you 🙂

  3. Fadanista says:

    Yes, those sleeves are tight on me too – I assumed it was my arms not the pattern, so thank you for mentioning. I love your Inari and think I may need an Autumn version.

  4. Jacqui says:

    That fabric is, indeed, Awesomeness Maximus. Love it!

  5. Lori says:

    Love the Print, very flattering

  6. lisa g says:

    Love it! Such a perfect fabric/pattern combo!

  7. redsilvia says:

    SO cute! That print is fab-u-lous. Ella is an angel, that child is obviously the problem.

  8. What a gorgeous fabric – utterly glorious! Yes, I have problems with the sleeves of my dress, and I think many others do too. I muslined the pattern in my ‘correct’ size, and went up a size in the real fabric to try to aid the fit, but it still feels uncomfortable. My fabric was a medium weight woven though, and I suspect the shape of the sleeves / arm scye require something very drapey or stretchy. If I attempt the pattern again I’m going to substitute sleeves / upper bodice from another pattern, perhaps S1366 …

  9. /anne... says:

    I once worked in the cutting-edge global head office of a bank; the building was renowned for its green credentials. However, because the lights in the bathroom made everyone look utterly ill, it was the most depressing job I think I’ve ever had 🙁

  10. Colesworth says:

    those colours are so vibrant – great with the tights and ankle boots ;o)

  11. norma says:

    Great dress and lucky you to get away with a cardigan over. We haven’t reached those glorious temperatures yet but I’m hoping

  12. Sheryll says:

    It looks striking in this print too, and completely different to your last version!

  13. Miss Jenny says:

    Fab! I’m poised to buy this pattern, based on your making of it.
    Nice work! Hi Ella!

  14. Roobeedoo says:

    Oh wow! Absolutely love this! I get that arm/sleeve cut-off thing with my portfolio top, which also has turned-back cuffs. I tweaked the cut in a later version to make the outermost edge slightly wider, but then it doesn’t stay in place so well.

  15. ohhyellow says:

    really lovely – I love that print on you! In addition to truly awful lighting, my office bathroom has an angled full-length mirror, so one’s hips look HUGE, while one’s head looks tiny – just the look I’m going for.

  16. matoolma says:

    The print is lovely, but really, the shape is so unflattering. Like a sack….

  17. Sue says:

    Beautiful fabric! I love the way you styled the dress with tights and brown boots.I need to try this pattern already — I’ve loved every version I’ve seen sewn!

  18. Chloe says:

    Love your fabric choice! And yes, I too find the sleeve bands strain when tying shoes etc. Since the armscye is so low, the sleeve band just doesn’t hit at a good spot, and the sleeve cap is super high. So my Inari sits in my closet, waiting for some alterations…

  19. Twilight says:

    Wow, the colours are amazing! Beautiful!

  20. Sheree says:

    I made this last year in quite a heavy silk. Also used the pattern for a top. Providing I am not doing too much, for instance just out for an evening, it’s fine, but would be hopeless when working. If I raise my arms, the whole thing lifts up! Still, I like the whole shapeless modern look it gives, even though it is not my most flattering.

  21. Helwn says:

    This is stunning! Such a beautiful fabric! I have just bought some denim to make my second Inari. My first is in rayon challis, which sounds similar to your fabric (right down to that fraying monster). I find the armscye too long/low which in turn restricts arm movement a bit. I’m not sure how to address this for my next version, but I did think about just swapping out the sleeve (and armscye) for that if a different pattern all together.

  22. /anne... says:

    I’ve just had a thought – would a gusset work?

  23. jacqui says:

    wonderful fabric and interesting garment – Like many others I have the same problem with sleeves and am on a fitting journey to rectify. Sleeve design is rather complex but Kenneth King addresses one aspect of the problem in Threads 183 page 53. I like the solution offered above substituting a sleeve shape that fits better. However the ease in the front and back also impacts on how the sleeve and armscye fits to your body. I have discovered for a quick fix to raise the under arm seam and change the back curve raising it slightly works for me – another one is to move the shoulder mark on the sleeve only towards the back up to an 1″. It is unfortunately a process of trial and error! Good luck It is a great rabbit hole if you decide to go down it!!!

  24. I really like this version of your dress and you look really fab in it. The fabric is fabulous, the shape is really modern and very similar to a Knip Mode one that I have lurking somewhere but am too scared to make as I think that I might just be over the size limit at which “loose and skimming” transforms into “tattle sack”. Seconding the gusset as an arm hole solution. Xx

  25. Why have I not made this pattern! I have it sitting traced ready to cut and sew. You version is gorgeous. I am really loving the bold fun print.

  26. Stacey says:

    What a mesmerizing pattern … great job making this dress!

  27. TamsinW-P says:

    I haven’t made this dress (although I am very tempted) but I was reading the other day a blog where the lady had done an alteration to the sleeve which I thought might be usefull to you. I think she is dealing with a slightly different problem, but she changes the armscye slightly which might help. Here is the link:

  28. gingermakes says:

    I adore this print! You picked the perfect pattern to show it off!

  29. Crystal Rice says:

    I’m so glad to read these comments. I made an Inari crop top out of a textured silk wool blend. It turned out beautifully. Then I put it on and it’s unwearable. The arm hole shape is awful. I can’t move my arms much, if I do, it pulls weird. It’s so uncomfortable. BIG disappointment for me. I haven’t had the heart to research a fix. I’ve seen so many of them on the internet and thought it was just me. I’m so glad it’s not!

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