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Berlin hasn’t disappointed, and thanks for your tips! We visited the Turkish Market in Maybachufer on a bitterly cold Friday morning. There’s a plethora of fabric stalls and a lot of jersey if jersey is your thing. I’m not sure I saw anything that particularly blew my mind, but that’s cool. I bought some fleece backed jersey, which was the fabric buying equivalent of going to the supermarket hungry. I’m cold. Must. Buy. Warm Fabric.

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After, we retired to the covered Markthalle Neun for some warmth and a glass of champagne. The venue is a cross between Spitalfields and Borough market, but on a smaller (and arguably more pleasant) scale.

berlin food market

I don’t know if I’ll squeeze in any more fabric shopping, though Frau Tulpe and Stoff & Stil have been recommended. Maybe I’ll find the button shop that’s near where we are staying. For a really comprehensive set of recommendations, you should definitely read the comments on my blog post here.

For now, the sun is out and we’re off to the Bauhaus Museum. I wonder when I should tell my companion about their textile design exhibition…

I stayed in the Kreuzberg area of Berlin. Here are my recommended eateries:

  • For a fun evening drinking cocktails and eating nachos: Room 77
  • For cheap and cheerful chilli and people watching by the canal: Ankerklause
  • For that special Sicilian dinner date: Grunfisch

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10 Responses to Berlin Fabric Shopping

  1. I want to go to Berlin. Right now. Have wanted to go for quite some time, and there is a trip on the horizon (youngest kid is hooked on playing the organ, and want to visit Karl Schucke orgelbauwerkstatt. In Berlin, of course). So, thanks to this trip of yours, I’ll go armed with knowledge of places for fabric shopping. Woot!

  2. Very intresting! I bookmark this for when I visit Berlin again. I will make my own London fabric hunting next week, I can’t hardly wait!

  3. Emmy says:

    I never thought of Berlin as a fabric shopping destination but will definitely look out for these places if I’m there!

  4. I love the bauhaus museum, went there on a hen party! Jo x

  5. Great photos! I love Berlin!

  6. norma says:

    Glad you found the Turkish market. Think it is a bit hit & miss but probably always worth a look.

  7. I am so incredibly jealous! Never been lucky enough to visit Berlin and who would have thought so many amazing places to scour for new fabrics. My list of ‘places to visit’ continues to grow!

  8. Andrea says:

    Berlin is such an eclectic place for artists … it doesn’t surprise me that you found an amazing fabric market in this highly creative city.

  9. merlatma says:

    I went fabric hunting in Amsterdam, and I was blown away, basically because there are no shops selling jersey for retail consumers here in India…Love that picture of linen..:)

  10. What great timing this post has been! We’re heading off to Berlin in a couple of week’s time and I’ll have some time to kick around on my own while hubby is at a conference. I now know what I’ll be doing 😉

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